Adam Muhammad


I am a polyglot from Mozambique. 31 years old. I speak and write 5 languages, namely

Portuguese (my native language), English (the first language I learnt when I was 15), French (the second language I learnt 5 years later), German (two years later, I learnt this language) and Arabic (still studying it to fluency).

I believe there is a better way to learn a language. It does not have to be that hard. Since I leant all those languages by myself, I found out better and faster ways to learn it. I am sharing those here with you.

For example, language learners try to memorize 100 words of a target language. After they memorize it, done. They memorize other 100 or 200 words. After 2000 words or more, they wonder why they cannot speak the target language, or even remember what they thought they knew!

This is not learning a language. The objective of a language is communication. Try to communicate using the target language as soon you as you decide to learn it.

When you decide to memorize new vocabs, use new and proven methods, not those endless lists of words and meanings with no connection to your personal needs.

My contribution in this journey is to develop programs to help my fellow language learners learn it in a fast and fun way.

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