Gerard Grundy

IOS / Android programmer

I'm a professional musician though at one point I got my heart set on making an app and release it on the Appstore. So I enrolled at RMIT Melbourne Australia in 2012 to gain some basic coding knowledge.

As I studied these I applied the techniques to Objective C.  Though as you know how quickly code evolves I moved to Swift.  I had produced a couple of apps using Swift then a course emerged at RMIT and I studied that for the credentials which I haven't used so far. ( Swift merged from 2.2 to 3.0 while studying the course at RMIT)

I'm also a self taught Android programmer using the above language concepts incorporating OOP.

I enjoy learning and making better code each day bit by bit. 

I look forward to seeing you in the course.

The below apps have been created using: 
Objective C, Swift 1-4,Java, Android Studio.

Currently in the Apple Appstore

Word Forms Cambridge
Metronome Step
Minute Chords
Note Blast
Piano Note Blast
Number Brain
Random Rock Guitar
Invoice Small Business Lite and Paid
Roulette Dozens Calculator
Roulette Calc 41 Spins
Roulette Tracker

Android- Google Play
Random Guitar Tab and Tunes

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