Justin Rose

Student, Udemy Instructor

My name is Justin Rose, and I am an passionate and experienced software developer. Growing up, my career path changed a whole three times! Not too big right? Anyways, it started as an architect, move to pharmacy, and then I took a career test. Little did I know, three months after that career test, I would obtain an internship at a global company as a software engineering intern. This was bizarre knowing I was just in high school, from there on out, I knew the sky was the limit.

I've realized recently I'm extremely gifted in this technology industry, and I just feel so blessed to love this field. I'm also fortunate to have the opportunity to teach what I love, and that is why I'm so excited about teaching on Udemy. I plan to teach very in depth courses. A downside of mine is that I'm a perfectionist, so the courses I put out, will not be a let down. I'm just getting started, and I'm looking forward to where this path takes me.

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