Inventing sexy for pin ups

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Inventing sexy for pin ups

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Now we start to get into the meat of this course, the very concepts, ideas, rules, guidelines, etc that make a pinup sexy. We start to get into the do's and don'ts as well. We take a figure from a boring front pose, and slowly add changes, based on these "rules" of sexiness. The end result is an elegant pinup pose.

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A this is Neal back again the artist structure at Masch are painting now dot com. And in this lesson we're going be going over what makes sexy sexy and basically how to get your pen up to look like a pen up you know to make it presentable as a pen. There are some things that go into this. One is the gesture the gestures very important the gesture is basically the pose but but gesture also is more fluid than just like drawing a stripper pose song or just a drawing personal get to that. How you when you draw the gesture drawing and then add on to the mechanics that you get a more fluid type motion. The emotion that's been expressed too by the pose or by the face you know because the pose itself can express an emotion on the left there that pose expresses kind of like playfulness right kind of innocent playfulness. The second one is more is more sensual and so he can also use sensuality. Next is like Kurban smooth is traditionally Courbet smooth this is seen as something that's sexy and pinups. This would be the smoothness of the skin not having a lot of detail on the skin not having a lot of muscle tone and so forth. But you can get away with making a pop up She-Hulk you know that's true. Look you're going for cuteness like on the left there is it can be very good playfulness elegance to have this elegant look and that will be covering in this particular lesson is elegance. Also your expressions and your silhouette expressions will be the face expressions and expressions of hand gestures and you know the tilting of things like this overall silhouette whether or not as readable as a silhouette like the porch Rawling there on the left. The second time on right is very readable as a silhouette drawing in the right is a very readable silhouette. So think about it as being a solid black mass with the silhouette with the post to be readable and still be sexy and you know that's always something you have to strive for. But it does make your overall pick up that much more readable. Right so what we're to do in this particular Isn't that like I said it's where I start with a with a very basic viewing pose. And when you take that post we're going to slowly change it. And it's something that's far more sexy by just changing little things and it's going to the process to change the whole thing and that will help change your brain into seeing you know what makes a post sexy and how to start thinking about jelling sexy poses. And then as we progress we'll do different just her poses and getting more complex poses like the one you see above where we have you know more twisting of the figure and foreshortening and things like that. Right. There is no need to belabor the point. Let's go ahead and just speed up to this process here. Like usual you go ahead and draw a line to buy it in half and they divide half and they divide that half. You know you keep dividing those haves and have to get eight segments so you perceive the whole line in half then divide the top and bottom section that they need to buy all those four sections that you have eight sections. Usually I just buy the top section and half and half after four and then the bottom half I just abide. One time for where the weather is nice will be in the Nizo go right above that halfway line and the bottom section right so just like before one or two on a female figure just keep it simple. You know use the arm length to make the rib cage so you draw the arm going down from the shoulder or from the or rather from your collarbones that landmark down to the halfway point or a little bit about papillae point if you want. That being the crotch area that's the whole length of the arm and then the wrist attaches and the hand attaches to that. You divide from the halfway point the crotch to the collarbone and that's where your elbow areas. That's the part where your bottom the ribcage is just a little bit below that you'll have your belly button. Remember that on top of the arch for your iliac crest as represented you know is as a b the beat that we do here in the drawing that on the top of that is where your love handles attach. And on the bottom of that is where your leg muscles begin to attach and then you can begin to do anatomy on top of your basic structure. So remember before like when you're trying to figure all you have to do is draw the either basic like triangles. You know many different ways to draw the figures as we talked about. You can use the triangles you can use tapered cylinders you can use squares rectangles you know whatever shape you want to use you can use a bunch of spheres or different types of physical shapes oblong and so forth. Make sure you do all the best that they are at angles like we've discussed before. So I'm just you know doing a break really quickly sped up drawing here. The front view does we get the idea of what we're going to deal with and then once you finish drawing this I want you if you have an hour or two all on it all in again once you've been drawing this very basic boring pose from the front view we're going to take it and when I start manipulating it to be something else to have more yes. So the first thing we want to do and what this pose after you duplicate it and then mulga studio just like in Photoshop. Lisa monkshood you're fired. I don't know. It's like some previous versions. And five is definitely awesome. It has awesome painting tools like