MVC Application Architecture in JSP

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JSP, Servlets and JDBC for Beginners: Build a Database App

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  • Build a fully functioning JSP and Servlets web application from scratch
  • Set up your JSP/Servlet development environment with Tomcat and Eclipse
  • Explore JSP scripting elements: Expressions, Scriptlets and Declarations
  • Read HTML form data with JSP and Servlets
  • Manage application state with Sessions to track unique user actions
  • Leverage Cookies to personalize a web site for a specific user
  • Integrate the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) to minimize scriptlet code
  • Build a Multi-Lingual app using Internationalization and JSTL
  • Build an MVC application with JSP and Servlets
  • Generate HTML Tables with JSP and Servlets
  • Add database support with JDBC: query, insert, update and delete
  • Build a complete database web app with JDBC
English Narrator: In this video, we're gonna cover the sample architecture for our classroom project. So, we'll cover the following topics. We'll first do a fresh on the application features, then we'll look at the big picture, and then we'll discuss the Student Database Utility. So, before we get into all the code, I just wanted to make sure you understood the big picture of the project. Alright, so just as a refresher, we're building an app for this FooBar University, so they can list the student and update and perform a delete on the student. Those are the major CRUD functions. So, looking at the big picture, we're gonna have this web browser submit a request to our Servlet controller. Our Servlet controller will make use of this helper class called a Student Database Utility, it'll talk to the DB. The data will come back to the controller, it'll forward it over to our JSP page, which is our view, and then finally will send that view back to the browser. So, this is kinda like our big picture for our application, this is the big MVC architecture, and we'll build this all out in the following videos. Now, a little bit more about this Student Database Utility. Its main purpose is for interfacing with the database using JDBC code. So, this is actually a very common design pattern, it's called the Data Accessor Object design pattern, or DAO. So, if you join a new project team or a new enterprise project at your company or job, you're gonna hear other developers say DAO. So, it's a very common design pattern, it's pretty much used by all of the major Java development teams and Java development shops, and basically just isolates the JDBC code to one class or collection of classes for you to use in your actual project. And we'll build this out from scratch. Alright, so anyways, wanted to give you a head's up about the project, the big picture architecture. And then in the following videos, we'll kinda break this down, and we'll break it up into smaller sections. We'll deep dive into each section, and then we'll build it out from scratch. Alright, a lot of good stuff. I'm excited. Let's go ahead and start coding. I'll see you in the next video.