What is Nuxt.js?

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What is Nuxt.js?

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So what is Nuxt.js? What does it add to Vue.js? Let's take a closer look and set these basics in this lecture.

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Nuxt.js 2 - Vue.js on Steroids

Build highly engaging Vue JS apps with Nuxt.js. Nuxt adds easy server-side-rendering and a folder-based config approach.

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Build server-side-rendered single-page-applications (SPAs)
Build normal, optimized SPAs with minimal effort
Generate a static webpage from Vuejs code
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The first question always is, what is next? And just in case they also want to answer what is Abuja's, though you should really notice? And if you don't make sure you take some course, that also teaches you that because this course builds upon this knowledge. But to make sure we're all on the same page, Vieques is a front and JavaScript framework that allows us to build powerful and engaging you guys in the browser, so to say it runs in the browser since JavaScript runs there. And with Yuji's, we can build user interfaces of any complexity and does a lot of the heavy lifting we normally have to do when working with JavaScript. It's a mixture of angular and react. You could say especially angular one. You see a lot of syntaxes and features in view it, as you know, from these frameworks and libraries, and you can build both UI widgets as well as more complex single page applications with you. It's also a real complete framework. It also offers solutions for routing tool handling different you are ELT's and for state management and it's also very lightweight, making it extremely popular. You've got a rich ecosystem and everyone loves Viejas. Now, next year builds up on Dutches. It's not a new framework and it's also not adding a lot to the code base of UCS. Instead, it's all about making development of viewerships applications easier. And with that I don't just mean the steps, but also the application that comes out that it's highly optimized, things like that. One of its core features is that it makes server side rendering a breeze. We talk about universal apps when we talk about server side rendering, and this essentially means that we can build a view application where we pre render the view the page the user is going to see on the server right before serving it to the user. This has great effects on search engine optimization and can speed up your page. More on that in a second. And our core feature next year introduces its configuration by file and folder structure approach. You really work in configuration files. For example, when setting up roots, you don't write JavaScript code to do so. Instead, you create a folder structure that represents your page and the roots you need are automatically inferred from that. And that pattern is used a lot in next applications. And of course, you will learn all about this in this course. Now, finally, we can say it really simplifies development of ups. It makes it easier. It has many smart approaches that make it more fun and all of that without adding much overhead to the bundle you're shipping. So your apps are going to stay extremely fast and might even be faster due to all the optimizations it puts into place.