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Creating YouTube Banner & Logo for your Channel

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What's up guys this year where Daniel and you are watching begin our atonce and this is the chapter number three in which we are going to create banners and the local for our YouTube channel. OK. So we're going to go ahead and jump into a Web site called thean forest dot net or you can visit and Watto dot com and there is a reason that I'm suggesting this Web site is we can either create our own banners with Photoshop and we can either buy it. OK so if he buys something it would save a lot of time and effort for our channel. You know we can spend our time somewhere else building quality meals for our channel instead of focusing on channel banter and logo. OK so I know that logo and banner is very important for your YouTube channel branding but we don't have any subscriber right now so we don't really need those branding material right now. But again I would suggest you to jump into theme for a stock that or once you was a theme for Zadan and you'll just click on the graphics and once you click on graphics you can search for YouTube banners. OK so let's say you have a specific niche for your channel. Let's say you have a fitness channel so you will tie you to banners and you can say fitness okay are the ones who will search it. It will pull up all the YouTube banners related to fitness. OK. As you can see right here let me just go ahead and click on this run and open the the page and show you how these banners are designed. OK. So as you can see where you're They have different designs of banners and you can added these better ones so you will buy them. And I'm going to show you that in just a moment. But this is just the basic idea of buying banners from the forest dot net. And as you can see right here this guy already sold three hundred and fourteen banners in 14 products and it cost you around seven bucks OK. The other way is with Photoshop which I'm going to show you in just a moment. I will suggest you to go to the forest dot net and it's pretty simple and you just have to spend five to seven bucks to buy a banner and we can pick pick up the logo from here. So if you don't have to buy a logo. OK. So I already bought some banners for my YouTube channel previously. Will show you that banners and I'll show you once you will buy any banner it will come up like this. OK. Let me just go ahead and take a look. I bought this Bob Banner a long time ago. So this is the banner. So once you will die by that banner it will come into your accounts download section. OK so you will click on download it will take you to that product page sorry your download page and you can actually download the product. OK. So this cost me around four bucks which is nothing. It's not too much. But it will save you a lot of time as you can see every year. I bought this product and they had three different way patients. And these three variations have different colors in it. OK. So let's say I like this second batter or the first or the third banner I buy this. OK. It comes into my download folder I just click on download and click onto Main file. So I will download the main file it will come into my downloads folder. So I'll just go ahead and jump into my downloads folder and let's see what we got. We don't got anything yet. So let's just go ahead and download it. Kane Well let me just go ahead and see that downloads. It's not downloading the the software sorry the files for me. So let me just go ahead and take a look. I can't see the download option right here. Let's just try again. And check our fold or nothing is right here. Let me just go ahead and open the Google Chrome OK now it's coming. All right. So we will just click on savefile OK and we will just save it into our downloads folder and once it will download the file for us we can see the zip forward right here. So click on extract here once we will extract these files. We don't need these extra files just open the folder and it will give you three folders or one brand or two and three. Let's say I want banner won and write the color. Let's say I like red a color I'll just click on double click on it and it will open it in Photoshop. OK. So if you don't have photoshop you will have to download the Photoshop. You can download the trial version. If you don't have photoshop it's going to take you it's it will give you 15 to 30 days for a trial version but you can do anything you want in the Photoshop if you already have a job that's good. That's a good thing. So once you click on Open file it will give you three options you just click on keep Lares OK and hit OK. And it will give you the cursor. OK. So as you can see right here you can see these green lines. OK. So these green lines are the grades that show you the alignment of the banner. OK. As you can see right here these two lines these two lines shows that this is the area where we can edit our banner content. OK. We cannot added anything or we can't put anything outside this box because it's not going to show you to Berridge I'm going to show you in just a moment. So as you can see right here you can put our side you have subscribe text right here Channel lame Instagram Twitter and Facebook. OK. So let's say we don't have any thing related to social media at the moment so we can either delete it or if you have social media you can just type your name for your social media account ok so I can see you. Daniel Pervaiz OK. For the Twitter account I have beginner tots. OK. And I also have a Facebook page which is beginner talks and I'll just go ahead and save it. OK so this is the part this part is done. OK. So if you want to edit the text you will just click on this tool right here. You can see this sign. You click on it and you will just go over the text and click on it and it will show you the option to edit this this text. Ok so now we got our social media name ready for Instagram for the Treanor and the Facebook. And now we got our channel name. OK so let's say I have a channel related to some educational content if it's educational related to