Jimmy Tanzil

Founder - Ikasud Media Inc

The author has over 16 years’ experience in starting, growing, managing, and selling his own web hosting businesses. The author started his first web hosting company at the age of 21 and has successfully grown the business into a multimillion dollar web hosting company.

Together with his wife, the author manages to grow his first company from a literally a one man show to a staff of over 50 people with offices both in his home country and in the United States.

Under his management the company grew from utilizing a single reseller account to owning over 130 servers which are being collocated in a data center residing in the heart of Silicon Valley.

He then sold his first web hosting company through a well-known merger & acquisition deal in late 2007.

Today the author is currently running his third web hosting business and has successfully acquired a substantial amount of market share in today’s highly competitive web hosting market.

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