Getting started with Robot Framework Step by Step

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Getting started with Robot Framework Step by Step

Lecture description


Python - https://www.python.org/downloads/
wxPython - https://sourceforge.net/projects/wxpython/files/wxPython/

note: RIDE might not work smoothly with python 3

Today we will learn:

1. How to setup Robot Framework from scratch
2. How to uninstall Robot Framework
3. Helpful Tips

How to setup Robot Framework

Step 1 : Pre-check
       Check if python is already installed
  python --version
  pip --version
       Check if robot framework is already installed
  robot --version

Step 2 : Install Python 
      check on cmd : python --version
          pip --version

Step 3 : Set Python in environment variables
                python --version
  pip --version

Step 4 : Install robot framework
       pip install robotframework
       to uninstall : pip uninstall robotframework

Step 5 : Check on cmd :
  robot --version
  pybot --version

Step 6 : Download and install wxPython  
 check with  : pip freeze  
 wxpython should be available

Step 7 : Install RIDE
            pip install robotframework-ride

Step 8 : On cmd goto folder where ride.py is (C:\Python27\Scripts)
            run on cmd : ride.py
            This should open RIDE


How to uninstall Robot Framework

pip uninstall robotframework-ride
pip uninstall robotframework


Helpful TIPS:
1. Always install wxPython before installing RIDE.  
    wxPython is a wrapper for getting the GUI of RIDE. 
    So it is important to install wxPython before you install RIDE

2. Always check your python version and install wxPython for the same version
     ***32 bit - check your python ver by running command python and install same bit     wxpython

3. pip cache folder is located at - C:\Users\Raghav Pal\AppData\Local\pip\cache
            If you uninstall a lib and install it again, it will use the zip from cache. 
            to install fresh 
                - you can empty contents of cache folder
                - pip install --no-cache-dir robotframework-ride

4. Versions prior to Robot Framework 3.0 did not have the robot script. Instead they       had pybot, jybot and ipybot scripts that executed tests using Python, Jython and       IronPython, respectively. These scripts are still installed, but the plan is to deprecate     and remove them in the future.

