Basics of Watercolor Paint

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The really basic stuff about watercolor paints and how they work

Lecture description

A student said they were having a problem with getting enough water and colour from the dry paints. I have therefore added this short film just in case anyone else is problems.

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STRESS buster. Watercolor painting to relax. Get the basics

Painting in watercolor to relax? Get BASICS Learn via play, See how the paints work, gain understanding & confidence.

04:35:16 of on-demand video • Updated January 2024

Learn how watercolor paints work with the water, then you will get the best from them.
A colour wash is the most used technique, learn how from the start.
Students will l learn to layer washes to make objects appear three dimensional.
Learn how to create highlights and shadows in watercolor paints.
Through repetition the student will gain confidence with this medium.
Start at the very beginning and understand the basics of color mixing.