that. I don't think it's hippity was done as well in previous versions like for us. So we're going to get a version or recommend five. There's no reason to get the expensive version. That is the expert and I have here because unless you want to like really do a lot of comics and it really helps with page layout and doing multiple pages and stuff like that that's really the only benefit to it. Other than that find is everything that he x' that by the XS is just as powerful all the same tools etc.. Right so all you do is you click on the layer and drag it down to the new layer to make a copy of the layer. So what we're going to do then with this figure is we're going to redraw it but we're going to have it as an angle like when you angled the hips and one way to where the weight of the leg is the weight is on one leg that shifts your whole entire pelvic bone. Right. And it shifts your leg upward and one leg downward. Well when one leg goes up and all the way is pushed and pushed on that you have a whole entire stretching and then a compression of one side of the torso and a stretching of the other side. So this case our left side is going to be compressed and then our right side is going to be stretched and the same thing happens to neck too when you when you bend it certain ways. Anyway so an easy way to do this when you're when you're thinking about trying to figure at least for me I personally like to draw the angled lines right so you have the angled line that represents your shoulder line or your collar bones and then he had the angled line that represents where your hip is being tilted. Now I personally like to draw the line at the crotch line right so that mini skirt thing we talked about the bottom the miniskirt basically. That's how it was. What. When I was all the angled line that's the line I'm representing and this helps me know about that too wide at the widest part of the leg especially the leg that's been stand at Sand stent or the leg that's being all the pressure is being pushed on and it just helps draw the pose that much easier. And then I jog to be on top of that line representing the D-League crest. I tend to like to draw it quite low. It's a little bit higher than that usually but I think it adds for a more sexy look so that's how I personally do it. You can do it more traditionally or go with more stylize that's that's your choice. Again the type of style you use in drawing a Pilger's doesn't really matter so much for the end result of whether or not you're you're drawing in effect a Pin-Up you can even use like a fashion design type drawings was Happy's like really tall or really skinny. It's come to have its own style. You know the fashion type drawings of women and I'm asked to do a whole course on passion drawing anyway. Might might might make that part of the clothing Joynt clothing tutorial or clothing course. So notice how the right side is her left or right is being stretched and the left side our left side her right side is being compressed. That's very important when you're doing this and just making this little adjustment to the pose actually makes a huge difference to how the sexiness looks. And in fact you can get away with doing a pose with just doing this and already you have something that's worthy of a pin up now. It's kind of like a lower very basic pin up. If anything it's at least worthy of a let's say you're working for like a video game or something like that or a movie and you need to do a concept bigger and just in this case the kind of movie would be like a cartoon or 3-D movie or something like that or videogame character and you're trying to come up with characters and you're doing concept art you're a concept artist right. Premi that's one of the most fun things to do. My brain is just works really good with that I'm really good come up with ideas very quickly and come up with concepts that are really cool. And so for a female oftentimes you'll do a very basic pose like this and do a couple of poses when you do concept art typically will be up of a front pose but don't want to do like a front boring pose you want to add some dynamic ness to it. And this is a really easy way to add that dynamic has to it by having this pose be you know a little bit of a crunching stretching. So basically you think about tilting the hips one way and tilt tilt in the shoulder the opposite ways. They have a crunching on one way and a stretch on the other way. So basically it's like a sideways would be if you will if you were to continue those lines of her shoulder and her hips to a point you'd have a sideways B and this pose right here what even with the arms down to the side though that's kind of boring it's still presentable for doing a concept art or doing a concept of a female figure. And then you can you know do like a slight side view with a slight turn toward us or you know you can do also a back view just depends on what the company working for requires you to do. And also when you get to back you and also want to have the same kind of tilt and that also makes her buttocks look more sexy as well. We'll get into that too. So. So why is it that this pose already what we're doing to it. Why is it that this already looks more sexy than the post the left. Well the post to the left is very stiff. It's not fluid. It doesn't have any sort of curvature to it. And part of what makes sexy sexy. And again this is all like theory this is all set in stone. This is just giving you some tool sets to use concepts to use rules to use that can't be broken. They're not set in stone just like with writing right when you're writing a novel or a comic whatever you're writing when you're writing. There are certain rules you learn but those rules can be broken. So they're just a place to start to get your mind thinking and that process and what works. So I'm just showing rules that aren't set in stone but there are rules to show what works. Now