Yoga Nidra and the chakras

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Yoga Nidra and the chakras

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Yoga Nidra: Traditional Practice Beyond Merely Relaxation

Conscious Deep Sleep of the Ancient Sages for Attenuating Karma

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Learn several guided practices leading to the subtlety of Yoga Nidra.
Understand the subtler, deeper meaning of Yoga Nidra, not merely surface level relaxation.
Ordinary people do deep sleep inertly. Yogis experience deep sleep consciously.
Know your consciousness at all levels, waking, dreaming, AND deep sleep.
Yoga Nidra, conscious deep sleep, is the deepest level of awareness, just before samadhi, the highest level. Seek the highest.
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Chakras everybody knows about chakras. People are doing workshops on chocker and writing books on chakras. Everybody knows something about chakras. Earlier I mentioned to you in the talks and you will hear when you listen to the guided things that after we move your attention all around in different ways inside the body after we do all of that we bring your attention here. Then we bring your attention here. And finally we bring your attention here and then we empty into the formless state of Yoga Nidra of conscious deep sleep. What's this got to do with these chakras in some sense we all already know this. What's this chocker about. Everybody says it's Argenta chocolate's the chakra of knowledge. Actually it's the chakra of Oz of all means not knowledge. It's the chocker of not knowledge to the yogi Giana or knowing means knowing of truth or Atman or Brahman or Shiva. This one was Shakti and all of that kind of stuff. It's the highest knowledge if you are to write it in in common way of writing an English language you might put capital K knowledge the big knowledge and then all of the other knowledge that we're doing is little knowledge what we study in in books and universities and all this little knowledge it's very important in the world. But compared to the knowing of capital-T truth in those kinds of things there's lower knowledge and higher knowledge. So this chocker is actually of Oz. It is lower knowledge or not knowledge. But this is sort of the control center with which from which you and I operate out in the world you can actually even look how ever it happened. You can look at the construction of us as being somewhere right in here this is where my eyes are my nose is here my ears are here my brain is right there. This is a control center so to speak I'm just choosing a of a choice of words. We operate from here a lot when we're out here in the world. We have sensitivity and other places but I look at you through here. I don't look at you through my elbow. You see I cannot take my elbow and aim it at you and. And see I can't see anyway because I'm looking at you through a camera. And there's a little time delay between me talking to you now and you actually watching this of course and we all know that but I can't I can't operate from out here with my elbow. Can't do with my knee either. There's a control center here that is related to what I do in the conscious waking state. If you've read virtually any book on chakras What is this chocker about. It is about the center of creativity very very commonly talked about in terms of the Enderby's the cognitive senses. This is the center from which hearing operates it means taking in through sound are energetically it operates. This is the control center for speaking. In other words this is energetically the place that has to do with expressing outward and receiving inward. OK. And this just sit with that for a moment. This equates to what we do in the dreaming state. The yogis observed that when we are in the conscious waking state out here in the world we operate from this control center. They discover that when we are in the dreaming state and we're doing that we are operating from here it is from here that is our creative center in a dream. When you're laying there having a dream you're being creative you are creating your own universe internally in the dream world and energetically there's a lot going on here. And what happens with deep sleep you fall asleep into here. Now this is different than saying well I meditate on my heart set I remember in meditation I remain in Deonna in meditation I remain in the waking state of consciousness but I may meditate here because I have an affinity towards love and emotion and Bhakti and devotion and that kind of thing. So I may meditate here and then I allow that to expand through my unconscious. That's for Deonna or meditation. But in terms of levels of consciousness the way that we operate is that in the waking state conscious mind we predominantly operate out of this place in the dreaming state the creative place we predominantly operate out of here and in deep sleep. We tend to fall asleep here. And so this is what we're doing in the guided practice that we have given you and it relates to the chakras in this kind of way. So we move you all around through the through the Tsushima the channel the subtle spine and essentially through all of these chakras here we move you through that and were leading you to the point then in the final crescendo culmination we bring you here then we leave here we received word two here and there we received and were to here remember the pyramid metaphor I told you earlier and there we received we empty into here and there we discover formalise conscious deep sleep. It's not about chakras in the conventional way of studying chakras but there is a correlation. So I wanted to mention it to you and share it with you. There's not anything in particular you need to do with this information I'm giving you at the moment. Just be aware of it as a background sort of thing and fall into conscious deep sleep as you empty into here. Let me add one little piece here. You already have this experience if you think you think see think back. Remember I'm the to say remember back when you are laying in bed and you fall asleep. Most of us have some internal sensation of falling asleep and you can feel the experience of this kind of movement inward. Notice what happens when you fall asleep. Notice how good it feels to take the pillow and squish it up here and sort of curl up into it. What are you doing. People may say well you're going into the fetal position. No. Yes. OK we're going into fetal position but it feels just so good to bring our attention here and go into sleep. And so we're following the natural tendency of how we operate and we're moving inward and we're emptying. We are receding inward. We are emptying into conscious deep sleep.