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Manny Sarmiento is the President and Founder of the Doral Chamber of Commerce and President and CEO of New Media, New Marketing, Inc. With over 500 Social Media, Internet Marketing courses, Marketing workshops and seminars, including Social Media University and the Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist ™ program, Manny has become the Master of Social Media Marketing training, education and implementation.

Manny has created and implemented Entrepreneurship and Business Education programs. He teaches Business and Marketing skills to entrepreneurs to help create prosperity in their business and in their lives.

“The focus of the Doral Chamber of Commerce has been business education. The Doral Chamber of Commerce’s focus since it’s inception has always been to educate it’s members with seminars, workshops, networking events and education.”, says Manny.

The Doral Chamber of Commerce, under the direction of Manny Sarmiento has grown to one of the most active and practical chambers in Miami, dedicated to it’s members and the business community.

Manny attended Miami Dade College and Florida International University. He arrived in the USA in 1968 and has lived in the Miami area since 1972. Manny has operated businesses in Doral, Florida since 2005 with great success and a dedication to helping others.

Extended BIO:

Manny has been involved in internet marketing, specifically information marketing for over nine years.

The New World of New Marketing has arrived. Most so called “Social Media Experts” only skim the surface of real social media marketing strategies.

Manny will immerse you in real, practical and powerful Social Media Marketing techniques.

“I’ll get you inside the New World of “New Media” and “New Marketing” with the latest tools and techniques of Social Media Marketing.” – Manny Sarmiento

If you want your business to thrive and if you want to be found on the search engines then explore Manny’s Social Media Marketing products and services.

The right Social Media Marketing strategies will take your business to more sales and larger profits.

If you’re not using good Social Media Marketing strategies – you will be left behind. To learn more about Manny Sarmiento’s Social Media Marketing products and services go to

Other Accolades:

“Millionaire 101” ISBN-10: 1411606329, April 2004
“How to be Rich by Effectively Managing Your Finances”, June 2013

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