Installing Photoshop Scripts and setting Keyboard Shortcuts for them - Updated

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Installing Photoshop Scripts and setting Keyboard Shortcuts for them - Updated

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Learn how to install Photoshop Scripts and set keyboard shortcuts to them, Download the resources file for some Script Resources

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Know in this lesson I'm going to talk about how to extend Photoshop capabilities or how to add new functions to Photoshop which are currently not present in Photoshop so there are two ways to do that. One is that you can install custom scripts made by different professionals and programmers. OK. And the second is that we can't install Photoshop extensions created by programmers are they. They also use the same scripts but they can be accessed by a panel. OK. So in this lesson we are going to install Photoshop custom scripts using my PC. If you are on a Mac you need to see the next lesson to find bartend where you are going to install Photoshop scripts on a Mac. So let's get started first. What we are going to do is I'm going to show you the Web site. One script over here. So this is a script expanding smart object by this guy CAMILE. And what it does it it actually expands the smart objects created by Photoshop which in Photoshop it is not possible to revert back to a normal folder or a group or Lears. And once you have created smart objects so if you bought all about smart objects don't bother. There will be a lecture Up ahead in the next sections about smart objects. For right now you need to know that this capability is not present in Photoshop. So what we're going to do we are going to download this script over here. Scripts are basically in idea sex -- format. So basically these are you can see at the end GSX or G-S format. OK. So these these are basically javascript files now we are going to download it save the file OK and now we have downloaded ex-band smart objects script custom script we are going to copy it and we are going to install it inside the Photoshop installation for that. So I'm going to close photoshop right now. Make sure you close the Photoshop when you are installing it because it will not appear. You need to restart your Photoshop to update the scripts folder OK. So I'm going to close it ok so I'm going to right click and go to properties and open file location. So basically what we are doing is we are going to go to photoshop presets folder in Photoshop installation you can see it here. There are different folders plugins present resources. We need to find this pre-sex folder. DoubleClick and we are going to find scripts folder inside that script scripts. OK so here it is. You can see once I have opened this clip folder there are a lot of scripts but these scripts are the default scripts which came along with Photoshop installation. OK so these are all scripts and automated task management scripts that are shipped with Photoshop. So I'm going to create a new folder on my scripts something like this and I'm going to post it here. Now we are going to restart our Photoshop again to see how we have this updated script or here. OK now go to file and go to scripts and you can see over here we have new script over here. Gamme expand smart objects. OK so let's let's test it. OK so let's create a new document of any size. OK. So I have created a very small document. OK. So for now on just an example I'm going to create a few layers over here. OK. So second one let's make it a bit smaller than this one. OK. So I have two layers. I'm going to create a smart objects object from these two. OK. Now this is a smart object and there is no way that I can get back my board to. OK so I'm going to select this clear and I'm going to go to File scripts and I am going to go to games expand smart objects using this OK. So once I click this it is going to perform some actions and you can see it here. Here is the folder and it has given me both my legs back. OK. So this is one way of extending Photoshop capabilities which are not present in Photoshop you can add new functions. The functionality is there are a lot of scripts written by programmers or Photoshop users. There is one more thing you can do with these scripts. You can set Photoshop custom shortcut keys for that. So we are going to go to a dead keyboard shortcuts and file and then we are. We need to go to scripts. Where are the scripts. The key here we have the scripts and you can see this is our expand smart object so I'm going to give it a key of control shift. OK so it is going to give me that it is already assigned here much so something like this. Our control or F4 or command option for on your Mac. But right now I'm showing you how to set this key set up keyboard shortcut. So next time we're going to use it we are going to just press our control F4 to expand our smart object. This is all about custom scripts to install them and how to set a shortcut keys for them. Let's move on to the next lesson.