Step-by-Step Process to Opening Your Amazon Account

Mark Ritchie
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This video shows you the process you will be following to setup your Amazon Central Account.

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Amazon FBA: How to Start Your Business from Scratch

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04:16:54 of on-demand video • Updated August 2016

  • Find and select a profitable & hassle free product to re-sell on Amazon
  • Search and select a supplier from Alibaba (or other) to supply your product
  • Find, select and arrange for Quality Control and Shipping of your product
  • Deal with Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) and provide and ship into inventory
  • Open an Amazon central seller account from any Country in the World
  • List your product on Amazon with maximum success
  • Promote and Market your product on Amazon
English [Auto] Right. So this is an overview of the accounts center process for Amazon and listing the first product. It's not difficult to do all but there's a certain number of things you need to follow quite closely he says quite a lot. Each output pretty easy. First thing is we're going to go through some prerequisites which is basically you're going to get organized first before you open up your Amazon central sour account like to have your bank details bank account and I'm ready so that you can put it into atomism So we're going to take you through how do you open your Amazon central seller account to be a video in that for you as well so you can watch it on screen and that'll help you refer back to. We'll talk a little bit about understanding the process of opening an Amazon account so you don't make any factual errors then we're going to talk about how you list your product your first product. Make that list and successful. Some of the elements of that are creating an irresistible offer to your potential buyers with words. And then we're going to uncover some longer term goals for your Amazon account. But the process is fairly simple and we'll take you through the four steps of Bouffes to set up your account. Then we'll go through listing the first product and how to improve it to to sell it in large volumes really profitably. So without further ado we're going into the prerequisites.