Routed vs. Routing Protocols with Cisco CCNA

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Difference between Routed and Routing Protocols

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This lecture will explain the difference between what a routing protocol such as Ripv2, EIGRP or OSPF and a routed protocol such as IPv4 or IPv6 is.

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Routing Configuration & Router Administration for Cisco CCNA

This course will cover and prepare you for the Routing portion of Cisco's, CCNA (200-120) certification exam.

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Once you finish my course, you will have a strong grasp on the concepts of which routing method to use in different networking environments.
This course will prepare the student for any networking certification such as N+, CCNA, MCSE to include any Computer Science Degree.
Students will learn why routing is an essential part of any network in order to communicate and transmit information.
You will be able to configure any of the routing methods discussed and tweak each protocols attributes to make routing more efficient. You will learn how combin
Mastering this knowledge will make the student, the Networking and/or IT Professional a much more valuable asset in any Network or IT environment.
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Write your day routeing fun part a medium potato system. But we are a couple of things people are going to have a consideration for that is very important to understand the terminology and you need to understand the concept of what loudy really is. So when I go writing BASIC what is a routeing versus a routed protocol. OK. When go over what is wrong. And then we get into the writing process. Now he says that he thinks that Americans are using that for bring it down to you using the Major thank God. Wow. And we go from point A to Point B. Why. Because there are going to be a bunch of questions that are going to ask you a the sort of occasion and you need to know how to answer. That's why I want to go ahead and not feel very successful and crazy when I read the book I will want to do that. If you want. Why so. Burkhardt routing versus Roundhead or routing. You have to read the protocol and we have routed a routing protocol we all know if rivers into your AP and or routing protocols and other domains. Are those the only ready for the fall. Where will we start learning on the actual Who will be people. And then you learn even how easy to be done. Well from what the writing portable is not what it will do you actually make the map or the internet all over and go out there and say Where am I can I can see when I can I can see who use and exactly why we're Southern. And we want and we believe that this is a lot an awful lot to get from point A to Point B or or whatever it is that has the job or the wrong protocol not each one or one word differently. Number right. With an algorithm for the moment board when we start Feigenbaum river was out of a number of very major heavy users wall of the wall or anything. Now we get this we will fight about that. And then you have a Dykstra which is more or less all the methods that they use to find out who made those NAF are they. The network is different but more confortable saying hey we're building a map we're going to show you. We'll why or how to get it. That is what a routing protocol that are routed for all is actually right. Deirdre you set up on the airfield there's a transport mechanism that's going to use the pack light. They were ready for the call created. What were the using. I believe for every single cell there are the X backing. Are they fine NetWare line. More use you right now that before and IPs. So that is a route head protocol of a phone. So once I put a beautiful voice I model from the other people like me the phone knowledgeable swerving the route that Berkoff route. First of all raúl layer three foldable one of our modeling networks will what will fit woeful well over. LOL That thing will you be back where he got hold of them and asked me what is the differential. Is this a routing or router I Galva going to get to see as soon as I'm back and answer the question again. It's on the way there. People will love you enough to fall more in an affable. OK. But no that right protocol. Build the map of a network where you need to go and route there but with all the actual IP that you set on the interface you actually go out with that map. I feel that that will when we start talking about what is driving the next larger role now. OK well that's what we're actually discussed. We're routing is the routing. One thing will that make it safer again. That mind is is just like your worst Laverock was the point in the sand. This is the route first of all and the route for the fall. There is a difference and I don't know whether the government.