notice when you have her her one leg that's pushed up the other leg can't sit straight down it either has to come forward toward us which would be kind of boring or go out to the side as I as I've chosen to do here or be bent or something because the weight is on the one leg pushing that hip up higher in Adelaide down lower. And so you have to do something to compensate for that. So what makes this pose more sexy than the post to the left. Again that this being a rule it's curvature esque curves right. This all goes down to gesture and this is why gesture was like invented just uses two major curve types to draw your poses with. One is the C or opposite C which is the Esker right basically. So the curve is just having some sort of see looking thing within the pose in this case her torso kind of has a C curve to it that is the one side is it's more straight the right side more straight and the left side has this curve to it. Also having that up that those opposing lines all over the drawing will also help to create sexiness. Notice how I did with her arm I really exaggerated the curb on the left arm and the other side of me like a straight line. This isn't anatomically correct but it can add to a really core style. You'll see the style used a lot in modern cartoons like the modern Batman series and things like that and things like Kim Possible whatnot. So having these these seekers within your pose itself makes it more sexy. That's why this pose looks more sexy and more interesting than the poster that was to the left. The reason why is because it has this curvature to it. Right. So where were popping the hips up where curbing the shoulders. Also another thing that's typically is another rule you can add to your rulebook. Typically when you pull a shoulder up it adds to more sex and especially if you pull the shoulder up toward the chin and then turn the head a little bit. This adds sexiness to pretty much any pose. And we'll get to that and more when we do more advance poses. We'll be adding the different shoulder type poses as we pull the shoulders up. That's one way to add sexiness to oppose. Obviously you know having the arms out to the side is quite boring and we're end up changing that. But just now we're keeping it very basic because we're just changing little things. But just by changing the weight distribution of our legs putting the weigh on her right leg our left which forces the hips to turn naturally when your hips you know curb like that or when they tilt like that your shoulders want to in order to balance yourself and a pill balanced you naturally want to lower one shoulder and raise no shoulder just naturally happens when you do that and you can test that yourself by standing in that pose you will see that that's what happens. So when you're striving for sexiness think of ways even Epatha Soprano pose a back pose. Think of ways you can add a C or S-curve. So the curves the other at other gesture. Basically it's two opposing C's that's all it is. So you have one see one way that is the face facing the other way you have opposing season that makes up that makes for sexiness. Don't worry I'll get into just more later when we get into that and show what I mean by like opposites C's and things like that throughout the figure. I've showed some of it already and previously but we'll get more more detailed about that. Now when you're drawing the lake aside remember that the leg is a wider from the side view than it's from the front view. You can check that up by looking at your own leg when you view leg from the front view it's a thinner. That may be it from the side view due to how the muscles are. And again this would be you know learning anatomy would be important here. So remember that from the side view you can see that the knee shape the new shape changes from the side you then print the you can kind of see the knee and then the calf obviously is going to be more exaggerated Can you see that the calf muscle more that bulges out more a little bit and just keep in mind also that the ankle is like not on the far right of the foot the heel extends out past the ankle and that's important to get a proper look to the foot. Again I really recommend it. You know to do my anatomy course it it goes to hands feet everything. So they use this method if you just take the two shapes to the rib cage shape and then the miniskirt shape that I teach this new method and do them as opposite angles. Then you get this stretching of one side and the you know the I guess contracting of that aside bending in that that is. And then if you take this and make a basic pose nose we change the arms or the head. We get a little bit more sexiness out of it. So that's what to do next is we're going to alter the pose a little bit more to open more sections to change the arm poses and change the head pose. And ultimately want to get something that looks more sexy. Right. So after making another copy of that drawing. Go ahead and erase the head a little bit and we're going to redraw. They had to have have an angle to it. And this is going to make the whole entire appose look that much more sexy. Typically it lets her her shoulders up. That is our right. Then you can tilt the head down a little bit and to the opposite way that the higher shoulder and this can add sexiness to oppose. That's another really you can kind of keep in mind that if you take the head and tilted down and a little little away from the weight the height the one that the shoulders up. Then you get you know sexiness. Now I think you do too as I showed in that little sketch is you can have her looking in the direction of the shoulder that is tilted up and in this case would be like either looking almost all the way to our right side a side view of her face or looking almost all the way through a really extreme force view and then you could have her eyes looking back toward us so her head is turned away