3 Steps to Get Your LIFESTYLE UPGRADED- and Do it Debt Free!
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3 Steps to Get Your LIFESTYLE UPGRADED- and Do it Debt Free!

Afford Your STATUS Brands & Bling, Lifestyle FUN & have Money Left Over! Learn the 3 Key steps and do it Debt Free!
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
94 students enrolled
Created by CEO Trudy Beerman
Last updated 9/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • NOTE: THIS CONTENT IS NOT INTENDED AS FINANCIAL ADVICE NOR FINANCIAL DIRECTIVE. Instead, it is designed to raise intellectual awareness of options to consider.
  • Re-frame your current financial status to focus on the future not the past.
  • Re-frame your spending priorities to free up money for the things you really want, including bling and fun.
  • Know with relative preciseness, how many YEARS to your debt freedom date at your current payment pace
  • Create your REALISTIC fast pay plan to shave YEARS off your debt freedom date
  • Change your mindset. If you always think how you always thought, you will always do what you have always done.
  • Expand your means so that living within, and below your means, does not mean a life of restriction, no fun, and deprived of stuff you want.
  • Discover how you can master the elements of the debt free life to make it an easy and fun component of your life (it is not as hard as you might think!)
  • Discover YOUR big WHY! The reason never to quit on your dream on the upgraded you.
  • Protect what you have and protect what you will have from loss
  • Make sure your family and not the STATE/Government takes the biggest cut of your hard earned efforts
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  • A positive relationship with money. It is a tool to get you what you want, and a FANTASTIC tool too.
  • A resolve to have an upgraded lifestyle.
  • A willingness to embrace technology (such as online banking, downloading apps to smart phones etc)
  • An open mind

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YOU - Upgraded! How cool would it be to enjoy those things you really want, and this time around, enjoy those lifestyle upgrades the debt free wealth way?

This course has a Christian influence, so if that offends you, this is not for you. I am sure there are many secular courses that will meet your need.

It's NOT a lack of integrity why you are in debt, but because your disposable income is inadequate to finance the lifestyle you insist on having and know you deserve. So you swipe your card or get loans for the couple hundred you need to cover the extra. After a while, it gets to be too heavy a burden and the snowball effect of the extra payments and fees becomes overwhelming.

Most of the Gurus in this space will simply tell you to "sell the car, sell the house, cut your lifestyle and live within and below your means". Truly, that is a valid strategy. However, I recognize what the extra debt represents - a cry for an UPGRADE. This course is geared to help you re-frame your priorities, regain control of your finances, and expand your means, so that you have more money to afford those things you truly want.

In Lecture 3, I showcase some alternative strategies for living within tight means and still enjoying quality lifestyle experiences. If you take your focus off the accumulation of stuff, and focus more on quality of life experiences, there are ways to enjoy life within your means.

In Lecture 8, hear me help a single mom in the midst of a divorce, work through her financial next steps within her limited means. This lecture also includes an excerpt from another course on How to create a more predictable spending plan when your income is commission based.

In Lecture 9, I talk about the single strategy, often overlooked, that may be the key to avoiding debt in the future and ensuring you can handle off-budget crises that take you by surprise.

Collect your completions certificate confirming your dedication to upgrading your (a) awareness (b) attitude and (c) action toward upgrading YOUR financial circumstances! There are upgrades for everything. Instead of coach, you fly first class. Instead of knock-offs, you buy the brand name, instead of gold plated, you buy gold. A lifestyle upgrade can happen at every level. Get YOURS or GIVE IT!

This course is set up to be digested in bite sized bits over the course of 12 weeks. Rushing on ahead may expose you to the content, but not the discipline, or the ability to complete the action steps.

Living within and below your means is one strategy,to having debt-free wealth but it is not the only strategy. Living with and below your means is a BORING existence anyway. It is better to have MORE MONEY, so we need to look at EXPANDING your means, and making more money available to you. Why live to work? How much more exciting if you worked to LIVE and enjoy that life!

Take this course and begin to enjoy Lifestyle UPGRADES the Debt Free Wealth Way! Join us!


FREE for All Enrolled Students Sold on Amazon, but free to you, get a FREE download of my book: The Creditors Are Coming. Based on the story found in 2 Kings 4:1-7, that it is as relevant as today's news.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who are tired of working JUST to pay bills.
  • Those with an income who want to do MORE than that money affords them to.
  • Those who understand the purpose of working for money is so you can LIVE LIFE the way you want to, and not because you live just to work.
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
Who is Trudy Beerman and Can She Help Me?
1 Lecture 01:36

A bit on my credibility and reputation.

Preview 01:36
Get Back the Aaah! It's Gonna Be Alright Feeling. Live the Debt Free Wealth Way
16 Lectures 03:38:56

KEY STEP #1 to a Lifestyle Upgrade: Get Over it! Swallow the reality pill and move on! I know you may feel discouraged, but staying in that miserable cesspool will not fix your situation. You may not find a happy pill here, but I promise you, action leads to motivation and momentum. Motivation, even if you find it, is like a shower. You had one today, and you get dirty shortly after. Motivation does not last, however, taking action daily creates its own motivation to keep moving forward. If your mindset is not right, nothing I share in this course will matter. If you need professional help here in getting your head in the game, please seek that help.

SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: Get your FREE access to my book The Creditors Are Coming Here. This story is based on 2 Kings 4:1-7 and is as relevant as today's news. Sold on Amazon, it is a free bonus to students of this course.

In Debt and Discouraged? Hope, Help and HURRAH! is on the Horizon for you.

