Downloading Python Kali Linux

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Downloading Python Kali Linux

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In this Virtual Machine students will download Kali Linux

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This lesson I'm going to demonstrate how to install Python on Kelly Linux. Now we did this in the previous lessons but here we're just going to work within Cali. Linux now and then I'm going to download Python both versions so I'll demonstrate and I'll show you which ones you can download by default when you install Kelly Linux it comes with the python to that 7 version. So you're good to go in that respect. But if you need to install the latest version of Python 3.5 for example or whichever one is the latest I'm going to demonstrate how that's done. So let's first couple of things we can do it. We can use the terminal or we can use the GUI interface as well. I'll show you both ways. All right. So let's open up our browser here. It's called The Ice weasel. Maybe it's going to be merged with Firefox pretty soon. So here you just navigate to Piven dot org and then you download page and Lawlis you'll see the download Python version 3 5 dot 2 or the 2.7 dot one too. So it depends on whichever version you like to download install. So let me bring that back up. Great. So let's go ahead and simply click on the Python version 3.5 too because that's the one that we've been using so far. OK. Someone go ahead and click on download and I can scroll down and take a look at the release date for the 3.5 2 version which is pretty current is June 26. And then of course it also tells you the new features in three or five series as compared to the earlier versions. So there are some differences right. So as you code in Python for example you may have to use brackets or within your print statement. That's one of the differences between 3.5 version versus the earlier versions. So it depends on whichever version you are comfortable with. Right. And find out the zip file here which is the tarball file. Or I can download the x z compressed file as well. Someone go ahead and do the X-C file as a compressed file brings up a simple message that you've chosen to open the Python 3 or 5 that to that target X-Sea which is fine. Go ahead and click save file and once the file is saved you can navigate to your folders and just have a look whether it's there or not. Someone to go ahead click on the folder here. Which opens up the Explorer and I can see various folders that are stored. But then the Kalli Linux. So here are the folders. So for example if I click on let's say it downloads You'll notice I have the Python versions installed of course downloaded previously also. So therefore you will see all these files. So we have the python 3.5 that true that ex-Sea file. Now what I can do is I can uncompress it right or unzip it. In other words where I can move it to a certain folder before I do the install. So instead of that then the downloads folder I can use the a different folder for example. Ok so I'm going to go ahead and simply choose the python file. And let's go ahead and move it to the desktop. Close this for now once it's moved over the download screen. All right let's bring up files. Let's move to a different folder. I think that's better instead of placing it on the desktop. Let's go ahead and click on the folder one more time here and let's see maybe I would like to create a new folder or just use any one of these. So how about this square ask. So let's put this within this folder so I can simply right click on there and open with the archive manager or I could choose extract here as well. So here's the python folder. Python ash 3.5 that to someone to go ahead and move this to the desktop. And the reason why I do this on the desktop is just easier to work with the terminal that can change your directory to your desktop. Or this is fine too. So whichever way you're comfortable placing the python files in. So let's go ahead and close this close. So here's our folder and let me open up the terminal. So before I in fact begin the python installation process I'm going to go ahead and just make sure everything within Kalli Linux is updated. So I'm going to go ahead and just simply do an apt get update service to sudo apt get and just type update and this will ensure that I have the most current and updated files and packages within Kelly. So once the update is done let me go ahead and just do and LS here to find out our directories so navigate to the desktop. So I changed my directory to the class. So here's our pipeline folder. So let's go to our pipeline screen at 5 to and just to make sure we have all the files. Perfect. All right. So let's get started with the installation of Python 3.5. Now we have downloaded it right. And we have extracted the files on our desktop and you can see there's a folder behind us right. So I'm going to go ahead and simply first to the last and just make sure we have all the directories and let me change the directory to desktop verify to the class and we have the python 3.5 that 2 folder. So let me switch to the Python directory. So that's what you 5. true. And let's have a look what's inside the folder. Great. Now in order to install We need to first create an image file. Right. So in order to do this have to run. Let's say that slash and then configure and what this will do is it will create a Makefile within the python directory. And this is going to take some time. So let me go ahead. Once we're done to the US again and you'll notice there is a file called Make file. So next of course let's run the Makefile and the command is just make hit enter. Great. So our Python setup is now complete. So let me clear the screen here. So once the installation is complete let me go ahead and just type python just to make sure but notice it still shows you the default version which is 2.7. So let's go ahead and exit out of here in order to bring up the Python 3 or 5 version. You just have to make sure the new Python 3.5 and you'll have your Python default to 3.5 to great. So I hope this helps. Practice downloading Python and installing Python on Kelly Linux. With this let's move to the next lesson.