Mimi West

BM in Vocal Performance, Professional Musician, Music Coach

Mimi West is the Founder of My Dream Teacher where she designs educational programs to help musicians start living their dreams. Music Master Plan, her flagship program, teaches everything students need to know maximize their achievement in music.

As a private music instructor in voice, violin and piano, West has helped students overcome stage fright, learn how to write songs, and how to really enjoy performing. Some of her students have been featured on TV commercials, garnered lead roles in stage productions, and won local music competitions. Some have gone on to complete Bachelors and Masters Degrees in music and even pursue musical careers.

West has performed all over the world, having completed four international singing tours to date. Venues include Madison Square Garden, Shea Stadium, and Radio City Music Hall.

Since West has achieved many of her own dreams, she devotes special attention to teaching students how to start achieving their dreams as well.

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