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English [Auto] You as a network engineer need to learn Linux you may ask why. So let's look at some reasons. The first reason is that a lot of modern network operating systems are based on Linux. Some use a custom command line interface or CLIA which means that they don't look like a Linux but in actual fact a run on Linux and some network operating systems allow you to drop down into a linux shell some or just pure Linux you know three examples. We have a nexus 9000 V. So show version. Notice this is a Nexxus operating system switch 9000. He has a new wrister with switch and he has a cumulous switch. These three switches are running ingenius three. So through the supply of the Nexus 9000 we see our typical Cisco commands such as configure terminal but we can also use the command run and run a bash shell. Notice this is a Linux question mark. It doesn't work like it works in the Cisco Selye but Linux commands do work here such as working out which directory we in so which working directory are we in. Who am mine. Which files are available here. Some commands are not supported. But notice command such as on your config. All supported. So I've config more. They all interfaces per typical Linux commands his VI. Clear now font type exit. I'm back in my Cisco shell. So again we can run. C'mon such as show and show various commands so we can run various show commands as we would normally but notice if we top run bash again we are in a linux shell that takes me back to the Cisco shell run bash Linux shell type python here and we are now running a python interpreter. Back on Linux back on the CIS because the Auline same is true in Arista you know wrister this isn't a race to see a lie so keen on such a show IP interface brief work or show run the running config of the risk to switch very similar to what we do on Cisco's show run to see the running config of a Cisco device. But on Arista we simply type Bash and notice we are now in the linux shell. LS PWT who am I look at Precious's make a directory LS run Python. So very similar to the Cisco environment. EXE it takes me back to the Arista shell. Bash takes me directly to the linux shell VI Evey's VI Klea config and so forth. So here are two switches from two vendors that allow us to run a Linux commotions directly on the switch not cumulous Linux gives us direct access to the linux shell cumulous also have their own CLID typing to face but by default you are trading to Linux. So PWT VI Clelia I have config processes excentric cetera. So the first reason to learn Linux is a lot of network operating systems run Linux all based on Linux. You may or may not have access to the linux shell. That depends on the vendor and or the operating system. So hope that's the question for a lot of you and I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please like it please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I want to wish you all the very best.