5. Robot Framework UserGuide - 

    Keyboard Shortcuts - 
    RF GitHub page - 


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Hello and welcome to the session on Drew but I'm broke they cannot do it here. And in this session we will learn how to set up a robot up from scratch on Windows. So we will call that basic step by step. We will also see how do we uninstall the robot framework. And towards the end of the session we will look at some useful tips. So let's get started and to save some time. I have already added some notes here. So the very first thing is we have to install it. And because the board is built over Python and you can also check if Python is already installed on the system by sending these commands Spuyten version and this is hyper hyper inversion. So let me go to my command prompt and here I can learn the command space I can type conversion. And by then it's not already installed. So I'm getting this statement otherwise I will get it in motion. And similarly tape is installed manager for Blyton's So you think they can be installed programs overtightened. So of course if it's on this conference call people also may not get any installation message for brightness and keep on not already installed. You can also check that all both Facebook base checking robot is a different question and of course robot is also not installed on my system. So the first thing we have to do is we have to install it on our system. So what we would do is let us go to our Johto and click to see here. That's our. And he will take this link. This is the home page for Python by 10.0 whitey. And here you can install by 10. So this is patented or six or four which is the latest as of this time. And then you also have Titan add this the latest version for I can to some point decision I'm just downloading by 2.7 Darkman. You can also get a byte entry if you want. So I'm downloading Python or I'm not one for and it can download this MSJ fine. So let me download this. So once this is downloaded you can go to the downloads folder. So let me just open my download folder here. And we can see the bite and find it here. So no I imagine this I can say. So just double click on this by an installer. It will start the installation part by an so here you can click on it next and it will go to see by 10:27. So we will keep it as it is and next and next and it will start installing on our system. So let us wait for this installation to get complete. So this can take a minute or two and then click on finish. So this should be installed by Python on our system and you can go to your C-drive and either under program files or radically under siege or you will get this pipe in 2072 I haven't started fighting terrorism to I'm getting this for the here and now if I go to the command line again and see item space I like one version again you can see I'm now getting the motion for Titan and also I can see space I can hide from Boysen and now I'm dipping voice in for repairs. So now biotin and the pad installed on my system so you can check with these to comment. Now the other thing that we have to do is step number three is we to ensure that we set up the environment variables for Spuyten. So let us go to our my computer properties try to control my computer properties and go to advanced system settings. And here you will get this option to go to environmentally demons and here you can find it in the pretty bird by the name bot. So here you have to add our location for the forest for Python. So go here and click on it. Now I'm on Windows 10 so I'm getting this kind of a view where I can see all the environment variables separately in case you are using any audio version of Windows. What you can do is whatever is already present on on the video but what part. You can go to the end do. What are they. For example let's say this data is already present. The environment variables go to the end give a semicolon and then add these four dustier like this. So you will just display this bartender indeterminancy button turn assignments scripts and save it. Now in my case because I'm using Windows 10 I can just head to New. So what I have to do is I will go to my friend just copy this. I can turn the seven folder and see new and headed in to say OK. And I will again go to attic and I will also ahead by 10:27 scripts for us. It was copied from here. And then I would go to you and. OK. Now that is in we have added this is now this is available in other parts variables or whatever it is present in these two for us by 10:27 and by its intended Gilman scripts this can be executed from any location from the command line. So that is the advantage of adding this to the apothecary. So now this is done to stay open and come out. And now we are done with Step number three is red. So that is called to the future. We just installed a framework so to install it or what frame will be able to use it. And now we already have it. So we will use the command installed both print books or let us do this. I would say it. Don't get me just consume. And I would say they've been Strahl to Port work and so it is collecting too. But from where it is downloading the same book and it will now install it. So it can take a couple of seconds to a minute and I delete it very fast. It has only done it and it is done to. Now I can see the space and hope and Weishan and now you can see I'm getting the version for the latest So what Trimbach. I can also see I bought space different types from the Russian and I'm getting the same result here as well. So no we are done with Step Number four. So are alternate. Step number five it just jump on the command line. The board space Hi-Point hyperinflation and by boat space and hyperinflation. Now by boat is a script for Whitethorn. Similarly we have about four Java Python and Dudder of scripts has been ideal explained in the tips YV Eustace although we do not require that as of now in the latest version. So we are and it's tip number five. The next thing is to download W-S pipe and Birdie's and we have to download the be by tennis in the coming steps will be downloading Zeid which is what you wait for to watch chamber and to get the way we need to add to be ex-fighter. So let's go to this link and I will provide all these links in their description of what we do. So we'll get all the links in that description. So here from here we have to get a word w if I can. Now you will find a lot of entries here which when you have to take software that what you can do is go to a command line in and it just seems to. And here you will see that bit to say so this is Turteltaub And so we've been big Turteltaub it doubly ex-spy and selecting search for 32 bit of bricks by 10. So this is 64 bit. This is 64 So this is you can see our 32 bit or WXP right. OK. So let us click here. It will download w x y and on your system so it can take a few seconds to a few minutes. And once this is downloaded we will install it of the ex-spy And so now this is done to let get go to the folder again. And here it is. So I will just run the installer and install the No. So yes we have called the installer. Let me minimize this. And the same next step they actually meant next and it is going to. You can see it is all they want to see by 10:37 flip side packages. So this is OK. Let me just say next and next. And it's been installed the Bre-X by and let us finish. So the children some US command that