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Deep dive in to  functionality testing!!

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Hankerings them do that demonstration of this just in class. So through this glass I would like to give you the overview of the following. What is the what's the mood a beautiful thing. What are the different types of live examples. What is a disgrace what is a bug. What does that should actually do. So I would like to give you a strong foundation for the sort of things such that you can explore more. So after this class you can expect some basic strong foundation on the concepts and the the pope also picked Esther. So basically yeah. So I just be the bank in Zambal here. Since we're from little headbangers central to our first animation. So just think I'd be just not a bad thing. And we want to dismantle Modu. So remember the initial and the mission will be created in banking and be given that banking model for the customer. And there are a lot of issues and they're about to get back to the Sebastian or good site. So we delivered a product to a customer and they came back. See it is not working. That is not walking. So here comes the use of the beams we can see it and we make sure that the tube delivers is as strong won't be executed all that. Inside that building and find all the problems. Then they fix the program and send it back to the customer such that the customers happy. They'll come back to you again saying that oh yeah I'm happy. I knew that the software maybe because your business is going to increase. So that's a basic idea. So since that program software is a mix of programs home work you carefully then there will come some defects. Women got defects or bugs so that doesn't mean be. Or job is to come with a box thinking or come with some brilliant gazes or some brilliant thing and make sure the piece with is gone and not problem and the Zahora die because the mother actually cooks some of the audio so that's the now is called the FBI. So he does an exam. They you you're born you brought a you brought a. So you want to make sure that God is working. So what you will do. You've been passed down to God. You'll be home. You. Do we break the glass on Monday you you'll do the acceleration of the. So you can change the gears to clean to make sure the car's buffet. Similarly this thing is often difficult Neukom and you have stuff that's the different things. You make sure there's nothing getting broken. Just deliver the right one. That's the double after chewy. Yup. Bill Campbell this so the best photos from my office the one with the functionality that you just saw in the slide so in this video I want to teach you what is a function of what are being done we can cover them the function of the. So there are other things like performance of scale distance Taglish and of them mean that we will see on the flight. So basically function this thing means you are just testing the function function on the. So each product has their own functionality like the car example with you how they got the car should be. I mean that's the functionality of the golf the you should do but that's another function of the guards. Sandra Osborn that's adding to that functionality that guard is getting shops steerable. That's another function. So you have to dissolve functional Diefenbaker. Similarly since this is a banking move the band has a different function. One is you can't open an account in the bank. You can both sign up and you can deposit money. You can be drawn money. You can google long you can calculate that you might have to. So these open sort of functionalities. So when this product be delivered into a test for testing he did do some function on the phone to make sure that every functional that he's walking that is a function that does the. So basically by the way you don't want miss this call. Been don't invite them. You don't worry if you did not understand it then trust me this is language this isn't just a language. I just want to make sure you understand the concerns this language. I explain what I'm trying to do here. You don't border on the language but Zyla by them if you know like them it's good if you don't know either. There's nothing we can do. Because my intention is to understand how were ambushed the dustbin and what all of the types of simple just think. This is this more band has really quiet customers. I just get that number it low because I want I don't want to make a conference known because I just want to lay the foundation for perfectly you know. Just think again and go with the Carmo function. Like the dive the Godbless to make sure nothing is sold like that. We do some testing in this band to make sure that my modem is working fine. Bangash Watson Okay. Let's see what I mean for you again how a number of that's been created. It is that beauty or is it it is a skill that was destined to create. But funfest just think that if you're going to buy your Got you're under the gun. There's no point dud you stand outside the gun and look on the beauty of that light because that is that is not the functionality of the coffee and it's too bright. So how do you how to do the. Dustin else you'll see the car from. And you just say God is really good and you just go you're just born on the next day he's not walking. It's not like that right. So we should be careful. By doing so proper That's Bergendorff and nice that's like Lexi. This is from what is it's asking for your action. It's a bad. Of course it does because we don't create a can just that critical in any one day that age 27. So I go to him he said you create an account 80000 I said this is says more bank having quite close them its distance. OK. The second one he said and you are. OK since they created I've created an account for baby. I want to be to someone or just say because option 1 this is an option. Option 1 see one for people that do for we. What is the body. I want good people. I not only for there would be something to pass to the old good because it I just done five hundred five hundred dollars. Yes it is because of your balance point of dollars is again asking me what I want to do now. OK. Let me be BORSAK someone. One because I'm a Canadian because 15 minutes ago AP secondary 2003 me 2008 IMD of the M1. So I did for the so the balance my numbers. So you saw the first 500 plus the 400 is added up to 900. We are happy. So is this called walking from the outer loop. So if things like that is working I try to create an icon a vibrant The president called it or what the brain effect stuff that does something. This is a small vine it has or you find that post-fight cannot Hawley's what happened they just do any icon which does not exist here. I'm sorry. So I know there are a whole list East thousand thousand month old and 2003. What happened if I just one. And despite for the money do not convey the name Bernardus 9 9 and it's not like the system. So what happened. It looks a bit but do just see when it is asking you to sit down don't this is above. This is a tedious issue. You entered wrong ID but the system asks you to or your system is proceeding for. Not so what are the options. I knew a number of Canadian illusion because it failed toward me wanna be given I need my own ID. But if the software allows you to do it it should not be. Exactly. So we've been finding that on but we will finally be fixing it. When my testing I saw that in mind I know the humidifying in the offing was too costly it should not be like distinguishment. You brought you unprimed the user do did the getting to the right. But you did not steal it gone it went straight. That's a fetus problem