The V.A.K technique -Visual,Auditory and Kinesthetic

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The V.A.K technique -Visual,Auditory and Kinesthetic

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Welcome my friend. And on this lesson we're going to talk about The Apprentice and mortality in an LP. It is called We are here now. Let me explain to you what does it mean by and how we can use it. We came before weazel if for auditory. I don't care for capacity. Now that's the kind of people everywhere. Now we all have distilled water with our and tenacity. Some of you are more weasel some of you are more auditory. Some of you are more connected the be all you'll just see more. Some of you use certain modes more than other modes. Now that's the kind of people out there who need to be find out what kind of a person is. For example the person that Isal person whenever he talks unique just in his mind it up like this. I know all I can see what you are saying. Your ideas are bright and colorful. No matter what I'm saying this as opposed to here. But they are making pictures in them of mine. This kind of people use more of the weasel word like see color all light bright you know they have used this weasel word. I can see what you are saying. I can see the problem in this kind of a. They use more ordinary people they use more of the head in general. I can listen to you. I can understand you. Your idea sounds good to me. They use more of the order to to kinaesthetic people than the top. They talk like this and they when they listen to something when they say something like this I can handle the job I have a lot of pressure. I have a grip on this problem. Listen to the words. They're different words. So this is a person who has a different word or to use a different word. I'm considering using different words now. The problem starts when they're talking to a person and you yourself with an auditory person you are using a different mode. And when using a different mode they are not at all. The person doesn't understand you and doesn't like you and sometime you will not be able to grab their attention because he's a visual person and you're talking auditory or kinesthetic language that really language and then when they miss or Hindi or some other language then we miss the Model-T say for example if you are saying to a person can you feel the problem or the person doesn't understand the feeling can only see the problem in their minds eye. So when you're talking to them they will not listen to it. So my friend the most important thing here is you need to first find out the person is visible auditory and kinesthetic very very important how you will identify the words they use it the kind of words they use more. They may be using all three modes. But you need to find out what they are using more. If they are using more weasel word or they're using only three words or they're using a history of filling words are Listen my friend. The very important lesson here is first of zoë And then if the person using more of a weasel word you will speak in the same Water-Lily use the similarity deposit Wisley you talk to him in a weasel word use more of the weasel word but he asks listening and talking to him or hurt you. The more weasel words it a person is auditory is more auditory words using more filling up enough that they use more of them. If you use more of them they will listen to more. They will feel connected with you and will listen to it. Maybe with the full concentration and full heart why they listen to it because you are seeing the thing that they understand easily not only consciously or unconsciously. So our friends. Very very important right now. Understand the parts of the visual auditory or kinesthetic. How do you do it by of the V. Now from now on there is a lesson for you an exercise what you're doing whether you're watching a TV or listening other people dropping all of what I know of they are using more of my dream. By doing this exercise a number of time your observation. And you find out easily whenever you're talking about some very first time and talking over that within a few minutes you would know the person is visual arty or kinesthetic and then you use their words you the same language. So what happens they will instantly get connected and listen to you. Now one more important thing here my friends you see when they are using very very important. Now don't change the word. It may have the same meaning but don't use the word say is a possibility. I can see the problem and you say or you can look at the problem that two different words meanings are the same but that conscious mind will not understand it. So in fact very very important use their words what they use when you are talking to them saying it back. They do that they will feelings and and they will listen to you the same words. Now when they're copying the memories just you my certain words I can see the light not because it already so many are saying to them using the word feel you can do the same tonality. I know you can feel that the moment you say they feel connected and they go into a kind of a light hypnotic trance but you the same word with the same tonality. And these words are more than most of us all whatever the word is the one that stress on it uses the word with the same tonality. And when you do that then you feel an instant connection and then whatever you talk with them and say to them they will listen more carefully and with the full interest and heart and what they will say will go into their subconscious mind. This is a very powerful technique my friends make a practice and before we go to the next video if you are at home switch on your TV listen to the interviews and not to the individual auditory or inner city or what more is using which is worth stressing more. Make a note of it then it'll practice by doing it a few times. You become after that it required a respect as in silly. So the more I read offered some offense I wanted to use this technique right now. Watch the next video switch on your TV will listen to the interviews and people talking together or not just what are they using more and that will help you become a master PopSugar. So thank you very much. And come back to the next lesson. Thank you.