ALC Learning

Lean Six Sigma Practitioners

We are a team of highly experienced professionals in providing companies the systems, methods and tools to transform their operations to world class level.

Our mission is to provide our clients and our students with Lean Six Sigma know-how, supporting their quest for Operational Excellence, aiming at maximizing their business profitability.

Having helped more than 180 organizations in more than 20 countries, running more than 500 projects in virtually all sectors of activity, ranging from the Industry (Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Chemistry and Plastics, Defense) to Distribution and Services, we are committed to the never-ending ambition of taking our partners to the top.

This purpose is built on our long-term practical experience, based on a team of talented, capable and value-sharing people, who permanently focus on helping our clients and students to achieve their goals.

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