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Think with Google

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Think with Google to effective create your marketing strategies.

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Guys let's talk about one more important tool for marketing research. In fact if you are doing anything with digital marketing in any capacity and if you're not using TINC with Google then you are missing a lot of important information. It's a very good tool. It's a very important tool and it's free. So even if you are using other advertising platforms like LinkedIn Twitter or Facebook or you are not using adverts or any other platform at all. But even then also you should use think that Google Google's platform where they collaborate with multiple partners who work on marketing research projects along with Dag Boncelles where they consolidate data from all of their channels like google search engines and other venues so it's like a goldmine for digital marketers. You will find all kinds of information here and it's already dark. So it's very good. So that's why you should spend some time. Anybody could be a blogger Web site or anybody who's interested in digital marketing as a concept as a subject or somebody who need digital marketing as I know as nurse or someone who need to promote their businesses. So you should use think with Google dot com you can find all of this important tools and data here. It just covers all the important tools and it's a new website. So you need to spend a really good time here. And so when you open this page you can scroll down to the bottom where you have these tools for marketers You can click on the see or to where you can also use this menu option here. So I mean anything and everything related to marketing is captured here and now Google has got their own data and data from their partners. And as Google is covering approximately 80 percent of such market and they have multiple you know channels and multiple Web sites. It's fair to assume that whatever data you see here is very close to reality if this is not the reality because you have other mediums also like Facebook which are generating a great amount of data. But despite Facebook and other mediums Google it still remains a very good source of information. So you must use it. So we have these few major options. Google and benchmark consumer battlement to shopping inside all of these tools provide great detail for a specific audience for example to begin with and you should use to my site this option because as we move ahead with the course you will see that I will talk about things like and rank and quality score. Now in that case there is a factor that if your website is not optimized for Mumbai and you are targeting or driving traffic to your mobile side then those are those and that and that user experience will be bad and you quality schools will be low and you will be paying more and more than that more than cost. It's impacting the user experience it's impacting your customer experience. So it's a bad thing so you should focus on improving your Wildside optimization. So if you come here you can type any website. Let's start with Google dot com. It will analyze your website. It will generate a report a good report where it will rank your website in your industry and see where you stand. And so it's a very good way of quickly getting inside information far more by optimization. So I have used Google so they are going to be fine. So if you see the damage to us that is excellent and they are also telling this information that establish estimated visiter loss so let's say this last time was more. And instead of excellent it was bad. In that case if we also estimate a value of you know business of customers who are losing because of lower speed. So it's like industry comparison. You can also get the support. So this tool is a good tool. Use it to know if your website is optimized and where they stand and coming back to this you have all these you know platform so this displayable benchmark is a very good tool to analyze your adverse campaign. It's a great medium to you know get data about distant do so let's say if you select us you can filter data and then we have verticals let's say advertising and marketing. And if you select size then this is basically the binder size and then I think are some browsers with my snapshot or so you can see all of this data. So I'm getting some very good information because you have all these options and the left hand side which moodier to production information things like that. And then you have shopping and so on. This is very good for merchant and in-home resellers because you can quickly run the ports and compilers and have different products and see which product is doing good. So right now if you see this data of published 2017 this is for dad hat for Father's Day so we can have run reports using this tool to get inside information information which won't be available otherwise. Because even when you use tools like keyword planners they are just giving you data which is based on the random queries for that particular subject. With that particular keyword which is another thing that's less important but in terms of understanding the market in terms of having a holistic view this tool is way better than that. So for example if you run here Apple iPhone 7 now you have a reseller you are looking to sell it. Let's increase the size here. OK. So you guys the I mean these graphs are really beautiful. You can drop it yes. Now we have Apple isover. Now we want to know if this is doing well or worse then some sense flank flagship smartphone so will give us chart the information in this chart which one is doing better. And then if we were a reseller we can focus our marketing strategy in that direction. So you can understand that whatever you said I mean it could be a smartphone or any other product. This shopping insight tool is a very good tool for merchants. I think there's some problem with this website. I mean it could be my browser