Test Payment with COD, PayPal and Credit card

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Test Payment with COD, PayPal and Credit card

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Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate: Build eCommerce Website

Code Functional Bookshop Website with Java Servlet and Hibernate framework. Full-stack Development. Job-ready Skills.

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Program a complete e-commerce website that sells books using Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate framework
Build a Bookstore website that allows the customer to browse books, view details, search books, write reviews and register account and purchase books
PayPal payment integration (including credit card payment)
Build the admin panel that allows managers to manage books, customers, reviews and orders
Use Hibernate framework with JPA for the data access layer
Use Java Servlet for the controller layer
Use JSP and JSTL for the view layer
Use HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery for the view layer
Build Mobile-first, Responsive Website with Bootstrap
Design and manage Database with MySQL
Code unit tests with JUnit
Package and Deploy the website with Tomcat server
now we need to test the whole equipment workflow to make sure that dependable integration works perfectly we will test women using both women matters cast on delivery Zod and PayPal or credit card and with PayPal when we test using PayPal account and using credit card okay so you see our website for breasts and as the customer browsing the bookshop we want to buy some books about Java for example if he lives about a turtle agent so I get this book to the subject cut sobbing cut here and then to buy another book is about it in action and I also want to buy another book spring in action to cut so I had three books means something Katya and I want to proceed to checkout and I need to log in as a customer David okay ha muji and this is a checkered past that allows me to enter the recipient information in by default receiving information is customer information I can't change whistling from chain for example I want to order books for my friends so the receive an information is my friend's address now just change the rest align to 300 Avenue region bow now I choose a payment method is cast on delivery and click place order button energy the message thank you so other has been received we deliver the books within a few days and in the admin we need to check in the admin section toes in as the admin okay I'm losing and you can see internet and min dust mod you can see the reason self-storage another with addy 31 here boo copies in three thought come and Method cash on delivery okay click the order ID to she details on this nada you can see this is your details of newly order my prize a customer honor by David Peterson and you can see in this event remission rest my is updated to 300 Avenue okay and this is information about other books three books you see there are 18 actions being in action if it tips over this is my retail and support us and sipping fish so far so good and now we will test people look flow using paper so in Ohio I mean this time I want to buy some books of our lifestyle the power of habit and drink and Grow Rich two books and the power I mean I want to buy two copies so I only two copies and perform Chicka I need to look G in this timeline of regime s customer Ravi Kumar okay and this is a checkout place you see now I choose a common method is PayPal credit card and click place the order then this is a paper and paper an interface and illusion and using my PayPal account no G here we go and you can see the PI bonds people pressed this place already tells the year the total amount here 50 1.92 USD and you can see the details near the titles of the books here ting and go with one copy and the power of habit to copy and total amount taxed NCP and other with the shipped to this was rest she is the rest Arabic my in New Delhi India and click continue' button and this is a review claiming person that allows need to carefully review the information before paying the money for your information this be basically an information and challenging details to books and three copies you see and I click the Pay Now button you see you have my premises awfully thank you for purchasing and this is a receipt information kerala information buyer information on the details alibis customer of Okuma on ID 32 and this is item details and I if I want to bring this receipt I can click this button click cream receipt and you see the dialog probably up appears yeah and automatically solves the pin dialog and let me review the content of the green question here she and if I want to green I can click the print button here to print the receipt but I don't have any printer connected to my computer okay last the payment using pay pants the cow works perfectly and let's check information in the enemy orders here you know contingent nearly created on the order by the customer Ravi Kumar here Tripucka beast total cover metal paper an order ID 32 here Mary would right click here to see the details of the other and you can see this is a detail of the order unless test women using PayPal and credit card so I want to buy a book and your whammies I desire for occurs here and to cut and check out and I love you know the kuma because this is a trial based and now I choose a payment method Piper no clerical placed order and I want you to play with a bank account or credit card I choose my country is India and you can see people displaced all the details here these are for cost is only one book in this order in total is 40 poi 50 now in USD now enter the card number is he a visa car number and his permission deadly September 20 year 27 umber of five five first name IV last name landfill number two three four five six nine the last nine one nine two City New Delhi instead the postal code and pebble request need to create a PayPal account so until any investor Akuma India one two three know the data put R and click agree and continue invalid phone number okay and click the way and continue button now we've got an arrow here sorry so Mike wasn't able to verify so visa cat okay change the country to Andorra cat number in this patient you're a band requires me to enter to rest and pip Undertown in an ID number let's enter the me information test information click awake and continue from number password every and continue and you see you my would already have an account we just leaving rest so change the email India Joey click agree and continue not only in sandbox mode in testing environment ok so the review equipment test at least play and you can see is a player information email is then updated yeah and click Play Now button you see you have made payment successfully thank you for purchasing in Xiamen d.c sierra information by information in other details and i want to print this receipt okay click the print button to clean this now you see so far so good right