from us but her eyes are looking back toward us. And that's another well we can add to your book to make things look sexy and take the eyes and moved them had them looking the opposite way they had to have the head turned away from us and eyes looking at us. Nothing is very sexy is having the head tilted down and the eyes looking up not too much otherwise it kind of looks like scary demented you know like I'll kill you. But even that can be an interesting thing for Pin-Up if you're kind of going for that mood you're going for this kind of horror mood. You know pinups can have all different kinds of moods. They don't have to all be the same kind of sexy you know some people find that you know more demented Gothic scary type thing sexy. So you can do penance that way. But this one we're going to go in and tilt her head away from her shoulder and down a little bit. That's why we're seeing a little bit at the top of the head. Now with the hair here this is actually what you don't want to do is make it to where the head isn't reports view you're not going to see much of the hair on that left side. And so we'll end up correcting this so this is not how to draw the hair. They're just you just wouldn't see that much. Because keep in mind her head turning away from us and therefore all that side plain a the hair is also turning away from us we're going to see less of the hair on that on that side. That is our left hand side her right side. Instead we'll actually see more of her bangs. And that's about it. There's so many different types of places you can go with that to make sexy now. Again I'm going with elegant innocent and I thought What can that elegant. I think elegant. This typically is this you know a character of this example will be Emma Frost also known as the White Queen. And look at this I think optin the face expression that goes with that is the kind of slanted eyes like the eyes or kind of clothing softly a little bit you know insignis to see more of your lead and the eyes are almost closed but not quite kind of psaltery kind of look. And I think that just adds to elegant ness a lot just adds that elegant look and you'll you'll see often that Emma Frost is drawn that way when she has her elegant look you know. So that's what we're going for is this elegant look for our pinup. And so that's kind of face expression that we're going to give her when you do it in. Elegant ness. Also I think a thinner nose is going to be more elegant nose more like Natalie Portman not like Natalie Portman Scuse me more like I guess Michelle Pfeiffer would be an example. That's not the example I was thinking of. For example I was actually thinking if I can't handle the Tom Cruise use the dater can't think of a name for some reason. Nicole Kidman I don't know why that escaped my mind there for him. But Nicole Kidman is kind of more turned up. Not quite you don't want so turned out that it looks like stuck up nose you know. But you know turn up a little bit and you know again you take my head cords and stuff and or look at some of my free tutorials on my website for paste drawing to know how to draw noses and stuff and reports via unfamiliar with that kind of stuff. And so I also kind of refined her face a little bit here because the faces before we're just we're very thin and generic and they're just quick placements of parts so that there's something there to look at and some go back real quickly and find the right view of her face so that it will kind of resemble the face that we do over there to the right the angled version of the face. So it isn't kind of white in it and make the job more like the face to the right. Now keep in mind if you have more of a rounded type of face that personal look younger than if you have more of an angle jaw a little bit older. So one little trick you can use especially for comic drawing or concept art to get the feeling of older and younger and also you know make the eyes look bigger and make the character look younger as well. So I'm drawing these very simplistic longer lashes and then you know more clothes slanted eyes to get that kind of kind of sultry look which I think will pick the character well. Keep in mind they had when you're jogging at it's about twice as long as it is wide. So that's how you get the basic shape. So people wonder like well how can I just like draw the obvious shape I don't want to do that perfect square MF and all that. I mean I really recommend starting out with something like that. You know LUMAS teaches a very similar type of thing with measurements because doing those measurements change your brain in order to draw correctly. And then once you have the proportions down to doing a bunch of measurement drawing and then you can start you know just doing it without the measurements. Anyway you want to try to land that perfect oval shape basically you're going for twice as tall as it is wide and then just kind of angle it downward towards the chin and structure to have the shape of the face right so once you have the drawing done and you have your faces on there I want you drawing along with me because that's the only way to learn really just watching and not willing to learn anything at all if you want to get better at drawing. The best way to do that is by trying along with me. So now we still have the same pose pretty much the head has changed. But notice just by making that change it really adds a lot more sexiness to the overall pose. And so something as simple as tilting the head can make your pose more worthy of a pinup. The next thing to do to add a little bit more sexiness to this pose is we're going to alter the upper body. So one of the things you can do this is another will you can add to the to the you know quote unquote rulebook is tilting or twisting the upper body can add sexiness so you can pretty much take any pose you're drawing like this simple pose here and simply twist the upper body