Edward Reilly

Physics Professor & Motivational Speaker

Ever since my adolescent years, I was always known as the go-to guy for advice - a person who draws out the best in others. Wherever I traveled, a trail of motivation has always been left behind, and the many lives I've touched have never ceased to thrive in my wake. This reality rises out of the fact that helping others is my ultimate purpose; I've dedicated my entire life to understanding the ingredients of success and compiling them into a replicable recipe. To me, nothing is as gratifying as teaching others to recognize their boundless potential and unleashing it.

In addition to my own personal efforts, I have also  served as a teacher and mentor in many professional settings - which has drastically enhanced my ability to make a difference. For example, while attending graduate school at an ivy league institution, I had the opportunity to teach several undergraduate college classes - such as Thermodynamics, Statics, and Strength of Materials. Such an opportunity not only showed me how people learn differently, but it also taught me how to pierce through learning barriers and make an educational impact - regardless of circumstances. This passion and talent to inspire millions of people is further enhanced by my lengthy education and vast knowledge. In the past, I've earned 3 degrees in the field (2 bachelor of science degrees and 1 master's degree) and make it a personal mission to continually enhance my knowledge and wisdom.

For this reason, I am more than confident that, after a session with The Kaizen Effect, nothing will stand between you and your dreams; I will always find a way to pave a path towards your fulfillment and success - even in the face of monumental struggles, setbacks, and challenges. When you choose to work with us, you choose to be my next success story - to reap the benefits of knowledge. We'll go to any length to help you pierce through the fog of life and find renewed clarity, direction, and focus. What will you find on the other side; what extraordinary life is waiting for you to find it? You'll only find out if you choose to take my hand and work towards the best version of yourself - to decide to grow into my next success story. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you :)!

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