How Oracle Cards Can Enhance Your Psychic Development

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How Oracle Cards Can Enhance Your Psychic Development

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Learn why Oracle cards are a fantastic source of Divination for Psychics and how you can improve your psychic abilities with Angel Card Readings, Spirit Guide Oracle cards and other Oracle Card Readings

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Part 4 - Tools. In this section, we're going to look at the broad range of tools you can use to enhance not only your psychic gifts but your readings. The first we're going to be looking at is Oracle cards. In this course, we're going to be focusing on learning how to read Oracle cards as tools of divination. If you don't have any Oracle cards at this point, this is okay. You can still follow along and learn from the readings. However, I suggest that you do try to buy some in the near future. Later, we would dedicate an entire section on how to read Oracle cards, but for this section, I will answer a question that I frequently get asked in my courses. What is the difference between Oracle cards and tarot cards? And how do you decide when to use Oracle cards and when to use Tarot cards? The main difference between the Tarot and Oracle Cards are; while Oracle cards have been around for many, many centuries in some form or another, Tarot cards have only been around for roughly 400 years. Oracle Cards can feature any form of picture or message such as angels, mermaids, fairies' gods, goddesses, animals - anything which can have meaning from the person who created the cards, while the tarot card has a very clear structure which requires intense study to interpret accurately. All Tarot cards have the same amount of cards in every deck - 78, which is made up of Four suit cards - pentacles, wands, cups, and swords, court cards, and 22 major iconic cards symbolizing the spiritual lessons one must go through in this lifetime. Whereas, the Oracle Cards can have any amount of cards that the person who created them wants to. While there are many different types of Tarot decks with different pitches, in the majority of cases, Tarot interpretations will be roughly the same. The magician in a Rider-waite deck will be quite similar in meaning to the magician in the Crowley Tarot deck. There are variations, but they are not too dramatic. Whereas with Oracle Cards, the creator of the cards and the interpreter is pretty much free to interpret the cards however they wish. The reason I chose to focus on Oracle cards for this course and not the Tarot is because I believe the Tarot is complex enough to warrant a whole separate course, as there is a lot more information to study in the Tarot and it takes a long time to be a truly gifted Tarot reader. When I first started teaching psychic development courses, I always included the Tarot in my classes. However, it soon became obvious that it was just too time-consuming and I was not able to teach everything else about angels and guides and the Tarot as well as there was just too much information. The advantage of using the Tarot deck in psychic readings is that nearly everyone who comes to a psychic is familiar with the Tarot. If they never had a reading, they would have at least seen the Tarot in a movie or on TV. Particularly, the Rider-Waite deck, which is pictured right here. Oracle cards are less known, so clients may prefer the Tarot. However, the disadvantage of the infamy of the Tarot is that some of your clients might be scared of the Tarot. They may have heard negative stories or had a negative experience with Tarot cards and may shy away preferring the Oracle cards which are frequently more gentle than Tarot. And why it is true that Tarot does have some dark cards in it, although there are cards that eventually promise light. If someone is traumatized or I can tell they are really vulnerable, I don't use the Tarot with them, sticking to the less intimidating Oracle cards. The Tarot also has multiple interpretations of the cards and are often dependent on the cards around them which can be confusing for a beginner reader. Oracle cards are much more user-friendly often including a little booklet to help you interpret the cards in an easy straightforward manner, which doesn't require many hours of study. These are some of my very favorite Oracle cards that I use in my readings. I have plenty more, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of the variety that are available that you can learn to read with. As you can see, there are angels, gods, goddesses, crystals, and fairies. Nearly anything supernatural or healing can form the basis of guidance from Oracle cards. The crystal cards that are pictured are incredibly powerful cards and they give advice about what crystal healing energy you need. The middle two decks are from an Australian creator called Toni Carmine Salerno. He creates stunning artwork and decks, and the Faery deck in the top right is from Lucy Cavendish, another Australian and probably one of the most powerful decks I have ever owned. I usually pull the Faery ones out for special occasions only. You might be familiar with the next set of Oracle cards. These are Doreen Virtue's collection and they are amazing for beginners and even experienced readers. She has everything from angels to unicorns, and these are four of my very favorite that I use in my sessions.