Agnes Ferenczi

web designer, web developer, craftsman


I am Agnes.

If I ask my friends to describe me in one word, they most likely choose: versatile. Well, if you look at the things I love and do for a living, they seem to be right.

I work as a freelance web designer, video editor and create tutorials on a variety of topics like video editing, crocheting, and web design.

Udemy is the perfect platform to offer my knowledge. For example by visiting my crocheting course you can learn anything about crocheting that I learned over the last 10 years within 2 hours.

Or if you take my Audacity course you will learn all the tips and tricks I am using for the videos of my clients.

I like to help people. Creating online tutorials is a perfect way to do that. What can be more precious to be given to other people than knowledge accumulated over years?

You are invited to take a look at my courses and drop me a line if you have any questions.



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