like that before the problem the software so I file a bug or defect and I assume I am afraid the block. Or the creation of creators of this program and also build a drive this one that did not work. But the Bible does not support in this way. Did not work. So please fix your problem fill the Bible up so that I want to look on that corner. What happened this problem. What happen to keep on that. That's a problem. That's the problem in this court. He need to make sure that daily they use read and drink is is. And why did one. So he added some more motion in his program. Then he say they were asked to do. I just done this. Now Dayquil will you just play. You don't need to do it that bastard. He starts the program again. Why do you want to create an icon in the name baby. And the age from the in the. I want if possibly because it Dody accordingly self-funders thing. I just closing and I end up in the middle to deposit $500. It's if your balance is $100 I'm ok now. Again what you want. That was the end of the day here. Remember earlier even if we're giving it all maybe just because it was even now then be filed they didn't take enough. And now that should not work. Because the developer thickset be sold. We had a lengthier test whether they like it or not. So now if you enter any new model of ID actualities I'll send you if we end up right in my baby the how it was in my life you can put on this operation then would be gone and then you. This is working initially because we may now be working but so far it does go bust like Oregon. Man this did it right. It was going great. Then we asked the mechanic if doing this is not working. So the mechanic made that correction. I know that God is steering power properly. Now telling. OK. That is this working. Let me go do second best. Like that plus does this work. Let me go go second just like the engineer does the different different yes. And he said this is that the product is good. So let's see what I can give Mixie. OK. Yeah. Before that let me post whatever Van let me fall asleep for an airplane. Now let's come to the second point. We've come to a contest Gilmore. We don't see this wave. This means you have a handle producing a balance band and you try to keep up with those dollars apiece. How we do it or not allow. So that is what he's doing. The bigger functions walking Nipsy now and then the toys create Anaconda stated an icon in them and that is going to be Latoya's you because if somebody falls into that 90000 of the M1. Good because it played under it. What I wonder though I want to be dossing when Desprez go into that Gandolfi we do Bigloo. We just raise depos think causing more Doolittle's I 500 dollars in my account. What happened. So normally you'd just with the $400 but it is ok. Your cash your balance is under these. So. So that is working just fine for my. But the poster is not happy because the director has to sort of say the product is working or he's not happy. What he does now. He didn't think what happened free plus Mormon rather than what I have in my account. OK. Now your balance is hundred Please do not that doesn't know that better to be doing. Account eighty eight thousand. And when do we talk. We know he hasn't $100 in bank balance. That's a given $200 seat. See here it is here. The floor here the break in gold. It. Please collect your cash your balance the thousand hundred minus hundred rupees means that the software I alone do to take an attitude cash. Just too good. No don't think if you release the software don't buy. We don't have proper testing. All the people in the bar in that in that area. We use them but they can have a lot of money from this bank. And finally bank will go bankrupt. CDC says see this problem. Your balances minus hundred Afif. See that's right see. This is a fee that does not get it. And that's the level of what does is different. There's a second model. We've got a problem. We tried to withdraw more money they're not going to happen. You Bluestreak that problem. So the dollar comes no one looks that way or the Cardigan's. He comes and he checks where the function is that be conscious. So he absent condition there will be greater than Butland don't allow. OK so now let's see what happens. Now ex-CEO create an icon in Dohnanyi and the I want to deposit some money on a condo these days and don't want to deposit by hand. I want to do something. I just want to be broke on. Sylvie just and the money. The choices we draw. And so we just tried to redraw so that Cordo. And there you go. So what do we do. $600. So now ya see now we get to see that message. You don't have that much valid zorry. Your balance is fine you can be deal earlier. So I was about to be dope money which is less so than in my account now with part of that issue now. It is not there. So they said despite adding a slight got hit Yup they fixed it by adding here. Yeah. If your goal is diesel as done you're. Here. They have all these great right balance really dead. You don't have that much of a balance so it is fixed now. So that bag is exempt so we reported earlier. So now they fix this so they deserve it. It is walking. So let's look at that case. Say this was something different like say you or you found another issue with your car. They knew you were here. They knew from what you can get it is more difficult. It is good moving to third or something. Just think that be so be reported that Democratic folks had that. So there's a lot of functionality there next come how the third one. Let me. So basically this is what I just ex-POWs. So for functionality cases you can't how different cases you can you can think of just Schaub's samples. So due to time constraints or or I'm not trying all those but I can just let you know what a lot of the test cases be just applicable. They want this to be good for automotive money. Just try to when you try to deposit the money just get a hundred point zero or two dollars. So that should be a valid input. Let's see how that could be said that I think that's the case then be a that that functionality is walking or not. So maybe then you can add other games like in good different different amounts then create that call and create a cone with same names same names so you like Let's try to see what happens if we create different accounts with the same name for that so that's a possible case. So because in a bank there would be lot of different customers with the same names. So let's try to do that. So why did this case then. Let's try to beg the loan does not seem like taking in long finding you might say all things will be coming so we can get a lot of large number of deaths. So like in the case of banking model 50 Gig functionality cases we can create a lot of test cases. That depends on what the number of cases depends on those stairs in intelligence and the time he looked at for testing that model. So it's like that only be just shortly before gets us. It's like we can be you can create hundreds of test cases like like how you think you can create any number of cases for each Mordieu or so for each functionality so there. So yeah. So we are just moving to the different systems now because I just want I just wanted to convey how we are driving or how we are riding at this case or what's they should walk and what's the difference between each step purchase. So you're there with that functional testing concept. The thing is I'll just repeat didn't want to land a good function. The thing is nothing other than we are testing the functionality of each model so that each function is for export to the customer. So if we are posting in house. So let's move to a different orders than different parts now.