5 Shortcuts That Will Make You Ultra Efficient in PowerPoint

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5 Shortcuts That Will Make You Ultra Efficient

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Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft. PowerPoint. So what are the shortcuts that you can employ to really make your use of PowerPoint more efficient and less time consuming? Now, let me just take you through all of these. The first one would be to hold shift when inserting different shapes or different lines. And in this way you're going to ensure perfect alignment whenever you do this. So we've all been through it. You want to insert a new line and it's just, you know, it's not straight. You can't really control it. You always wondering, is this straight or not? And the solution to that is to use shift. So right now I'm clicking, I'm clicking shift and as you can see, it can only let me draw a perfect line either zero 45 or 90 degrees. So that's the power of holding shift when you insert a new line or a shape, the next shortcut that I want to talk to you about is holding Ctrl, the control button. And what this will help you do is it will help you duplicate objects. So as you can see right now, if I move this around, it will just move it from its initial place. However, if I hold the Ctrl button, you'll see this little plus sign around my cursor and now when I move it, it just duplicates it and like that I can just create the same exact shape over and over again without having to press Ctrl C and Ctrl V. The next shortcut is using subscript or superscript. So that is actually used when you want to insert footnotes. So the first shortcut of these two is control plus. So if I use control plus this will, this will take me into a subscript. As you can see, the letters appear beneath the actual words. Now, if you put shift in there, it will turn into a superscript eight. And what this will help you do is insert footnotes. So, for example, I can put a one here and that's it. It's very easy and it beats the initial process of just going through through PowerPoint and adding superscript or subscript respectively. The next shortcut is control plus Enter, and what control plus Enter will do is it's a very quick solution for you to create new slides and customize the titles. This is especially useful for consultants that need to get a presentation done very quickly and they just want to outline it and just boom, insert a new slide, add the title, insert a new slide, add the title and the subtitle and so on. So the way I'm going to show you how to do this is I'm going to insert a new slide. And here if I click on the content, you'll see once I hit control plus Enter, it will go through the title subtitle, add a new slide title, subtitle and so on. So that's a very quick way for you to create slides, just like outlining your presentation and then actually inserting the content in there. Finally, the last shortcut is alt plus arrows. So this is used to toggle between objects. So let's say I select this object here, I'm holding the alt button and I'm going to go with my arrows through different objects. As you can see, I'm not using my mouse, I'm just using the shortcut, the keyboard shortcut, and I'm just going through different objects. So obviously, if you have a lot of objects on a slide, then this shortcut is extremely helpful. Now I hope that's been useful. I would suggest you practice this whenever you encounter this particular situation, and I hope it's going to reduce the time that you spend in Microsoft PowerPoint.