so that that is your twisting at the midsection to turn one shoulder back away from us and one shoulder toward us and this will kind of put the upper body and more above three fourths view. And this actually is typically mostly the breast look better from any view other than just a straight on view straight on view of the breast is kind of boring you want to tilt the body in some way to have a different angle to brass either tilt the body down forward so we're kind of seen staring down the cleavage at the breast or arch your back backs or kind of being more of the upper part of the breast. It changes the shape of the breast which adds more sensuality and sexiness to it. But sometimes you know a plain front via the breast can be acceptable but you kind of use a word you know twist the body a little bit though to have a slightly different view. So what happens when you twist the body in this way. We're in a view more of the side of the brass when I have one breast that's more of a side view and the other breast is kind of more of a front view kind of view of the breast adds more sexiness the breast but before we all the breast we can do something with her left arm or her right arm are left and they just have it coming down the side is kind of boring way. It actually make more sense too since we have altered the way her upper torso is turned away from us. We can alter the arm as well maybe make the arm you know kind of coming down and then have the form kind of pulling out away from us point out away from us. And that can be pretty sexy doing some gesture with the arm that matches the overall emotion you're trying to get so I'm trying to pool this emotion of elegance right. And so I'm thinking well what can I do with the arm that will match that kind of elegant nature. So I want to pose I want everything in the pose to say elegant see. And then also her clothes will have to match that as well. And so will give her an elegant like dress or something. I could have put her arm like down on her hip. That's actually sexy but it doesn't really say elegant as much. I could put her arm to where it's pushing and to her side that says something more like competence and things like that. It doesn't look quite as elegant. So I think if I put her arm in this kind of flowing almost S-curve kind of seeker that really adds elegance to it. And then having her hand to kind of you know flowing out words like the hand gesture and get we'll get more into hand gestures too. But you can see the hand gesture is working with the elegance as well where it's has kind of loose in her pinger's or just kind of laying out there and that's that elegant ness to the whole arm pose there. They would get a few more details like you know to or stomach muscles and stuff you want to kind of show that central line is twisting. You know because it's turning. Everybody is running away from us so the hips are pacing forward upper bodies turning away from us. They want to make sure that you draw the muscles. That way twisting that we're not going to get into the anatomy and stuff like that because that would be for you know the anatomy course. But anyway now we've got to do something with the arm in her breast obviously when we do her breast remember that side playing right there that you have the edge of the body that's important that you can see the edge. So you're going to see the front plain of a rib cage you're also seeing some of the side of the upper rib cage. And so you want to make sure you have that side angle there make sure the breast doesn't go past that. And then when you saw her at the breast it fits within that middle plane. Don't don't let it go past that middle line. And you're seeing it from a side view. And I think that's important is that same angle of the of the shoulders in this case now is opposite to what it was before. So now it's actually kind of going in the same direction as the hip line because it's going back away from us and that changes like the angle of the of the of the lines of your collarbones to the nipples want to follow that same line. So make sure when you do all the nipples I'll end up doing in a second you want to lower that lower the nipple of the other breast so that the angle follows the same Oppegard you know that the arm is kind of on her shoulders pulling back away from us so we don't really see much of her shoulder and we have an overlapping of a little bit up to the breast area that you know that must comes up into the shoulder that goes up into the collarbone the collarbones being very short and moving away from us. And then we see very little of her deltoid and Oppegard does have her arm behind her seeing a little bit and just kind of shadowing it that way it doesn't it doesn't distract from the pose to match it so it will look more weird if it does kind of toy disappeared. You can also take the other arm and bend it at the elbow and kind of have it doing something like the arm is doing. And have a similar kind of gesture to the arm that might be more sexy and fit the elegant seat. We're going for so quickly to up this here. I just you know showed a couple different ideas you could do with the legs but they might work for the poses like more of a strong pose. But for this particular central pose any of these types of leg gestures I don't think around work. So I want to quickly just go through it. But just to show that you know there's tons of different ways you can you know do the legs and how you can add and mix and match bottom gesture with a top Jester's at least have her hand out. Now here's here's where we're going to do the breast. And when we do the breast we're going to angle them redraw them so they angled them with the shoulders. So that same line that we get with the shoulders you want the nipples to fall along that same line. And so actually the breast that's farther away from us is going to seem to drop down a little bit lower. It