Scott Morris

Internet Marketing / Video Marketing Pro's

Scott Morris and Ray Riechert own and operate 5 successful online businesses. Ray is known as the Keyword Savant and Google Forensic Investigator. His brain is wired in a way that allows him to digest the complex material in the Google handbook and extract only the pertinent bits that our students need to accomplish the task of getting their videos and listings ranked #1 in Google and all the other major search engines. With a science and research background, Ray is the perfect teacher to simplify an otherwise complex undertaking.

We discovered that if you give Google exactly what it asks for, you get ranked #1 and stay there. Every other method is only a temporary solution.

Scott Morris became Eben Pagan's top online business coach and has worked with hundreds of Eben's students to help them succeed online. Scott is himself a successful online marketer with 5 online properties that earn over $10,000 per month each in revenue. Scott is a skilled online marketer who understands how to cut through the nonsense and get right to the good stuff that creates success online.

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