Ali Abbas

Marketing Specialist

Hello, my name is Ali and I am the Founder of Courses by Ali, a course development company aimed at solving problems in the online marketing sector.  

I started my career in sales, but soon transitioned into online/digital marketing where I became known for improving search rankings from below the 20th page to the 1st & 2nd page of Google.

My teaching style is keeping students engaged and entertained through the use of tutorials, examples, story-telling, and humour because I want them to enjoy the process of learning my material.       

I personally do believe that online courses and learning-on-demand is the future of all EDUCATION and I want to contribute to this movement in any way that I can.               

My courses are created for people like me, people who want to get results by learning proven strategies that are designed to make an impact.    

I am based out of Toronto, Canada and love connecting with people from all over the world!

Cheers, Ali. 

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