seems counterintuitive but you know we think about it it makes sense that it's pulling away from us in perspective. And so it's in appear to be lower. And so just make sure that angle angles are the same there. And you can look at some Poda references to see that this is true or even take a picture of yourself or your girlfriend or something like that. Someone with breast basically to see that that's what happens when you have the body turn like that and so once you have the breast angled and this way he can go back and change the previous drawing if you want to as well. I'm going to racialize because when to do something totally different with the legs here. Go back to the previous drawing again you can do this as well. Notice you can also have her leg bent and that could be an interesting pose for her as well and then maybe on her tippy toes and all that can add to this elegance. But I'm going with something totally different that I think well I'd better look and see again if you want to really quickly go back and change the breast on the drawing to match this one so that the angle of the nipples is correct. You can do that really quickly. Now the angle what I decide I want to do what I think will add to this whole elegant pose is let's go ahead and keep her hips facing forward. But instead of having all her weight maybe on one leg it's kind of evenly distributing them a little bit. And this will better you know Pitt also the upper body but have to have her legs come together so we're going to have this slight pushing up on one leg more than the other but the legs are going to come together in a straight way. And I think this will add more elegant C to the overall pose. Keep in mind a piece of anatomy that when you're drawing the legs together at the crotch area there's a little gap there. And why that gap that gap is there is you know because you have the your inner muscles of the leg and the other serratus muscle that comes out. And just remember to put that gap there. Is important. And I've talked about before the why weren't all that there. If you want to you can like indicate the parts up here that that's called in on the bone but the parts that kind of stick out flesh out and then women you can draw like little notches there to show that the thinness and neck and sexiness to it that's one bit of detail you could actually add. You can actually leave out the muscles all together the stomach and just have the central line and that's actually pretty sweet elegant as well. Now you know making sure that I have some sort of essential pose to the to the hand. And again we'll get more in detail about hand gestures and stuff later in the course. But I wanted to add something there that adds some sort of sexiness. And notice how I just take her form now and kind of pulled out a little bit away from her body. It kind of sensual or exaggerates more or less that lets it be more visible the curvature of her body by pulling the arm away from the body a little bit. And also does having the hand kind of like the I think of even more elegant if we take her hand and kind of add this kind of flow to it. I would add a little more elegant to it just kind of lift the rest up a little bit and drop the fingers down. Of course we need to change the hair because the hair is incorrect. So the correct way to draw hair and three fourths view would be you think about that center line on the head. And we're also being a little bit at the top of our head to our heads kind of tilted down a little bit which is why her chin looks smaller because the chin slices disappear when you pull the head down and I go through all that my headquarter So if you're interested in all that kind of dynamics of the head it's a 20 hour course it's very well worth taking. And it teaches you how to draw any kind of style head you want from any kind of cartoon to Monga everything because it teaches you the fundamentals and how to develop those styles. What makes styles style and teaches you how to develop your own style. So when you when you view the hair then from this angle you view it and you're going to see only like the bangs and stuff of that side of the head because it's turning away from us. So just remember that when you have three fourths view not to try to draw the hair as you would see the side and everything. You're not going to see all that all that part of the hair I will go to this ad in some kind of you know quick hairdo here I take it up with more flow lines and a lot of little hooks and curves adds to the elegance of the hared hairstyle. But straight hair can also work as well as I have right there and that's why I to pick her hair to wear it you know matches more properly her three fourths had. Right. So then we're going to get into finishing the legs off and make sure the Nanami kind of fits into the pose when you're drawing the center lines of the legs as they come together. Also there's another gap sometimes the less one leg is kind of coming in front of the other. And the reason why I have her left leg that's all right coming in front of the other one is because I'm still pushing her weight on her right leg are left. And so that leg has to do something and somehow that kind of bent a little bit in coming toward us that way it's up in and in airports overlapping the leg. Also I think that that is something that's sexy to something and other really can add to the rulebook. Something to add to sexiness is having one leg overlap the other especially at the knees like so you can have one knee kind of pushing in front of the other knee and kind of nothing that that can add sexiness which is why decide to go with this lake here. And also I think this particular pose for the legs really does add elegance to that to the overall pose. But you can kind of put the knees together. You can do this for playfulness overlap overlapping the knees a little bit when they kind of crossing crossing