Alessandro Russo

Senior Software Engineer,

I am a Software Engineer and Digital Entrepreneur with almost 15 years' experience across multiple sectors, ranging from Fashion Industry to TLC, Financial, Media companies and Supply chains. I have a strong expertise in Oracle PL/SQL Database Analysis/Development. My skills encompass Database Design, Analysis and Development. Driven from a continuous improvement attitude, I am always keen to learn everything that concerns new technologies, and I have built a strong expertise and interest in MVC/MVVM/MV* Web Design/Development using HTML4/5 & CSS3, Javascript/Jquery, PHP (OOP) and a range of frontend and backend frameworks (AngularJS, Laravel, CodeIgniter, NodeJS, React). Lastly, I am interested in Web Marketing, SEO and Online Teaching. I am the founder of WebYourMind, a Digital Company specialized in highly scalable applications as well as Web Marketing, Online Education and Social Media.

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