The 3 Steps to a Lifestyle UPGRADE, debt-free are:

Webinar Replay: Broke? Get Debt Free Wealth. My story is included here.

If you enjoyed an income that supported your lifestyle, then due to a job loss, or other life circumstance, suddenly find yourself unable to maintain that lifestyle; some Gurus in this financial space immediately insist you sell the trappings of your former lifestyle and downgrade your quality of life. While that is a necessary strategy that does work and may be required in some instances, it is not a one-size-fits-all option.

The SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL includes an audio showcasing how to make lifestyle upgrades within your current income. It mentions several options to acquiring the thing you want. If you focus on quality of life, rather than stuff - in many instances, you can get exactly what you want and enjoy life within your means.

Preview 19:54

KEY STEP #2 to a Lifestyle Upgrade: TAKE ACTION! Through the next few modules, you will be prompted to take action to halt the financial bleed and take corrective action toward fixing your situation.

This video shows you how to KNOW your Debt Freedom Date and how to shorten it. Knowing how long your CURRENT debt would take to pay off, and manipulate how much more per month it would take for you to shorten that date is VITAL information for anyone hoping to ditch their debt and free up their disposable income. That work you do and that income you make, should go to finance your LIFE, not your DEBT!

If you wish to use the resources shown in the videos below, click the following links:

http://www.trudybeerman.com/delete-your-debt-resources/ (FREE)

Equifax DebtWise ($14.95/month- NOTE: I am not an affiliate for this. If you wish to have this resource, Google it. Udemy does not permit external links to paid resources)

Preview 07:00

You know what your paycheck is. You have seen what you can do with that amount. Now - stretch it further. Some tips on how.

Breadwinners. 7 Ways To More from Your Current Income

CASHercise(TM) was the original name for this course. If you hear reference to taking a course in this audio, you are ALREADY in the course, just under a different name. I used this audio as a promo for this course to encourage participants to sign up - but you, are already here. YAY! SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL: Is an audio of me helping a single mom, in the middle of a divorce process, figure out her financial direction.

How to Make Your Money do MORE! CASHercise(TM)

You ARE going to shop. Do it wisely. Some tips on how.

Lifestyle Upgrade SHOPPING & the Debt Free Wealth Way

Understanding Cashflow

Don't live your life in DEFAULT mode, just reacting to what happens next. DESIGN YOUR LIFE! Some tips on how.

Creating the Lifestyle You Want.

Income Distribution is how the money you have gets spent, it is how you decide where each dollar goes. Most of you may be on the spend as you go plan, no forethought, no budget - then you have a bill coming and have no clue how to meet that. Giving every dollar a job before you collect that paycheck, means you know how the money will be spent and what, if any, is available for discretionary spending.

In the SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL attached, I include an audio where I show case my helping a woman in the midst of a divorce, now living as a single mom, and getting her clear on her financial next steps.

Also, if you earn commission income, I included an excerpt from another course I offer. This video shows HOW to create a more predictable spending plan when your income is commission based.

Preview 06:35

This is probably the single step that can help you (a) avoid new debt and (b) get back that "Ahhh! It's Gonna Be Alright" feeling. Often overlooked, I highly encourage you to make this a priority, even if you do nothing else suggested in this workshop.

Build Your EMERGENCY Cash Stash

FinSNAP - Financial Snapshot Now to Assist Projections is a form that will help jog your memory as to all your financial considerations, and create a moment in time snapshot of exactly where you are right now. Progress can sometimes seem slow, so slow you do not see it. Think of a baby picture of you - you can see the changes to how you look now, right? However, over the years, as you looked in the mirror those changes were so gradual you did not really notice them. However, in comparison to an old picture of you, the changes over time become very obvious. The FinSNAP was created to be like your baby photo - a snapshot of this moment in your financial status.

Complete your FinSNAP

If you tend to have a mindset of scarcity, you will not be able to see the abundance and opportunity that others see. There are many ways to expand your means, increase your income, build your bank, build your wealth. A few are listed here to get you thinking and open to seeing the abundance that truly exists around you.

Now Go DO IT. Build Your Bank - Applying what you learned

KEY STEP #3 to a Lifestyle Upgrade: Protect What Matters Most.

This is an often overlooked step in the wealth building process, but failure to attend to it, leads to the MOST GRIEF! Now more than ever, you need to pull out all your papers and go over them. Maybe you need to put some protection mechanisms in place, upgrade others, update others. Please do not ignore this vital step. Your family with thank you.

Asset Protection. An Overlooked Component of Wealth Management

Yeah - we gotta talk about the morbid stuff. Fact is, it is not IF, but WHEN 'D' day will come, and often there is no warning. Having a Just in Case document in place will be very helpful to family members already distressed about the loss and having to deal with grief and stress.

Now Go Do it. Guard Your Gold - Applying what you learned

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Trudy Beerman has many credentials within the Financial Industry. As a Paralegal, Real Estate Broker, Insurance Agent, and Notary, she has helped people process huge financial and private projects. In the process, she picked up incredible insight to what drives financial decisions; and not all those decisions lead to a desired end result. Her lesson came at a high personal cost as during the recent recession, Trudy and her husband experienced incredible financial loss even though they followed the financial wisdom of the experts at the time. Turning to the Bible, Trudy realized why and reinvented herself and her finances on Biblical foundations. She is the author of THE BIBLE ON BUSINESS, and other books. She is the Debt Free Wealth Money Coach, host of Debt-Free Wealth Radio, and her mission is to help you upgrade your lifestyle, the debt free wealth way.