Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones

Author, Teacher, Counselor & Friend with a flashlight.

Mission: To lighten, enlighten and transform all that wish to and are willing to learn.

Goal: Share my help and hope and add more genuine joy to the world. There is not enough laughter in our world today. There is too much depression, anger, confusion and violence. Some of that violence is not from knives and guns but from keeping people in a state of poverty, using people like pawns for personal gain, and abusing and neglecting children - as well as spouses. Then there is the "violence against self" which can be from the ultimate self-aggression (Suicide) to the more subtle forms of self-loathing, and a life of continual doubt about one's own value. 

So that is why I am here. How do I do it? How do I inject hope and provide help? With clear instruction, no hype, honest answers and a big flashlight. Each of us walks a path we call our Life. Each path is different. As you walk your path, my aim is to be as a friend with a flashlight. No baloney, but true education which lightens, enlightens and transforms those things you need and wish to transform.

What will you gain from my courses? Each course is on a different topic but in general and overall and TOGETHER here are some possible outcomes...

Significantly reduce your stress

Discover and use your source of power

Gain independence to stop others from bending you to their will

Solve problems that have stumped you

Provide encouragement and direction for finding the answers to your questions

Provide definitive guidance on achieving your goals

Clarity about your purpose on this planet

Gain or regain your self-esteem

Achieve your desired weight, wealth, health, etc. - depending on the course and your goals 


Improve your "social success" - whatever that means to you.

As a counselor, radio personality and educator/teacher/professor, I have helped thousands find their purpose, liberate their potential, prevent over-stressing, and have healthier, happier and more prosperous lives. I know what I am talking about.*

Guaranteed - your money back if not satisfied!

"Never teach what you cannot do." (Walk the walk as well as talk the talk.)

I lived in a penthouse on Marco Island for three years before deciding to buy a 4 story townhouse with an elevator across from a Gulf of Mexico beach. Then we decided to sell that in 2016 and, this past Spring, we bought a place ON the Gulf shore in west Panama City Beach.

I also own a home in the country, on a river in Wisconsin.

My wife is beautiful, intelligent, and fun. My houses are paid for. My cars are paid for. No loans or debt. I pay off VISA and MC the day they arrive.My time is mostly spent coaching others and developing courses on Udemy (plus my art which is sold in galleries and online).

Success as a teacher took a quantum leap when it dawned on me that my real aim was not to just teach courses, but to teach people IN those courses. I also have coached Fortune 100 and 500 CEOs and mid-managers, high-security defense contractors, the United States Marines (no kidding!), models, actors, musicians, prisoners, veterans, addicts, graduate students and, mostly, regular citizens just like you and me.

Why do I bother? It isn't money! It is simply because of 1) a character flaw; and, 2) a pet peeve:

Flaw: It hurts to see others suffer or live in restriction, especially when there is help.

Pet Peeve: I cannot bear watching human potential go down the drain.

Your teacher has published 13 books now, but three are his favorites: Living a Stress Free Life - which sold out twice in the 20 major US airports; Shadow Children - about at-risk kids growing into adults - thousands of these sold to colleges and universities; and, Primary Domino Thinking - a book on personal development and problem-solving that came out of his counseling practice after realizing that life is mostly about making decisions and solving problems, and few, if any, clients had decent tools to make key decisions effectively. Making poor decisions, or letting others make decisions for you, can lead to a lot of pain in this world.

One of my favorite gigs was a five year stint on a call-in Monday morning radio show: "K107.1 Arrive Alive Mondays!" The DJs there at the station called me "Dr. Stress" which they started broadcasting before my arrival at the station - thinking it funny to say, "Dr. Stress is in the House" upon arrival, and "Dr. Stress has left the building!" at the end of the show. I asked them, "If you were a doctor how would you like to be called, 'Dr. Sick'?" Had to outlast three generations of DJs before we were able to change the name to "Dr. Zest" - at least a more positive name - if they had to have their catchy names for the sake of radio. Getting up at 5AM was no fun, but being on the air and taking phone calls about stress with those crazy DJs was a blast.

Been teaching online for about ten years and love it. It is rewarding to convey meaningful, life-transforming, powerful information in order to put people in the driver's seat of their lives. 

There are and will be more online courses on personal development from me, because it gets at the core of life's issues and problems that cause pain in people, and by solving those issues it creates not only relief but joy in many cases. And my philosophy is that we were born to have a good time.

In my psychotherapy practice, industrial consulting for large corporations became a factor. After flying several times out to Oceanside, California, and teaching stress management to the Marines at Camp Pendleton, my brochure stated: "If I can teach stress management to the Marines I can teach it to anyone!"


Being a teacher and coach, if you come to my classes you will learn...and we will have some laughs along the way. It is a common misconception that learning has to be heavy, burdensome, serious and even painful. After several decades of teaching it has become obvious that learning and retention are two different things. A fearful, pressurized learning environment mostly makes people want to learn how to avoid the fear and pressure. Feeling at ease and gaining a meaningful, and helpful education, provides the best retention of learning.

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