Psychic Tarot Live reading for Chronic Illness

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Psychic Tarot Live reading for Chronic Illness

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Using the Psychic Tarot to answer Chronic Health Questions - combining oracle cards with the tarot with the Psychic Tarot

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In this reading, we're going to look at exploring a psychic tarot-oracle card reading for a client called Grace. She's come to you and she's got chronic fatigue syndrome and she's feeling really completely beside herself and she wants to know, is she going to get better? So, we're going to take the cards and we've already cleared them and we've done what needs to be doing, and we're just going to shuffle them, calling in all Grace's guides and angels. And I would say, what does Grace need to know about her chronic fatigue syndrome? Now Grace has asked you, when will I get better as well, that's part of her questions. And as I've said before, it's really important to communicate with your clients that it's easier for them and for the universe and the angels. And it's going to be a more productive reading if they say, what do I need to know about my chronic fatigue journey as opposed to when will I get better? Because the when thing, I mean it's not always what the cards are going to say, April the 17th, 2021. It's much more productive and the lessons will come through much clearer. And the best spiritual wisdom will come through if you are able to say what he said I need to know about my chronic fatigue journey. Until you feel like you want to stop. What does Grace need to know about her chronic fatigue journey? Wow! Okay! So always just making that connection between the three cards. Taking a moment to just touch the cards. Okay, so we start with the wisdom card and the parallel between the Tarot in this is the Hierophant. And please don't worry if you don't know what the Tarot meanings are, I will go into the interpretation. So this is all about her journey in the past. And, for me, it feels like Grace has really opened herself up to a lot of different spiritual channels. She has really tried to dig deep and find solutions outside the normal traditional way to try to understand more about her journey with chronic fatigue. And that's fantastic. So, for me, overall, I'll just straightaway say, the first thing I'd say is, Grace, I don't feel like you're going to be having to deal with these for years and years and years. This is not going to be something that if you came and saw me in three or four years' time that you would be asking me at all, and I'll explain why. Because Grace is already, and with that Five, she's actually already progressed into a major icon, which is about mastering your spiritual lessons and she's also progressed into the Hierophant, which is actually being really open and receptive to finding spiritual solutions to the problems and turning to the creator or the angels or those higher beings for answers. And so it's a very positive card to say, she's already been on quite a journey because it's in the past and that journey because she's got the nine spiritual strength. And if you don't know this deck, this is the Nine of Wands in the Tarot which is all about fighting battles and feeling like you're just constantly fighting battles, you will eventually be victorious, but you need to not take your past with you. So for Grace, I would take this as meaning - there is a new horizon coming in for her, there's a new blossoming, there is actually going to be a lot of peace from this, there is going to be incredible new growth and incredible new opportunities. Right now where she's in the present, she is going to have to keep digging deep. So it feels like a bit of a rollercoaster journey for Grace because it's been the spirituality, which you know is the ultimate solution, but we don't always find that instant gratification with our spiritual journeys. It can be quite a long process as many of us know we can be on our spiritual journey for 20 years. And so Grace may have entertained and looked at and explored the metaphysical and the spiritual side behind her illness, and now she's at that stage where she's just digging really deep, which means for me that what often happens when we go into exploring our spirituality and finding the peace and finding what we need, and finding our solutions in spirituality is we often end up with a bit of a rollercoaster and it's not a linear journey. It's not like you discover spirituality and suddenly you see the light and everything in your life is perfect. It's quite often that you go up and you go down, and you get new tools and you learn how to deal with those tools. And so she has discovered the tools she needs here. Now, she's being tested by the universe and she's really having to dig deep and stick to her guns, stick to her spiritual truths because I would suggest that she's probably had a recent bout of the chronic fatigue come up and really make her feel completely disempowered to make it feel like she wants to give up that she's just been trying and trying for such a long time. She's gotten nowhere, she's experimented with lots of different teachers and lots of different solutions, and she knows she's made progress, she knows she's on some levels better that she's honoring the journey, but she's feeling right now completely depleted. And so in this situation, I'd say, Grace, let's saddle up. Let's really dig as deep as we can. We're going to call in all the guides. We're going to call in every single health angel on the whole of the Universe, every single chronic fatigue angel, every single solution that exists out there in the nonphysical realm and we're going to bring it down to earth and all you need to do honey, all you need to do is not bring the past with you. So, this is all about we're standing on a new journey, we're going to try something new and we're just not going to bring any past pain with us. We're going to actually not think that we still have to fight the past demons or the past battles. And that's what this cards about, it's about just digging in really deep and sticking baste to those tools, those tools that you've mastered and that you're still mastering, but just really you know drawing everything out of the toolbox to help you stay positive, to help you stay grateful, to help you stay strong, to help you manage your current feeling of disempowerment and your physical pain and your exhaustion. Now the long-term is looking amazing now. Again, this is where you say, look, you know if you're someone who's been trying to conceive, then this is a very big positive. This is like the prime opportunity. The fertility card is also about new creative growth. So it feels like to me that Grace is going to come into an incredible new blossoming period, where she actually feels like she's got the energy to fulfill the creative projects. It's like she'll be getting new ideas, new creative inspirations. She might even start writing. She might start feeling like that she's opening up this whole other area of her life and she'll have the energy to do it. And the reason she'll have the energy to do it is because she has worked through her tools and she hasn't taken her past with her. She's moving forward. And when we energetically cast that stuff off and move forward, then we allow new seeds, so we start planting new seeds. So this three also is about being able to plant those new seeds, and so let Grace know that it is going to get better for her. Right now, it might feel a bit rough, but the creative solutions that she needs and her own creative journey of opening up and feeling so much more that she's living her life to her fullest, that she's enjoying life, that she's not being hampered by this as much anymore. She's not feeling that her life is just, you know really unbearable because of the pain and because of the tiredness and because of the exhaustion, then she is going as I said, it feels like she's going to open up to another whole level as she moves forward. So, I would keep saying, Grace, you are on the right path sweetie. You have worked really hard and your angels and your guides acknowledge that and there is new creative blossoming and new heart opening for you coming in, new solutions are coming in to your problems when it comes to managing your illness and just keep moving forward, like this is a really, really positive outcome, sweetie. So, I hope that's helped you with how to manage a question on a long term or chronic illness like chronic fatigue. You can apply this to anything, any kind of long term illness, an illness at all. So just being able to as I said link the journey together and you'll be able to help your clients for their best and highest good. I'll see you in the next lecture.