did do it. Usually this is really fast. So in a couple of seconds this should be done and you are to get anything that you can close. And now we have to respond and you can also go to your control panel and into more programs to find by turning to births and objects brighten. So if I see if I can you can see it is here. And to be expected to. Two of them are installed so you can also check that this command a to see what all is already installed on your system using it. So let me come. Hold same controls that didn't come out and say and it is showing this video but look. It just it from here. And command prompt again so or a new comment from Cowperthwaite tip is telemarketing. I'm only going to Trimbach some of me just go to my Haci I 10:27 and I can see up to nine x here and if I go to live site just I can see if we just see we have this W X and X Y and don't be based operators. OK. So you have this even if you are not getting it here that should be fine. So it's it from here and now. Re-added it weakens Dalt right. Which is our step number 7. So what did we use this command installed to watch Trimbach right. And Trump. And here I it it's all Chopard invoke right front right. And Magento will collect and download and then start the installation. So this should be very fast should take a couple of seconds or a max of one minute. And yet this is done. So now this is successfully installed it will now be provided on our systems so the next step is you can go to the command prompt and say guide dog Peabody. If I say right got it right here. Let me see if it opens you want. And yes you can see this still more teamwork. Right. UIA is now open ended. Here we can. This is something we can use to create a wall test cases. OK. So at this point you should be able to see this wafer. Right. OK. So we're done with Step number here and we're able to open our right. So we're done with installation of paddleboard framework and we are all in all to open the ride in case you want to install a robot framework. You have to use this command if install robot female collide collide this way and install that right way. And if you save on the storage of what impact this will construct and install it will work. So let us let me show you this as well. If I see it in this toward jawboned work right from the right and say Enter Diskin uninstalled right and depressive by and say yes and enter this has successfully uninstalled the bought Trimbach collide and now I see it I don't buy it. It is not finding anything. So I will install it again and now it is taking the cash to a location it is taking. Right from the already or downloaded cache location and it will again install. Right. And now what can I say. I don't any. And this will be an start. Right. So we are done with this. We are also able to uninstalled and we have learned how to be installed and running strong. So now let's just look at some useful tips. The first tip is you should always install WXP before installing tade because debris is vital is it before getting that for right. So if you do not want to be asked by then and then go for it you will not be able to see that you are you afraid that we just saw so or this you or you will not be able to see. OK so it's very important to get up by 10 before getting it right. The other thing is before you don't have to spend all these check your fighting motion by running the command button so if you are under command of you can hear me just as I'm going to be able to see if I see them. You can see the a bit was bitesize to it is 32 bit so it will always get the same for this better. So then you go to yours. This is by. You are in. And let me go back and here you see there are different sizes so this is 64 This is 64 64. And this is 32. So you go to David Douglas Feith and his yacht which size for 510. And the third use for the base are you will always have a big cash for it. So in my case this is at our local cash. So if I go here you can see here it as a test question all these what would will be. Download a quick search you could use a cash to in the next time you install something it always looks at this cache folder and then install it from here in case you do not want to get that cash to live it is all you want. Of Thracians tradition you can either empty that trash folder or you can do it installed. No cash. The higher end and whatever you want to install. So for example let me show you let me this we just come out of this and e-wrestling and saved up and it's all about teamwork. So it really no. And it's called Apart from upside. And if I know C Duport and walk died on downloaded it will download a fresh installation because it is used to get folders so I have to either empty the cash flow or I have to use this auction. No cash here. If I use this before or after the install so I will see I will use this here. And the first thing to know now you can see it is downloading it again and now it will start a new installation with a fresh domed OK. So this is an objective default database of what inspired to do what he did or did or did not have that or bought a script. Instead they had by about board and bipartisanship that executed tests using 510 Driton and island bartender respectively. These scripts are still installed but the plan is to defeat it and to move them in future. So like we have seen you know it's it's by NBC by boat space hyper and open. Why and we have this installed. But it is not a huge step because it all things to go to the robot Trimbach user died in the water McHugh's debate here. And you can search for this and does the same thing that it's being seeing here right. Order to what frame of question Do not enter what's kik. And the report script is installed on with item. Instead they interpret a specific script. I bought I bought and I pay voxel you do not need to worry about this. If you are using the latest versions. And there are some useful links so this is a link for it don't for him but he was a great 25 will also provide all these links in that description of this video. So here you can go to the robot from that he OK. So listen go here. Yes. So here we have the robot who's obeyed and you will find a lot of information here on how to get started. And you know very basic concepts here. We have this Quickstart Guide so we should just kick code here. I can you will get a lot of information from here on how to get started and a lot of other things about apart from them. Then we have this short cut link for the ride. So if you stayed for creating your test cases this can be very useful and very handy. So you have a lot of shortcuts here. This is to get paid for it with but people. So you will find all the details about up to board and learn at the bottom to portray. So for example this is a selenium library. So this is a very distinct library for what Fehrenbach and people look at it and how they use it in the next session. So but this was all about decision in the next session or even get tested Lineen liabilty for the water framework and then we will see how do we create our first test case that robot Dreambox So we feel we can very quickly this session we don't how do we set up and installed or what frame up from scratch on Windows. How do we uninstalled about Trimbach and we look at some useful tips next session we will start by creating the first test case on the battery. I hope this was helpful to you. Thank you for watching.