Mastering Fertility and Pregnancy Readings

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Mastering Fertility and Pregnancy Readings

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How to answer psychic questions about pregnancy- miscarriage, fertility issues and 'how many children will I have' with compassion, insight and accuracy using angel readings, spirit guide connection, oracle cards and tarot

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This lecture is part of that three-part series exploring different ways to manage psychic questions about children and fertility related questions. In part one and two, we will explore how to manage fertility and children questions in psychic readings and in the third part, I'll do a live reading for you where I give examples of how to use Oracle cards and tarot cards in children and fertility questions. Over the course of your psychic career, you will get a lot of questions around children. In psychic readings intermediate, I explored the issue of divine timing and how it's really important if your clients are saying when will I have children? To try to encourage them to replace this with what do I need to know about having children. In this course, I wanted to take this one step further because while all psychic questions require deep empathy and deep sensitivity, children and fertility are very much linked and connected to health and this really is an entire different kettle of fish with psychic readings and you do need to manage these types of questions with a lot of care and caution. By the end of these lectures, I'm hoping be feeling a lot more confident to use some of these strategies when dealing with any kind of fertility and children related questions. So, let's begin with fertility. Why are there more questions in psychic readings these days around fertility? Now this might seem like an obvious answer, but that's really important to consider when you're addressing clients who are asking you when am I going to fall pregnant, or will I ever fall pregnant? There is a staggering rise in infertility as most of us know, due to lifestyle and other factors. Because we now have a choice around having children, it's no longer a given, and because of this, you will often have more questions like, will I ever fall pregnant? The growing popularity of IVF and other fertility remedies obviously means that couples are turning to solutions when they are having trouble conceiving and that can often mean getting a healing or a psychic reading. And also there are great financial challenges that can factor into the choices of fertility treatments and your clients may be coming to you to ask further information about these. Over the years, I've been asked many varieties of fertility related questions, and I've had clients who have ranged from mildly concerned that they might not be able to conceive to desperately having tried four or five IVF treatments with no results and feeling like that you are their last hope, for certainty. This can obviously be quite intense and confronting, and questions around children as I said will always require an extra dose of compassion and diplomacy and sensitivity. Because the trauma associated with constantly waiting to see if you're pregnant can be so huge, not to mention if they are undergoing IVF and other medically assisted care, the stress levels and the hormone levels can be changing. As a psychic, you do need to discern levels of where your client is before offering spiritual guidance. So just keep in mind that not all fertility related clients are the same. And it's vital to reiterate that you are not a medical professional. And any spiritual information that comes through is not medical advice and this can be confusing because quite often medical advice will come through. So, for example, with some of my IVF clients, I've had really clear visions of them undergoing acupuncture, or other alternative therapies. And so I do suggest it to them, but I always say, please check with your fertility specialist first. You have a huge responsibility in these positions and it can feel confronting if many of your clients are going through this and they're feeling that huge amount of powerlessness and trauma and exhaustion. So, I'd like to share with you an example of some of the related questions that I've been asked over the years and the issues that are connected with them that your clients may be experiencing, or they may be coming to you about. I'm hoping this will not scare you but rather just prepare you a little by understanding what your client potentially might have experienced before coming to see you, or what they currently experiencing and need help with. I'm going to break this down for you so that you can be prepared for all the different types of questions you might get asked around fertility and pregnancy. Emotional blockages, psychological blockages, financial challenges, relationship challenges, multiple miscarriages, and health and lifestyle choices. So, let's start with how your client may be feeling emotionally when I come to see you, as this will highly impact upon the reading. Emotionally you could be dealing with a client who is really confused, experiencing deep grief, feeling powerlessness, and feeling an incredible loss of control. They could also be deep levels of shame with women feeling that they are not a real woman, or they're not feminine enough, or associating themselves with those really old fashion awful terms like barren, like they are a failed crop or a failed field because they haven't yet fallen pregnant. As a result, you might experience a lot of cards that show up that reflect the emotional turmoil of your client. So it's important to be really gentle when they do show up in a reading. So, for example, one of my favorite decks - John Hullin psychic tarot - the card suffering in silence might come up. And this is the 9 of swords in the Tarot. And what could be happening for that person is that they just feeling, like they've got so much anxiety and feeling so overwhelmed and feeling so preoccupied and worried that they are never going to fall pregnant that this could be an emotional blockage. Psychological blockages are also huge. So I've had clients over the years who their doctor can find no physical reason why they can't conceive and there could be huge psychological blockages and they might not know them, or they may have unknown fears or or even know and fears about childbirth, or they could have known or unknown fears around losing their independence. They may have grown up in a single parent household, for example, and seen the toll that this has taken on one of their loving parents and they fear that they are going to end up like a single parent. So these type of psychological blockages can really impact upon a woman's ability to conceive. Past lives can factor into it. So, I once had a client who had had a horrendous past life with multiple children, an incredible poverty, and being wanting to an early grave from having so many children. And she had vowed and