the legs can really add elegance. But also sexiness especially if like crossed legs and then kind of turn the legs away from us a little bit. She can kind of see the side leg in the buttock like at a sitting position for example and we'll get into all that. And you know these little rules and stuff that you can keep in mind. And once you have all these little rules and you understand the foundations and the fundamentals of what makes sexy sexy you can invent any kind of pose you want the imagination and the end result has to be something presentable for pinup or for sexy pose or for sexy gesture within a comic book panel or something or even you know for conceptual art for video games or whatnot. You can see there. When you have the end result I think we've come a long way we come from this very basic straightforward pose which is boring and not sexy at all. It doesn't matter how sexy the person is how sexy the body is. If they're just kind of standing there like hey look at me I'm in the proper position. There's not much there to work with. Right. So it's more than just a sexy person that makes a pin up. And also it's more than just a sexy body that is nude pinups aren't always as sexy to a lot of people as let's say a dressed figure. You know the right kind of clothing could actually have more sexiness and more sex appeal or at least express the emotion that you're trying to express because we're trying to do with the. And also you know what a comic panel or something like that you're trying to express a certain kind of emotion. Now when I go out and I copy this layer that way I can add clothing on top of it. And so that's what I do here I need to finish this off by adding clothing. I want to add some sort of sensuality. I want to I want to continue that elegant nature of the pose. I think the pose is good the post shows elegance. Personally I prefer to take a little bit further and changed her left hand that's to our right. Now we've done that by lifting the wrist up a little bit and then dropping the pingers down a little bit more. Now have added this more graceful elegant. That's actually good work is elegant and graceful kind of go together use graceful type gestures and sort of hand gestures and whatnot. And I think it adds more up to that elegant look that I'm going for here. But anyway I'm going to add a dress to her in a different kind of dress as we can do you know more of a summer dress that kind of players out starting out about about the crotch line when it really fit elegance that would fit more like a sexy kind of hillbilly pin up or something like that you know. Or just some playful kind of thing or you know even like a Marilyn Maillot Marilyn Monroe ask esque type of pent up but I think for this elegant particular thing I'm going for and this pose something more like Emma Frost. I want more of a tight fitting dress and maybe the dress can go down to her ankles or maybe down past her knees. I want to give her either high heel shoes. And so from the front view unfortunately you can't really see when shoes are really high heel you can draw that out in such a way that they look like that. She's kind of on her tippy toes because that's what happens when you in high heels. Unfortunately though you kind of lose the effect of high heels when you can't actually see the heel. And so one way I could fix that is take the whole entire pose and kind of take her eye as if she's on like a spinning wheel like a Pottersville she's standing on some sort of wheel that turns and kind of turn her little bit more to the right and that where they kind of see the side or viola but that would change the entire picture though because by taking a pose a body a figure like let's say you take this pose and kind of try to make it in Poser or try to mimic it and and that's studio the best you can and then turn at different angles you know turning the camera to view it if you depose an entire angle suddenly the whole body changes and looks different and you get a whole different kind of effect. It might not be the effect you're looking for so I decided to keep her legs forward for this reason. I could have twisted one of her legs like with say her her left leg our right. I could twist that knee to where the toe kind of you know paces out and that would allow us to see a little bit of the heel of the back heel and that and show us hey OK courses in high heels and that would actually plywood a benefit this pose. Bob try to keep it simple to start out with but that's one thing I could have done to maybe add a little more sexiness to this pose and a little more elegant elegance to the post by showing that she's deftly in high heels. When you when you're drawing fabric onto the body. Keep in mind that gravity pulls the fabric down. Think about what kind of fabric you're drawing are you drawing silk. That's very light. Or are you drawing something that's more heavy more like a you know satin. It could be very thin and light like silk as well but that can also be heavy like if you have something like a wedding dress made out of satin or something like that. So the thing about the fabric is not so much what kind of fabric is but is the fabric heavy or is the fabric light. In this case I want the fabric to be you know a little bit heavy so that it kind of pulls down the weight the gravity kind of pulls the fabric down a bit so that way we can see the figure more as also to be very tight clean and a little bit stretchy I want the fabric to be a little bit stretchy so that it shows and cleans the figure more. I don't want to be too too loose fitting. Some think I'm more of a stretchy fabric would be nice. Now remember when you draw clothing going around the neck the clothing has to actually wrap around the neck so I imagine it wrapping around the neck. And also when you do all that going over the breast you've got to keep the shape of the breast in mind. So at first here