Using Animal Oracle Cards for Health Readings

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Using Animal Oracle Cards for Health Readings

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How to Use Animal Oracle Cards and get spiritual wisdom from the animals in Health Readings

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In this lecture, we're going to do a health reading using the Animal Messages Cards that are by Susie Green. For many centuries humans have turned to animal medicine to find solutions to their problems and to access animal medicine for wisdom, for power, for strength and courage. I'm a huge fan of calling in your animal totems to assist with any kind of problem that you have in your life. So the client is called Karen and Karen has come to you because she's recently had a health scare and we're going to look at how we can help Karen by exploring animal medicine using the animal messages cards. So we're going to do a straight three card spread; past, present, and future. And just like with other decks we just going to shuffle asking: What does Karen need to know about her recent health scare?" Get your energy on the cards. I've really actually liked to call in my own spirit animals to help when I'm reading Animal cards. So feel free if you already know your spirit animals. To call them in or you can actually just call in all spirit animals to help you and say please be with me spirit animals to help with this reading and to help Karen in her journey. Q What does Kerry need to know about her recent health scare? Past. Present. Future. Okay. So this is a really interesting reading for Karen and there's actually some quite significant parallels. And I'm also going to add another card for this one because this one is taking her reading and her journey in a bit of a different direction. And I just like to get a little bit more information about why that is so. Tuned in a little bit to see the connections between the cards. What do we need to know about the scorpion showing up for Karen? Interesting Okay. So we're going to begin by looking at the background and the perhaps causes that could have affected and impacted upon Karen in terms of her recent health scare. Now, interestingly enough as I said there's quite a strong relationship between these two animals and the significant things and meanings of these cards. So, in this one, it's saying that the tortoise has the tortoise with that really hard back shell will often fought to protect itself. So we know that hard top of the tortoise. But often what happens is that we can undergo this significant change just because we're feeling bored or restless. And sometimes it might not be the right time to make a change. So, for example, in the Tarot, the Four of Cups is quite similar in this respect that we push projects and we force action when sometimes we're doing it for the wrong reasons. We're doing it because we're a bit restless and we're a bit bored. So what I would share with Karen around this is that I feel like that she's been pushing some changes in her life lately that have actually impacted upon her health in quite a significant way. And that might be because she's being, you know, pushing that equivalent of pushing a big truck up a hill. And she's been doing it for the wrong reasons. And so what I mean by that is sometimes we need to take action because it's divine action and sometimes we do it out of ego. And so I feel for Karen what might have happened for her is that she has actually engaged in a lot of excess action that was unnecessary and perhaps not really for her best and higher score. And as a result, she's worn herself out. And you know, as a result of her body, her little beautiful temple has actually been a bit shattered and it has had an impact on her. And it's almost like I feel like this scare has been a bit of a wakeup call for Karen to stop looking at things in her life that are not for her highest good and also being able to look at that part of herself that does sometimes push yourself unnaturally against the force just for the sake of it. And I don't mean just for the sake of it like she's not an intelligent person, but she's doing it because she's struggling to find the most divine answer. Now the interesting thing about the tortoise is Tortoise also teaches us the lesson of being impervious to the criticisms of others. So resisting that incredible vulnerability that we have when others maybe are attacking us or we know people are coming after us. And as a result, we take these actions that as I said maybe not for the best and highest good. So the classic example of this would be if you have like an over demanding mother or father who's trying to push you into something that you don't really want to do. And as a result, you do it and then it impacts quite negatively upon you. And so I would suggest and counsel Karen to really ensure she's got a lot of energetic protection against other people around her and that while she's going through this particular health scare and this health crisis that she really needs to hold her own truth. And try to get her own inner counsel as opposed to because if she's got people in her life that have been criticizing her then she might have people that do come in and try to put their two bits in on how she can get healthy. And so I would really suggest that it's time for her to turtle up,sorry tortoise up, just get you know, really strengthen her whole energetic shielding and being just like a beautiful tortoiseshell. And in fact, I would even suggest for Karen to visualize a beautiful energetic tortoiseshell around her against other people interfering with her journey. And so that she can find her own inner council and her own magic and her own wisdom in this health scare. Now interestingly the chameleon is actually revealing so in the present moment this is actually still going on and it's gone one step further where I feel like that. And again, if you could look at because it talks about ambition the chameleons talking about you really kind of need to be a little bit invisible right now. So you need to take yourself out of the public limelight or avoid people who are used to criticizing you and just go within a little bit and blend. You know don't make any big bold announcements about your health scare. And what I mean by that is say for example Karen has been considering and getting some intuitive guidance from herself that she wants to undergo something that's quite non-traditional. So she decides she wants to go on a detox and she wants to start bringing more alternative therapies into her life or try a certain particular kind of herb that's going to help and take some supplements and she wants to make sure that she's actually doing that all and keeping it quite sacred. So what I mean by that is not broadcasting. OK. I've got this health scare going on I'm going to tell everyone about it. And this is how I'm going to fix and heal it. And that I mean obviously, we need the support of our family and friends when we have a health scare but sometimes also we need to be going within. And as I said we need to be doing this journey on our own in terms of the decisions we make about moving forward and the decisions we make about healing ourselves. And so I would say it's really important to just be patient and take that slow journey. For me example when I had a really massive health scare x 10 years ago I had everybody coming in and saying this is what you should do. And intuitively it