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Unleash Your Genius (Discover Your Strengths)

Maximize your natural strengths and live a life of purpose
4.7 (14 ratings)
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1,545 students enrolled
Created by Gavin Lund
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
By the end of this programme you will have clearly defined your unique strengths (Your Genius) and will be able to make choices that allow you to achieve greater success, fulfilment and purpose in life.
You will learn and understand what is right about you, the difference between YOU and YOUR CONDITIONING and how to break through limiting beliefs. You will understand what drives ALL your choices, decisions, emotions and behaviour, and how to direct your life down the path of your natural strengths (Your Genius).
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  • The material alone, in this program will NOT give you the transformation you want, it is what you DO with the information in this program that will transform you. If you are truly committed to real transformation, then you must come into this program being willing to WORK!! You will get out of it exactly what you put in.
  • The program has been designed in such a way so as to give you time to work with the material. To get results you must be willing to follow the program as designed and not be tempted to jump ahead.
  • You must get clear about what specific outcomes YOU want from this program, and most importantly WHY?
  • NB!!! During SECTION 2 you will be asked to take the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment which costs $9.99. If you have done the StrengthsFinder assessment before you will not need to re-take it.

In this course you will discover your natural inner strengths and learn how to build and manage them to achieve fulfillment and success. This course focuses on building your strengths rather than fixing your weaknesses. It uses the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment as a starting point and then walks you through a practical journey to understand, internalize and apply your unique inner strengths to become more successful and more fulfilled in your life.

Key Steps along the Journey:

    ·Discover and understand your natural inner talents by taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment.

    ·Learn how to manage and build them into real strengths.

    ·Identify beliefs that are holding your back and how to reprogramme new empowering beliefs.

    ·How to start becoming clear on your life purpose.


Most people live their whole lives never knowing their natural brilliance, with their Genius hidden under limiting conditioning.

This course addresses the root of all human behaviour and then builds up from there to help you fully align yourself from the deepest level, your human needs, to your natural strengths, to your values, and beliefs, and then finally to define and Unleash Your Genius.

This course draws on the most up to date cutting edge fields within psychology. Below are just some of them...

Human Needs Psychology, Strength Based Psychology / Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Strategic Intervention

What you will learn...

·You will learn and understand what your natural talents are and how to build them into real strengths

·You will clearly define your unique strengths.

·Understand the difference between your "hardware" and your "software"

·You will understand how you have programmed yourself up until now and how to change any limiting programming.

·You will understand how you have prioritized your life and how you measure those priorities.

·How to break through limiting beliefs.

·You will understand the forces that drive ALL your choices, decisions, emotions and behaviour, and how to direct your life down the path of your natural Genius.

Duration of the Program:

21 Weeks

This programme is designed to give you 3 weeks between each of the modules to allow you time to work with the material.

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Who is the target audience?
  • This programme is for you if you want to become much more effective, successful and fulfilled in your life, find your niche’ and break out of limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 44 Lectures Collapse All 44 Lectures 06:22:35
Introduction, Objectives & Overview
9 Lectures 01:22:25

This is the introductory lecture that outlines the content, requirements and objectives for the course.

Preview 01:52

This Lecture explains what is expected of you in order to get results from this course and asks you to make a clear commitment with yourself to do so.

Preview 03:57

This is a guide on how to work through the course and what exercises to do.

Preview 7 pages

In this first video lecture of the course I introduce myself and explain my reasons for putting this course together and outline the ultimate goals of the course.

Preview 09:52

This lecture builds understanding around how we experience and filter life, people and situations. It explains how the meaning we attach to our experiences affects our programming, emotions, responses and ultimately the reality we experience. This information is drawn from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Preview 12:54

Here I explain the background and research behind strength based psycholgy and the work of Dr. Donald Clifton. I explain why it is much better to focus on building your strenths rather than fixing weaknesses.

Preview 22:42

Here I define what I mean by a strength, weakness and a talent. I lay down understanding of the various models we will be dealing with through the course and how they all fit together.

Preview 14:46

Here we explore the different stage we go through during transformation / learning and change. It is important to know this so as to understand your own transformation and progress through the course.

Preview 16:14
What's Right About You and What Drives You to Do What You Do
7 Lectures 48:34

In this Lecture, you will simply need to click on the link and take the StrengthsFinder assessment. The cost of this is around $10

Preview 00:24

Here we start understanding the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment. In the supplementary material are MP3's, pdf's of all the talent themes to help you understand and build awareness of your top 5 themes.

Beginning to Unpack Your Talents

In this Lecture you can download the Reference Cards, Information and MP3's for each of your Talent themes.