information technology. You know it should be. It should represent your brand OK. It should represent your category or your niche. OK. So for the name we are going to decide the name in just a minute. But as you can hear these lines it's pretty much annoying so I just can I can remove these by hitting control h at the same time once I will hit that it will disable those lines. And now I can see the whole banner. It's looks clear. I can edit that. So for the channel name I'll just go ahead and click on t and I'll just select the text and say I'll just keep my name for this with your purposes you can name it whatever you want. OK. You have to decide your child name and in the next video we are going to select our niche and once we will select our niche you can change your channel lame or you can if you have some niche in your mind already then you can just write whatever you want in the banner. OK so every banner is the same. The editing part is the same. You just click on tacks and highlight the text and you can change your text according to yourself. It doesn't matter which banner you just bought from the forest. It's going to work like the same. OK. So you're asking for the pick. I don't really have any pick right now. I don't like pigs so I can delete that. OK so once I will if I wanted to lead that story here. This is a folder. It saves your picture. This is a leather section in Photoshop. So I don't want this OK. I don't want this picture so I can check this holder. OK so you can if you click on the little checkbox it will on it will disable the picture part. OK. If you can't figure out where is this part right here. So you can just uncheck everything and you know see the section if it's coming or not by disabling these checkboxes. So I know that because this is your picture that means it's this picture it's referer and this picture right. So I'll just go ahead and uncheck this box and or I can hit delete button to delete this thing. OK. I want to do that. So it's pretty simple. So the next thing is the upside. OK so as you can see right here my text layer is a Nabl I'll just click on here and I'll just type w w w dot beginner Cotts dot act OK and hit the checkbox you can change this subscribe text if you want. You can just highlight it. You can see this problem. It says the following fonts are missing for text or subscribe. And the font name is Daniel black. OK. If I hit OK it will change the font. Style OK. We don't want that. OK we need like this old old subscribe text. OK. So I don't want this. OK so if I don't want this I just click on here. This is the option to cancel it. Then once I will cancel it will come back to its original position. So in order to install Daniel black we will just click on google and it will type. Daniel black font download. OK I'll just click on Daniel black for download and it will show me some links. You can download the fonts from the font dot com. You click on it and it will show you the same Afon that we are using in our in our banner Okay. So just click on download and onto it will download it. We can just open it into a folder and it will show you the zip folder right here. We can click on here and click on extract here. If you can't see the zip folder you have to install software. Call when Arar and in are to install when rar you'll just type when rar and you will just downloaded and installed it. OK so this is an application which extracts your files and folders. So I'll just right click on it and click on extract. Here once I will extract it it will give me three files. Ok I'll select all these file by by clicking on these three files and holding the control button and right click on it and click on install and it will install these font into my Photoshop OK. So one will install it and I'll just go ahead and click on it. Here again let me make sure that if this thing is installed or not. OK so let's see what we got. I like that again and it will show you that the dangle lock is still a lot of able. You click on OK and you can see the option right here. And this is a font family section where you can select different foreign styles. I'll just search for Daniel black OK. As you can see or hear it. We just installed Daniel black and we can see this font right here. I'll just click on Daniel. Daniel black and it will change that font to dangle black again and we can now change it to whatever we want. You can say subscribe now. OK of course this is a bigger tax all just highlighted and we can make it smaller by going here on this option. At the very top and we can just go in and click on the dropdown and we can change the size of the phone. Let's make it 12 grand. Now you can see it's actually coming in for the size of 12 points. OK you can actually make it pixels but I don't want to waste too much time because I want to finish the CD as soon as possible. I don't want to make it too long. So for the subtext you can change the subject so you can say or we can just go ahead and get rid of this now and just say subscribe. OK and make it bigger. This is make it 18 and an outside ball for more amazing content. OK. Whoops sorry. Amazing content and ones I will have just finished that my banner is officially ready. I'll just click on file click on Save As and I'll just save it onto my desktop with the name off banner. You can name whatever you want and the format should be in JP. So I'll just click on format and select J-P or daypack and click on Save and it will save the file in. It will ask me to set the quality of the image I'll just click on a high end to go on. OK and now our file is a. OK so let me show you the we got our file ready Oregon so our banner is ready now we have to upload the Stiner in order to do that will just go ahead and jump into our channel and click on Add channel Aard and click and select the photo from our desktop. And this is our desktop photo. Which is better so it will show you the example of how it's going to look on the mobile on the TV or on the desktop. You can adjust the crop but I think this looks fine I'll just click on select and it will save the files for me. And now we have an official beautiful red color banner on to