you can see that the line is it's like a curb. I'm just showing like OK that's the shape of the dress. I need to go back and modify it to actually fit over the form of the breast. And I think that's important to delivering the realness. Drawing a couple like stretch marks not like stretch marks but fabric pools. Tugs at the nipples can kind of hint that there are nipples there and I can add sexiness itself sex appeal to any type of pinup that you're drawing in no matter whether it's a T-shirt or whatever you just kind of add those little marks there. And that can show that you know hey we're actually that we know that there are some nipples under there and maybe they're hard. I'm sorry if this is offensive but I you know it's a subject matter that has to be taught in a certain way I'm trying to be as professional as possible. But you know there are certain things that are found to be sexy and some people might find it offensive or something or sexist but hard nipples are one of the things that are typically sexy and I've found a lot. And pinups. So just keep that in mind it's something you can use or not to use when you're drawing the different pulls of the fabric keep the form that they're overlapping in mind. You know the overlapping legs. Right. And those legs have formed them and it's kind of like an M shape or like a flying bird and that crotch area you want to make sure you really want to make sure you capture that crotch area and add a little bit of shadow in there because that's that part's being sucked in or tucked in a little bit and then maybe you won't want to add a little bit of lines to kind of show the curvature of the breast within the dress. There's different ways you can do that. I decided to do it with downward kind of stretch curves that way when you race done any drawing you can see the curves there and then of course you want to add in the cleavage because cleavage is is most always considered sexy. Now it is that you don't always have to draw big breasts women you can actually get away with doing a pin up with a small breast woman and it can still be very sexy. But for the most part traditionally especially like in comic books what's going to be considered sexy is going to be the bigger breast and maybe a pearl bracelet you know can add to the whole overall elegance the other. I can also add it like a pearl necklace with some kind of some kind of elegant necklace some really you know fancy him like almost looking like embroidery type Mexico of course. Well maybe that aside I can add a chain with a cross on it. You can add elegant elegant C and overall picture and I really hope I fix this here soon coming up with the breast because right now the dress is actually incorrect. On a recent YouTube video I definitely do it right. I'm pretty sure I do end up correcting as you know I want to really show the shape of the breast a little bit more than I do with that curb line there. I mean it is right now kind of forming to the breast but I think it can conform to the breast a little bit more to look more like how it should. Right. So then you can go in and race and the underlayer all the body and then add a little bit of shading to the dress and voila. There you go you're on your way to getting a Koeppen up that you can color and everything. Right so I didn't end up correcting Nebraska. I mean it looks pretty correct. But I think I could add a little bit more curvature to where Paul over on the brast. So next that's important is obviously the face expression. Now this drawing is you know really small sketches just to get the idea down you want to sketch small recently once it gets smaller it's easier and faster and then sketching big. And then if you liked the sketch you can blow it up and then start to draw you know turn the layer down and make another layer on top of that and then start to draw on top that and make it something that's more you know have a lot more detail to it so you can make it bigger. And that we can add detail to the face and things like that. Also I typically like to when I draw something that I think will be good and I would be keeping around. I like to always draw at a printable size so make sure that you know when I print it it's going to be you know like by 11 or so. At least that I like to leave work at eight by 11 and it makes sure that the post fills up that whole page. That way the printable version will look very good that way just in case you ever decide you want to make a print of your drawing. You can it's going to look good if you work at a lower resolution not printable size. And then you know you know later on decide you want to print it you can't because it's not going look right. All right so now we've got work with. So since I have to pay so tiny I can't really work with it. I'm just like copy the pay copy paste paste it and large it and then kind of erase it and redraw Obreht to make it more presentable. And this will be the place that I would end up going with you know for this particular pose that is I would I would change your faces a little bit. And here here's the things I would do to it I would change your lips or change your eyes a little bit more just you know add more detail everything to it. Right. So then I was going to quickly go ahead and add and lips and one thing that sexy the other will you can add to your rule book is adding space to the lips like have her mouth slightly open. So you kind of have that kind of the shape in between the lips and sexiness lips so it's just a little while you can use have her look you know kind of a way or have her head tilted but then have her eyes turned to the side so that she's looking at you. It's also another way of looking at that wall book. And you know I have one length apart and so there guys to just change your face a little bit to add more sexiness and habit kind of looking up at us. All right thanks. Watch this lesson. Hope you enjoyed it.