Patrick Johnson

It is our decisions, not our conditions that CHANGE our life

Patrick Johnson was born in Michigan in 1977. He started his first Job at the age of 16 at Mcdonalds. He then went on to be a Floor maintenance supervisor, Roof Shingle Boom Truck Driver and Stocker, Warehouse Manager, Pizza Delivery driver, and he worked over 10 years in the waste hauling industry picking up residential trash and recycling.

Although he always worked full time hours or more on his jobs, Poor money habits led to his Wife and 3 boys going through financial turmoil.

With nothing in the bank, a car repossession, no gas or money to get to work and no food in the cupboards, he was devastated from the total loss of everything he and his wife owned and worked so hard for. He was completely broken, felt trapped and did not know how to escape. Not being a spiritual man at the time, he felt broken. He prayed to God that if he would show him a way out of the mess that they were in, that he would do whatever it takes to get out of the mess they were in.

This sent Patrick on a mission to never be put in that situation ever again. He began reading hundreds of books and taking courses on self improvement and what patterns successful people engage in. He studied many leaders and certain areas of their lives such as business and finances. He took all this knowledge and started an Etsy shop with his wife Holly and in 3 years they had built it into a flourishing business with multiple employees. Finding that the process he created was repeatable, he then trained and coached others on how to make money selling on Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon with great success!

Patrick then wrote a book Titled "Blow Etsy up" to show others How they also can earn money online. His book teaches that they can work towards a better future to duplicate what he had done, so they might also be released from financial slavery. one of his favorite quotes are "You don't have to worry about what you want, if you help enough people get what they want"

With a serving heart and a drive to succeed Patrick is now an Author, Business owner Church Youth Leader and Business Coach.

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