Why Source From Walmart?

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What are the advantages of sourcing your dropshiopping products from Walmart to resell on eBay?

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How to Set Up a Walmart to eBay Dropshipping Business

Your Easy Guide to Running a Successful Walmart-eBay Drop-shipping Home Business and Earn Money in Your Spare Time

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  • Setup an eBay store and optimize the correct settings
  • Open a PayPal account and link it to the eBay account
  • Understand the core concepts of the Drop Shipping Business Model
  • Source products on Walmart to sell on eBay
  • Find the hottest products on Walmart which will sell profitably on eBay
  • List Walmart items on eBay
  • Process orders from Walmart to your eBay Customers
  • Use Dropshipping Software and Automation to Sell Walmart products
  • Give Awesome Customer Service
English [Auto] Hi there. So why Wal-Mart. Why is it worth while sourcing your products from Wal-Mart to sell them on e-bay. There are many people who do it from Amazon but Wal-Mart is an enormous company. In fact if you look at articles about these two companies they're compared one to the other. Nobody is going to compare Amazon to my next door or grocery store but Wal-Mart is working in the billions and billions of dollars and they have an enormous amount of products and that is why we're going to consider Wal-Mart as an excellent option to source your items. Let's take a look at their home page. You have here a selection of options of categories and just look at that home furniture patio home improvement clothing. Babies and toddlers. There is there are options there are product which can you can source to sell on E-bay which is absolutely enormous. Now what is unique about Wal-Mart is that there are many products which Wal-Mart is selling that do not exist on Amazon. Furthermore the market of Amazon eBay drop shippers is enormous. Therefore the competition is great. So when you source your products in Wal-Mart the chances are that your competition is smaller and that's why you can also charge a slightly higher price and make a larger profit on each item. Another benefit of sourcing from Wal-Mart Is that where you sourced from Amazon there are only a small amount of products from Amazon which you can get from them cashback at their very selected categories and these categories change from week to week. On the other hand from Wal-Mart one can get between 4 to 6 percent on nearly all products which you sell which means that even you're getting zero profit from the sale itself. You can already get some profit from cashback. That's another reason why it's worthwhile sourcing from Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has excellent help files. They explain everything in very clear detail. So it's very easy to learn the system if they have a great return policy. You can take a look at from the first 90 days after purchase Amazon.com only return your product after 30 days. So let's say if you sell something on eBay and you gave a 30 day return and the person nobody wants to return it after 30 to 35 days you might have a problem with Amazon. Wal-Mart will school still give you plenty of time. Also the shipping you know on on Wal-Mart is excellent when it's above $50 so it's free shipping. Therefore in general we try to source items which are above $50 an hour to have it free. Great returns. You don't want to deal with store pick ups are not the kind of thing you want because you don't want the person understand that dealing with a store at Wal-Mart. And just like in Amazon that you have the gift option. So in Wal-Mart you have what is called lists or registries which you can use in the same way as a gift. So the person does not receive the invoice and they will see it as coming from you directly. Recently Wal-Mart has come in with a free unlimited two day shipping called the shipping pass which cost $49 a year it's similar to the amazon prime but it has a number of advantages which we will go into in a later lecture altogether. Wal-Mart is a great place to start and sell your product and e-bay. They have competitive prices. A huge selection great service returns shipping. And one has an opportunity to earn up greater profit per product than you do on Amazon or other retail sources. That's it for now and then become a lecture is we're going to go into detail and how to source your items on Wal-Mart how to list them on eBay and to give great service and earn a nice profit by now the next lecture.