Bogdan Tomassini-Buechner

Study Skills Coach, Valedictorian & 3.9 Grade Student

I consider myself a lifetime learner to achieve advanced study skills. I learn quickly and I naturally enjoy exploring new fields of knowledge, creating logical structures, and generating frameworks that help others succeed in their own learning process and improve their study skills. In that sense teaching and learning are closely connected for me and have been an essential part of my academic career.

Today, I am a holder of two grade A master degrees. In 2005 I graduated from the Excellence Initiative College Ludwig-Maximilians-Universtät as one of the top students. A year before graduation I enrolled simultaneously at the prestigious University for Television and Film Munich, where I received my second diploma as Valedictorian in 2008. During this period I published more than fifteen academic essays and two master theses, which are top selling to the present date. Since 1999 I have been coaching more than 1,500 students to improve their study skills and gain advanced memory skills.

Aside from my academic and teaching career, I am also a film producer. In 2004 I founded my first production company, LeBog Film. Over the past ten years I have produced nine movies, all of which were invited to more than sixty film festivals. I was also the winner of the "New Talent Management Award" award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2007 and nominated for the “First Steps Award" in 2008.

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