prayed in another life that she never wanted to have children if she had the choice. These types of vows and past life prayers can cause real psychological blockages in this lifetime. Now, however, I really don't suggest you rush out and tell your fertility clients that don't believe in past lives, that they have to have a past life regression. Keep in mind that a percentage of your fertility clients might be women who have worked in corporate careers and careers where they've had to work really hard to stay in control of their environment and their career. And this might be the first psychic reading, and they may be a little open to some kind of metaphysical suggestions like meditation, but you'll have to tread very carefully and diplomatically if you start talking about things like past lives. This might be something that's a little bit hard for them to open up to and even if you see that on them, it's good to find a diplomatic way of working through that with them instead of straight away saying, oh, you need a past life regression. So be a little bit diplomatic. And if you do see a past life image of someone having a really horrendous experience when it comes to childbirth in another life, then just suggest to them and go, you know, do you have any fears around giving birth? Or are you anxious or worried about the whole idea of having many children? And there's ways that you can diplomatically get to the bottom of what's going on for your client and be able to help them on that level. I would also wait until you discuss with your client what they previously tried before suggesting any kind of past life therapy, or anything else that deals with deep psychological blockages, as you don't want to risk confusing or traumatizing them. What you will often find is that the cards will reveal some blockages. So it will reveal the fears. So you can gently point to this and you can point to the cards and interpret the cards and offer suggestions around healing some of those blockages. You can also ask your client to dig deep and see if they believe there's anything that might be blocking them emotionally. Often you'll find your clients are really open to this, but we can fear asking those questions because we feel like we need to give them this psychic answer that yes, you're going to get pregnant in two months' time, instead of, there might need to be a spiritual journey they need to go on to be able to identify those fears themselves. You could also be dealing with clients who are experiencing financial challenges because of their fertility treatments and this can get very tricky. You may and I have over these get a question like, should we do another treatment and, you know we don't really have the money. Keep in mind - beyond the emotional and physical toll that medical procedures have on the body, I know in Australia that IVF can be at least nine thousand dollars a pop, and that's a huge financial commitment to nice people, and I'm sure... I know I've met and I'm sure you probably met people that have put second mortgages on their house to get a baby, and they might have had to have eight IVF treatments to fall pregnant. So just remember when you're dealing with any kind of financial question around these medical treatments, to answer these questions very cautiously. Ask your angels for extra help with this one and obviously never tell your client that what you're seeing is set in stone and I have to follow it or they won't fall pregnant, and not that any of you would do that, but just be really gentle with how you approach this subject because you need to make sure at the end of the day, they're making the decision from their own power source. And unfortunately, their power source is already going to be feeling depleted. As I mentioned, if you are struggling to get control over your body, then you will feel depleted. So, for me, it's a really... if a really clear step becomes apparent in the readings either through the cards or channeling it, like something it's really obvious, I will say, look, just sit with this for a week or two and see how you feel about it. So say, for example, you get a card that says go for it, or you know new opportunity or a baby card shows up when they ask about doing more treatments, you want to just put the ball back in their court and say, look, this is what's coming through now, but please sit with this for a while before rushing out and making a huge financial commitment. Now please don't underestimate the effects that fertility issues can create on relationships. I've seen many relationships struggle to survive and even fall apart under the pressure, and, of course, when we're in pain and suffering, unfortunately our tendency is to take it out on those nearest us which can be as spouses and partners. So please keep in mind that your client could be experiencing real relationship challenges, especially when sexual intimacy becomes a proscribed activity and also the hormones that women have to take when they're trying to fall pregnant can be really intense on the body. Helping your clients stay balanced and finding the pathway back to love in a challenging situation in their relationship can really help in psychic readings and healings as it can be a little bit of a blind spot for your clients if they are so focused on just reaching that goal of getting a baby that the relationship itself is experiencing troubles and they are feeling like it's just too hard for them to deal with. Tragically one of the most painful effects of trying to fall pregnant is the experience of multiple miscarriages. For most women, there is no differentiation between losing a child in utero or losing a child that's being born. This is something that you deal with with incredible pain and incredible grief and the suffering that accompanies your client's miscarriage is something that takes incredible empathy and sympathy and compassion, and occasionally you may have a client who has experienced such huge grief around miscarriage that she can almost be subconsciously or even consciously frightened of falling pregnant again and risking another heartbreak. I always suggest healing sessions for my clients in these situations, either with me or someone else that they trust because the cards can help reveal grief and blockages, but it's often the healing session that will help them shift it. Grieving has its own process and the most important thing for the reading is just to hold space for that grief for the client. Your client could also be experiencing PTSD, where the fight or flight of that experience hasn't quite left their nervous system and this anxiety can be impacting upon their health and their well-being. And obviously, when our health and well-being is being stressed, it's harder to fall pregnant. I've suggested this before in some of my other causes, but if you are not a healer yourself and that's not what you do, then have a list of handy contacts of people that you trust that you can refer them to. Give them your beautiful reading and ask for guidance from the angels and guides