Hi, I am Dan Munteanu and I am an online entrepreneur.

I started my life's journey with software development. For 10 years, I learned and perfected my software development skills.

For many years, I focused on C++ and Computer Graphics (both 2D and 3D)

I have a degree in Computer Science from a well-known University in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

But in the past years, in my spare time, I learned as much as I could about psychology. And I started applying what I learned in real life. 

I upgraded my dating life and I also helped my friends upgrade their dating life and improve their self esteem. 

My Mission:
I want to help you get the results you want as soon as possible. 

You see, I have invested thousands of hours into the topics I loved learning. 

Because of this, I have the expertise required to make your learning journey much, much shorter.

That is, if you allow me to become your mentor.

I like to coach people and help them bring out the best in themselves.

I run a personal development blog for the Romanian public and I teach on Udemy since 2016. 

I am constantly improving and upgrading my courses, to meet my students' expectations and help them overcome their challenges.

Fun fact: my youngest student of computer science was only 8 years old! 

As long as we're alive, learning never stops, .

We should always be renewing and improving our skills and knowledge, to adapt to the ever changing demands of modern day life.

I am eager to help you reach a deep level of understanding on the topics I am an expert in.

Area you ready to start learning?

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