our YouTube channel. Now we have to create a logo. OK so in order to do that you will jump back into art. Photoshop or any other way of doing that is if you want to save time and save some time and you don't want to create a logo for the You-Tube. You can buy the local from here. You can just type logo and once you'll find a logo you can either buy a local or you will find beautiful logos OK. As you can see your beautiful logos. But these clothes will cost you around the earth. Thirty five bucks for each logo which is very very expensive. Now you have to figure it out if you are serious for creating which I. I'm sure you are serious of creating your chow professional. You will have to buy a professional logo OK. As you can see right here this logo is only for six dollars. OK so you will have to figure out which logo do you like personally. And then you can buy that logo. I'll just make a very basic logo very basic logo. I'll just create a new file and once I will create a new file it will ask me to name the file. I'll just keep it as it is. I'll just set the weight off our logo to 300 and the height would be three grand and it's going to be in pixel format. OK so I'll just click on pixels and click on OK once I'll do that. It will give me a new file. Now I want a justed tax. OK. So I just want to save some time not to confuse you guys so I want to I want this red color. OK this red color. In order to pick up this red color color I'll just click on this color palette and it will open up a color picture for me and it will give me a clearer picture to pick the color that I like. Or just pick this dark color and just click on it and it will automatically pick up the color and you can just click on OK. OK so now at once you will click on OK this color will come in the color picker section or jump back to my other file and this logo. I need a red background. OK. Or yeah I think but the red background is going to look good. So for the red background I will go to this paint button option. This is a paint bucket. This is a paint bucket to just click on it and I'll just drop that color right here by just clicking on it on the on the on the logo file and it will create the red background color for me. Now it's very simple I'll just click on this text again. OK or an other way off. Other easy way of creating your logo is and this is a bonus type for you. It just came into my mind. OK. You can go to flash icons dot com and actually download the logo for your channel. OK so let me just go ahead and jump in to flag icon and this is the site where you can find hundreds of thousands of images for free. OK. You don't have to buy these. OK. So maybe you like something on this side and you can get it for FREE. OK you don't have to pay a dime on this side. Let's go up in that sci fi like something like this. Maybe like this guy OK let's say I look like this. And I like this image OK. I'll just click on the image and I can click on ngi and I can download the image in different sizes. I'll just click on 5. This is the maximum size that they are giving me. I just took on three download and once all click on the free download it will give me the option to save my file and once I will save my file you can see this businessman right here and it looks like me. So I'll just go ahead and drag this to my Photoshop and drop it right here. And this guy is coming right year. OK. So they fought to make this smaller. If you want to make this guy smaller I'll just click on shift and hold it and I'll just drag this image with my mouse to the position where I want this guy to. I think this looks good. OK. So I'll just go ahead and make it Center by clicking on the selecting too and just drag and drop this guy right here. OK so this looks good. So let's if you want to make a little bit like this we will just click on Save As and click on desktop and again our view on format of JP G or G pack and the file name is going to be logo. And of course I want this in high definition click on OK. OK let's jump back into our channel and let's upload the logo once I'll click on Apple logo. It will say your channel like can comes from your Google account changes may take a few minutes to show to your channel. Click on it did and it will take you to another page. Very You can upload the image. I'm going to go ahead and jump into the desktop and upload my logo. OK. Once you upload your logo it will ask you if you want to add a crop your logo or not. I don't want to crop my logo. Click on done and once you will Qui-Gon Dan your logo is ready. But if I have refreshed the page sometime it does come not it does come on the same time. But sometime it does take some time to come to get visible on your channel. Our guys so as you can see right here our logo is ready. Our banner is ready. OK. Looks good. The logo is not popping out that much because we are using pretty much the same color. OK you can change the color if you want. It totally depends on you. So I was just showing you an example of creating your channel banner and logo. OK. So our banner our logo is ready now. In the next really are we are going to pick up our channel niche in ones who will pick up our channel which we will arrive the about for our channel. OK so what we do. What's our business email. Blah blah blah. Things like that. OK. So he joined at March 6th 2018. And as you get to work here we don't have anything on the home page right now. But I will show you the different options to really optimize your channel for as CEO and CEO is also known as search engine optimization which is very important for our YouTube channel to get visible in front of thousands millions of people. OK. So this is it for the day guys I hope you like this video if you have any questions related to this video. You know my email address. It's called My thought at gmail dot com. My Instagram is down. Always Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to ask me questions. I will definitely help you out if you get stuck in Photoshop. You can send me a screenshot with that email and I'll be able to help you out. OK. Till then keep watching this course and I'll see you guys in the very next VDO by.