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SQLite Fundamentals - Comprehensive SQL course on SQLite

A comprehensive course on SQLite Fundamentals and SQL

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English [Auto] In this lecture we are going to configure escalates to deal in our system. So what is escalates to there basically escalates to do is escalate database manager. So it is a tool in which we are going to write all our Eskil queries. So now you have an option you can either write ethical queries using command prompt or you can use escalates to do to write all your ethical queries. So it is a portable tool. No need to install or uninstall. Just download it and just run the application. So all escalatory and escalate to features wrapped within the simple do you. So it's a simple Geo a tool with features of escalate three and escalate to. Okay. It is available in Linux Mac and Windows operating system to download escalates to do. I'm going to just click the download button from here. I will download the Windows version since I have the Windows machine so I will download the Windows version. You can also download the Linux version if you have the Linux machine. Also it is available in Mac. So I'm going to download this merger escalates to do 3 1 to 1. OK. So since I already have it in my system so I'm not going to download this I will just cancel this download. So cancel this. OK. Now I will go into my DB directory there. This escalates to do is present. OK so escalate to do this is the escalates to do so I will just click this escalates to your daughter XY so it's the portable version of Escalades to do. OK. So this is the escalates to your tool in which I'm going to write all the rescue goodies. So look I have created a database project inside this database. I have created some tables department imply imply underscore backup location sales table. So these are tables that I have created in project database. So let's create another database to create a database I will just add a database here I will mention the part where I will create the database let's say D directory D project so name of database let's say dice D I.C.E. OK. Save it. So this is the directory where D. Project. So this is my directory where do start DB. This is the name of database. OK. There this database is stored. So let me just click OK. Look database has been created. Now I can easily create tables in this dice database. So in order to create tables in Dice database I will use the CREATE TABLE command create table then the database name dice. OK so give the name of table let's say imply capital bitterly imply company so let's clear this table I.D. and name var tr. OK. So this is how you create a table in this escalates to do you. So let me just execute this query. A query has been successfully executed. So this is the tool which I'll be using in some lectures. So hope you understood the use of escalates to do. Thank you so much and have a great learning.