Marko Cvjeticanin

Finance and Accounting Specialist & Trader on Forex Market

My name is Marko Cvjeticanin

Professionally, I am employer in one outsourcing company. We are providing financial and accounting services for one big American Corporation. 

The first steps into trading I was made about eight years ago when I was at college.Of course I start trading on a demo account. Less than year after that my colleague and I were open our first professional account and start trading with real money. I have more then seven years of experience in trading with currencies, stocks and other financial derivatives.

Today I can freely say that I am successful trader on the financial markets. The field that I have mastered is technical analysis. I am particularly interested in the technical patterns because they are ideal for creating strategies and perfect for people who have a job. 

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

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