for the best possible solution for them, but know that they may need some deeper therapy to process the situation and heal. More importantly, if they're feeling too fixated on a past devastation or the loss of that child, and you can feel that maybe they're in a bit of denial about that, it can make it more challenging for them because they're not being able to access that deep grief and that deep emotion because they're beating themselves up and they are trying to tough love themselves to just get on with it, instead of actually sitting in that grief and feeling that sadness and really accessing that sadness because sometimes that's what they need to move forward and shift the feel. Things like deep tissue massage and any kind of really gentle healing therapy can help a lot with being able to access those emotions. And do expect tears with these types of readings, and if you're seeing someone in person, have some tissues handy for them. Lifestyle and health issues are also common challenges that clients can often have when they've got fertility problems, and they may be going to multiple practitioners, they may be saying naturopaths, they may be seeing alternative therapists, or acupuncturists and the cards may reveal that they need to do this. And if you're tuning in to them, you might get more information about what you think could help. Again, you need to clarify you're not a doctor when you're recommending any kind of dietary changes or seeing therapists. If your client is dealing with having to do a detox or make a huge change for their lifestyle to concede, you can remind them to ask their angels and guides for extra help to stick to these particular regimes that they're being prescribed and to just be gentle with themselves and not judge themselves too harshly if they can't stick to it all the time. So these are just some of the most common issues that can crop up in the hugely complex world of giving psychic readings around pregnancy and fertility. Rest assured that a one-hour psychic readings can't solve all of these complex issues. Although, trust me, you're really going to want to, but what you can do and these are some things that you can keep in mind if you're feeling a little bit like how am I going to manage the situation? And I really want to help this woman with the fertility situation, but I'm feeling like I can't give her enough to help her. You can offer heart-centered guidance. You can offer clarity such as why is this happening? You can help her identify blockages like I just mentioned. You can offer any kind of alternative therapies. And like all challenges in life, surrender stories can really help. So one of the best fertility stories I know is a girlfriend I went to uni with who had a lot of problems conceiving and it really devastated her and she got to the point where she just surrendered it. And shortly after, heard a voice saying that you're pregnant, and she was. And I know I've had friends who they have gotten to that point where they just said, okay, I'm just letting that go now, and they have fallen pregnant. However, please always proceed with caution with surrender. Judge the level of trauma and distress that your client currently experiencing while they are in the session with you. And this is the same with talking about the law of attraction. I would be very wary of working with a client, especially for the first time and connecting her experience and her current challenges to this is what you've manifested in your life because your beliefs. Now you can identify her beliefs and you can help her with looking at those beliefs, but please don't tell her that the reason she's not falling pregnant is because of her belief system in that kind of harsh language if that makes sense. Like please be gentle with how you bring the law of attraction into your session because if a woman is feeling really traumatized and angry and distressed and panicky, this is probably only going to further disturb her. And, as I've mentioned, there can just be so much more involved than you know you haven't had the right positive vibes or the right positive thoughts, there can be so many different issues at play. Keep in mind that a woman's journey with fertility is a huge soul journey and it also is for their partners as well. Ask your angels during the reading - how can I help her for her best and highest good? Take a moment in the reading to just pause, tune in, let them know that you are just taking a bit of additional time and just to allow whatever message that comes through. And just trust yourself and share that. As I said, you don't have to provide the silver bullet solution, or the perfect solution. Just ask, what is it she needs to know right now? What can I help as a vessel of spiritual guidance and wisdom that how can I help her right now? Identify with the help of the guides and angels how best to empower her? So look at some of that self-reflection. Look at her fears and her anxieties. Examine diplomatically why she wants children. So, this has actually come up for me before, where a card has appeared in the reading saying, be honest with yourself when the woman was asking me about falling pregnant, and I was very gently guided to I asked, do you really actually want children, or is this something that your parents want or are you having? Are you thinking about having them now because you feel like you have to have them now because you're going to run out of time? Now again, please exercise caution with this. Only do this if you get that really strong message and you feel that it's a very loving message from your guides and angels and be gentle and diplomatic. And if you don't want to go into too much detail, again say to her - say, look, maybe think about doing some journaling or self-reflection about the reasons that you really want children because that can actually help manifest having children. And in that process if she's not clear a 100% if she wants them, the journaling act can bring this up. And don't be afraid as I mentioned to tune in ask if someone else can help them better and just see what pops in. So, as I mentioned before, even though I'm a healer myself, I often get flashes of people I know that are healers or I get a clairaudient message of a name of someone I know when I'm tuning into my fatality clients, and I say, look, I really feel like you need to work with this person and they can often come in flashbacks of that person working with me, or as I said, just a message of their name. And I will suggest that, I would say, look I think this could be part of your next step. So as you can see, there are so many issues that affect a fertility reading. And when you have clients that come to you asking about getting pregnant, there's different factors to take into account. The cards might not always be black and white and they could be ongoing readings or sessions that are needed to further get access to spiritual guidance that can help your client because it really is a huge spiritual journey going into the fertility section of your client's life.