just did not feel right to me. It wasn't something that I wanted to do. I didn't want to take that avenue and I had a huge journey to get to the other side. And I really needed to actually just stop telling people because I was telling people, of course, I was going to get you know 20 bits of well-meaning advice and I just needed to really blend into my own intuitive truth instead of actually going out there and broadcasting what was going on and opening myself up to criticism or opening myself up to the well-meaning advice and lots of different people. Now, this also could be an additional meaning around her current work environment as well. And as I mentioned you know please don't underestimate the effect that our work environment can have on our physical health. So I would also ask her to maintain a little bit of blending in at work and just kind of going under the radar a little bit. If she's got any moves in the near future to make some changes in her job or make some changes in projects that she's working on just so that she is not inviting the eye of others. And I don't mean the evil eye or anything, not that I don't want to go into that kind of. I would go into that kind of feeling of being cursed. But it's more that she needs to just ensure that everything that she is planning in her career and her business is very sacred. And that way she can get the inner wisdom that she needs to make the right moves without other people coming in and interfering. So I would ask Karen a little bit about what's going on in her work environment. Is she feeling a little bit vulnerable in that area and to work on that to protect her energies while she's going through this health experience. Now, the reason why I picked an additional card is because her health journey is going into a very different direction. And so often when a card comes like this where it's taken on a totally different direction I would pickan additional card to see what's going on. And what I would suggest... ...so the scorpion is talking about a new relationship coming in for Karen. And if she's already in a relationship it could mean a new stage in her current relationship. And it feels like there's also going to be, with the addition of the octopus, an opportunity for her to pursue her dreams. So she's actually; even though she's going through these really interesting health crises she's got some really big changes coming up. And that you know, that seemed to reveal absolutely nothing about her health. So, for me what that indicates is that if she is keeping her energy very protected then she's actually going to feel that her heart is going to open and she's going to feel that she can actually be in a relationship the way she needs to be. It's not going to be too harmful for her and it's going to be some positive new opportunities that are going to come up for her and I feel that I'm going to just draw one more card. "What animal does she need for these new opportunities?" Okay. So I feel her intuition with the deer is going to open up enormously. So what I mean by that is that the intuitive messages that come from above are going to get really strong and clear for her. And I feel like she's going to get a lot more insight into why she had this health scare. So as we talked about previously health scares can come into our lives for so many different reasons. It's almost like she's had this health scare and she's going to undergo these transition and something new is going to really come into her life that's going to challenge her bit. But I actually feel like it's really going to be OK. Because none of these are negative cards and none of these signal any kind of more crisis coming in. They just say that her whole being is going in a new direction. So, I would say that overall even though I mean, and this is how health readings work sometimes, and other things coming in, I would say OK, this feels like you are going to be going in a bit of a different direction. Maybe taking your focus so much off work and how that has negatively impacted upon you. And you've got some new positive things coming in and that's actually going to open you up on a different level. So because the reading's quite cloudy in these three cards when it comes to the overall result of her health. I would suggest that you know, this isn't going to seem like a big massive problem. It doesn't seem like she's going to be repeating this at all and v perhaps it was just a little scare that came in to give her a little wake-up call to make sure she's protecting her energy. Give her a wake-up call to make sure that she's listening to her own wisdom and not everybody else's. And that some other changes that perhaps she's been hoping for in her life are going to actually come as a result of these health scare crisis. And I'm a big fan of reiterating people I know that have had real serious health scare crises, nearly every one of them will say to me: Even though it was the hardest thing I ever went through. It was an absolute blessing because I really was forced to change my life." And so this is the typical kind of reading that will open up space for that. Now the interesting thing and this is what I love about giving readings. Is the interesting thing is there's actually a character arc so a character arc is a journey that a character is on and Karen has been going on this journey because the deer also symbolizes that it's actually time to return to the herd? So deers are very much herd animals. And that council will actually come from a greater group of people rather than your own inner wisdom. So it's almost like Karen's journey is connected to starting off by really protecting herself, getting her own inner wisdom, calling in these animals to assist her with remaining almost invisible and under the radar. And then she's going to make some really positive changes. Like as I said they could be manifesting a new relationship, a new element in her current relationship. She's going to take a risk and travel or follow or pursue her dreams in some way. Make a big change and then she'll be ready to work with like-minded people. So then she'll be coming right back in to actually know what it feels like to work part of a team. So again that could be a job situation. So she's coming back in and she's attracting a new job and the new job she's going to feel much more relaxed and much more at peace and she's going to feel like she's being heard and listened to and not criticized. And that's really going to improve her health. So I know that sounds quite out there linking these other themes like career and love with your health. But because as I said our health is just so multifaceted and it's so complex that the way we are experiencing stress in our everyday lives, in our jobs and in our homes in our relationships can impact upon our physical body. So I would say for Karen that again I would summarize by saying Just keep your energy really protective right now. It feels like you're about to undergo some big changes that are coming in for you. And it feels like you just need to be really protective of everything you're considering doing in your life and you'll come back into a beautiful herd that will welcome you and you actually feel a lot more at peace. So I hope that's helped you be able to interpret these beautiful animal messages cards and that you have seen how you can actually bring other themes that are relevant to people who are having health crises, into your readings. I'll see you in the next lecture.