BA Sara Dasko

Free Mind Language Coach

Sara Dasko is a remarkable woman with a wide range of experience and talent that has culminated into being a loud proponent for education and freedom. Dasko has been amalgamating her extravagant expressiveness and creativity into the ESL field since 2004. Not only is she an authority on ESL, but she has affiliated her passion for education with an advocacy for freedom. Dasko's vision is for freedom to reach students struggling in school, people hurdling language barriers, as well as victims of sex-trafficking. Using her love for writing, she was the founder and editor of two newspapers: CCHS and Ambrose University. She has written many e-books, and is most well-known for her textbook: "ESL for Massage Therapy." Dasko has spoken at various workshops and conferences, most notably UNBOUND and the HOPE conference. In her free time she puts her vision into practice by working on other creative projects. Much of her spare time involves doing art and making music to share the message that education = freedom. 

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