Adriane Hernandez

Finance Guru

Over 10 Years of experience in Financial Planning & Analysis Roles

I have worked as an analyst for some of the largest corporations in the United States (Fortune 500 companies Blackrock and Moody’s Corporation); one of the UK’s largest banking firms (Barclays) and am currently working as a senior financial analyst for a Fortune 1000 company in the Energy Industry.

Work Highlights:

- Working on the trading floor at Blackrock reconciling hundreds of trades a day to make sure they matched on price and settlement was tedious work but taught me everything I needed to know about dealing with huge amounts of data and it forced me to learn excel in ways I never thought possible.

-A part-time job while I was in graduate school with Foster’s Australia..yep..That’s Australian for Beer! I got to analyze promotional pricing and its effect on sales, which was really interesting, but the best part was of course the product allowance (free beer)!

-I spent 3 years working for a company that ran call centers all over the world; I loved working with our other financial analysts in Costa Rica, the Philippines, Romania, and Argentina, it made me realize that numbers are universal.

Passion for Education

I got the opportunity at my last job to work on internal training initiatives for our overseas staff and had a blast getting together the materials and passing along my knowledge, I look forward to doing the same for the students on Udemy!

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