because it's Google. So I don't expect any problem with their website. So now you can see this blue one is iPhone and this pink one is a galaxy. And you can see that it's hundred versus 67. So I mean if you were to plan your marketing strategy you can use this tool to get very good inside information. You can choose the country. You can even target cities by using these options then you have our devices volumes things like that. So it's a very good tool for merchants. Then you have a Google Trends. Now before you start your campaign Kempinski word research I will say start with Google trend. I mean it's a tool. I'm not sure if you are aware of this but if you have been doing this telemarketing for some time and if you don't use Google Trends then I don't want to come across as a bad guy but I think you have been not doing your work properly. Google Trend is an old tool. And if in fact this comes before Google Keyword plan which is the word you can use this tool to get the trend in a locality timeframe. You can see if that particular search or keyword is going up or down it will also tell you related keyword. So it's a very good tool. So let's say insurance now and by default it will bring the worldwide data for past 12 months. If I can if I want I can change the location time frame. Let's say the last 30 days because if I'm starting a campaign on this I would like to have more recent data. You can look at the regions where this particular system is more popular. It can also give you know related goodies like car insurance health insurance and then you can further search for that part later. For example if you are specifically selling car insurance you can go within insurance and see what kind of related terms are people using for car insurance so we didn't car insurance you can see we have cheap car insurance cheap insurance or two inches things like that GEICO if you are selling Geico then it's even better for you. So you can then we have Allstate at that point. And then other companies will come probably see like 15 to Allstate again at trial. So it's a very good tool for looking at recent data about a particular keyword. Now this I mean this data would be different would be different for different classes but always use you were trying to understand or are turned off or topic and then use keyword planning so no offense but if you have been using keyword word planet without Google turns I would say you have missed you have been missing a great information. So use both of these tools. Start with Google trend and then go into Google and Givre planet in headboards and then you have the consumer Batum meters and consumer battlement is very important tool. I mean you should spend a good time in fact I say spend some time every day with this tool 30 60 minutes because this deal is very comprehensive. You'll have you know you need to spend a lot of time here to understand it. So let's see if we can quickly see compare these children or tell them to let's do this. If you look at the standard it doesn't this is bringing U.K. And you know just enough people who use a smartphone something like this if you're going to cheat in the market here you can do that using this data here. Now I have audience stories brand brocades how to video users. I mean and it's a very good tool. See we will we will talk about YouTube and video promotion. Now if you are planning on using video we I will cover that in campaign up but just to mention here you must use video as part of your content marketing campaigns and strategy because we are one of the most consumed content type. So you must use them and you can see that you know we have all critical data about this so use this option in fact if we go there there are multiple layers here. So you will need to sometime spend there then you have all these options in the left hand side. So first of in sort of search behavior is behavior. Now let's see if we were to talk about. We just wanted to know about the parties location or the purchase specific purchase. And let's see us us now on what type of obscenity people meet their online purchases. Make a brand on Birol things like that and Hodel it's giving you all of these details. Now imagine if you were selling something and you could easily look at the your industry where you fall in all of these industries. So if you're selling clothes you will come here or make a brand mobile phone brand TV brand appliances things like that. If you were to target online retailer this is your segment price comparison site. So this particular tune is very good. And as I said you should spend some time here time spent on product search. Now if you are going to sell some product create some service you can use this information to see how people are doing the search is why they are doing this version. I mean not Vajda maybe how not the kind of devices they are using. So let's say smartphone use during party is a stage. Now you can get this information just a while ago we were looking at smartphone optimization. So if you google through all of this data it will take some time. But what happened over time when you will build that information you will realize that this is really vital the and you have local information here. Motivation and urgency and things like that. So I will say spend some time on tinking with Google web site think with Google sorry and you have all these tools use them and these are free and you're not losing out anything and this data is basically coming from Google's own network and its partners in this case. For example they have total respondent's 11:53 and this is the criteria. But again I mean the number may not be so big but it's a pretty good representation in any way all of the information in digital marketing is a good information and you should use it in the context of your campaign your strategy and then you can make a decision on based on these so it's a very good user. If you have any question leave it in the commentary. I think that will be better for all of us and then we can take the discussion from there. Thank you.