Understanding Your Talent Themes

In this lecture, you simply need to click on the link and take the Six Human Needs test. This test helps you determine the order that you value these six human needs.

The Six Human Needs Test

In this lecture we explore the groundbreaking work done by Anthony Robbins in the field of human needs psychology, as a way of understanding why we do what we do.

The Six Human Needs (part one)

continued...In this lecture we explore the ground breaking work done by Anthony Robbins in the field of human needs psychology, as a way of understanding why we do what we do.

In the supplementary material is a document detailing the Six Human Needs.

The Six Human Needs (part two)
Understanding Your Hardware and Getting Clear on Your Strength Patterns
5 Lectures 51:51

In this lecture, you simply need to click on the link and take the VAK Communication / Processing Styles test. This test helps you determine you preferred communication style.

VAK Communication / Processing Styles Test

This video and supplementary document explains the characteristics of each Communication style.

VAK Communication / Processing Styles

Through the video and supplementary documents and exercises you will begin to understand and identify how combinations of your talents affect one another and interplay.

How Your Talents Interplay

Here we explore some potential dark sides to talents and various talent combinations. You will then work through an exercise to become aware of some of your potentials cautionary combinations.

Common Cautionary Combinations
Defining your Genius
5 Lectures 37:14

Here we look at some example profiles and I explain how to begin defining your Genius Strengths.

Defining Your Genius (part one)

continued...Here we look at some example profiles and I explain how to begin defining your Genius Strengths.

In the supplementary material, you will then be taken through an exercise to guide you in defining your Genius Strengths Statements.

Defining Your Genius (part two)

In this Lecture we look at getting clear on the areas in which you have a natural weakness and the areas in which your talents have a tendency to play out negatively if not managed. We then look at strategies to work around your weaknesses and manage around your caution areas.

Clarifying and Managing Around Your Weaknesses & Caution Areas

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Re-Configuring your software
7 Lectures 01:01:33

in this lecture I explain what values and beliefs are, how they interact and why it is so important to bring them fully into conscious awareness.

Understanding Values, Beliefs and Rules

In this interactive video I will walk you through a very thorough process to elicit your towards and away from values, and the order that you have prioritzed them.

Understanding Your Values

Whilst it's important to understand your values, it's equally important to understand how you measure whether a value has been met. In this interactive video I take you through a process to elicit your rules, then you will need to work through the exercises in the supplementary material.

Understanding Your Rules

In this lecture I unpack beliefs and lead you through a process to elicit your limiting beliefs.

Understanding Your Beliefs (part one)

(continued) In this lecture I unpack beliefs and lead you through a process to elicit your limiting beliefs.

Understanding Your Beliefs (part two)

In this lecture we look at Global beliefs and I take you through a process to elicit your Global Beliefs.

Understanding Your Global Beliefs
Breaking Through
5 Lectures 47:46

In this exercise you will design new empowering beliefs that you want to program in

Designing Your New Beliefs

NB: It is important to watch this video when you are not going to be interrupted!!!

In this video I lead you through a process to change your limiting beliefs. Get comfortable, close your eyes and follow my voice.

Re-Patterning Limiting Beliefs

In this Lecture, I introduce you to some basic principles of the mind and we lay the understanding that is required to move on and condition your new beliefs.

Introduction to the Mind

In this Lecture I share with you some techniques on how to condition your new beliefs.

Conditioning Your New Beliefs
Expanding your vision
3 Lectures 23:02

In this Lecture I ask some key questions and ask you to contemplate them in order to begin exploring and understanding your life purpose.

Start with WHY

In this Lecture I guide you through a powerful process of building your future vision based on your unique purpose.

Building Your Future Vision
Next Step on Your Journey - Opening Your Wings
3 Lectures 22:36

The Butterfly Effect was proposed by Edward Lawrence at a scientific conference in 1963. He proposed that a butterfly could flap its wings and ultimately cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet.

The Butterfly Effect

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About the Instructor
4.7 Average rating
14 Reviews
1,545 Students
1 Course
NLP Master Practitioner

Gavin brings passion and integrity, a high level of energy and down to earth sincerity to his courses. His ability to build trust and make an individual feel comfortable and at ease, allows him to very quickly get to the core issues and find solutions.

I am committed and passionate about helping people break through limitations, tap into their greatest strength and find purpose and fulfilment. The way in which I present my courses is relaxed, energetic, practical and effective.

I began my training and coaching career 1999 and am a Master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I have studied Strategic Intervention (which draws on a variety of fields within psychology) and have worked with top companies at various levels from executive level down.

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