The Classifier and Decision Boundary

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Machine Learning Made Easy : Beginner to Advanced using R

Learn Machine Learning Algorithms using R from experts with hands on examples and practice sessions. With 5 different pr

15:16:14 of on-demand video • Updated April 2018

  • R Programming, Data Handling and Cleaning, Basic Statistics, Classical Machine Learning Algorithms, Model Selection and Validation, Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms, Ensemble Learning.
  • Write your own R scripts and work in R environment.
  • Import, manipulate, clean up, sanitize and export datasets.
  • Understand basic statistics and implement using R.
  • Understand data science life cycle while understanding steps of building, validating, improving and implementing the machine learning models.
  • Do powerful analysis on data, find insights and present them in visual manner.
  • Learn classical algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees and advance machine learning algorithms like SVM, Artificial Neural Networks, Reinforced Learning, Random Forests and Boosting and clustering algorithms like K-means.
  • Know how each machine learning algorithm works and which one to choose according to the type of problem.
  • Build more than one powerful machine learning model and be able to select the best one and improve it further.
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