Elaina Marie

Employee Engagement Consultant, Leadership Development Coach

Elaina helps organizations design a company culture that increases employee engagement, productivity and fulfillment.

Today, culture is a company’s competitive advantage. There are too many options and too many sources that tell us that we must do “work we love.”

No kidding both company and employee loyalty is leading to costly turnover.

We all want to feel great about the time we spend at work, to feel fulfilled by our contribution and to go home at the end of the day feeling good.

To respond to this need, Elaina offers culture design facilitation and strategy, leadership development trainings and 1-1 leadership coaching.

Elaina combines her years of experience as a VP of Marketing and deep study of leadership, coaching and human dynamics to bring transformative content and coaching to workplaces who are committed to authentic excellence.

Through employee engagement and leadership coaching, she helps leaders and employees authentically contribute in ways that maximize personal and professional fulfillment. On that foundation, companies are guided to maximize profitability and provide services and products that enrich customers’ lives, all while contributing positively to our economy.

Elaina is the author of Happiness is Overrated - Live the Inspired Life Instead and the soon-to-be-released Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace

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