What is Herbalism?

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This lesson introduces you to the philosophy of herbal medicine as well as a brief historical look at their use. Discover why herbal medicine has stood the test of time. Through this lesson you will gain an understanding of what is to come in the course.

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Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Certificate

Take charge of your health with herbal medicine. Using herbs and natural holistic medicine is easy, effective and safe.

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English We have evolved right alongside plants as our food and medicine. These amazing green allies have been in existence for longer than we have. In fact, we would not be here without them. This ancient dependence on plants offers us valuable health benefits today. The use of plants as medicine has been passed down through the centuries. These herbal traditions have remained the same for a millennium. Knowledge of this empirical use is far more powerful than just the short time span of laboratory testing. The World Health Organization states that more than 80 percent of people on earth use herbal medicine as their primary form of medicine. For many cultures this tradition has continued uninterrupted. Here in the United States, herbal healing was pushed into the background, taking a back seat beginning in the 1940s to the economics of modern medicine. Fortunately it made a resurgence in the 1980s and continues to grow in popularity every day. And for good reason. Herbs are readily available to everyone. Herbs are also plentiful. There are over 2000 medicinal plants available to us. However knowing just 25 or so plants is highly empowering. Herbs are safe, easy to use, inexpensive and very effective. Herbs are people's medicine. This course is offered as an overview into this amazing form of healing. We cover the basic philosophy of herbalism and learn how to make several different types of preparations. We will also cover safety, quality, proper storage, ethical harvesting and use. So let's get started.