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English [Auto] The biggest problem in the online business of course chargebacks to all you are chargebacks you will receive in your pay pal I will receive an email from them or you can go to Tools and you click results and center your say to be here all chargebacks will be here. But Todd's objects are nothing to do with paper charging because something where by contact their back here the contact either a debit or credit card company and tell them either. That sucks and it's not authorized by the buyer or they will tell them that they did not die. Come on. You know maybe there is a defect inside them or there is no communication from the seller in not with regards to the defects. So David they're willing to contact the bank then bank will they used Paypal to Debbie that that my new friend you or I can. I don't. As I said there are two types of chargebacks weirdness with regards to defective item. There is a defect in Item one if data has not been delivered. Then you take full responsibility to make sure that the customer received orders. Make sure you know if there is any defect. Then you make sure you send them a replacement Adrea. But if the chargebacks is something the second type of Totenberg when the customer sees the stars and has not been addressed by them meaning that credit or debit card has been stolen and then it's been used to be other people here so the feeling towards the back of those kind and the good thing about it is say not people have a self protection policy. If you're able to provide them that tracking is very feasible to persuade them that tracking that item has been delivered to the given address then they want to debit them money from your Paypal account. They're different to you and they will reimburse them by know. So they want to debit anything from your record if you are able to provide them proper proper truckie. But there is a small problem when you drop shipping. And the problem is the inertia in Amazon or dorm isn't used so many careers like DHL your Dell and you know Royal Mail and so many Colyer. But for most of the items they use they're one area with just Amazon logic and Rodrigo's sermons are mision largest Tiegs. They don't actually you can Wanley clack clack amazing and not sticks. Dr. King in say you are. So you were customer can't take the item or even people they can't really like tied up with that contract. They tell me it's true. Well as a link giver not the link given by Amazon I will show you in a minute. So for example Ortez this is quick you're in my orders. Let's see let's see back to my wishes to be dealing with the sentiments Beldon anyway. So if it click track pick cage your Amazon logistic. So this tracking. I can go to paper. The only thing I can do to people is the actual link at the top via the hyperlink. So I missed and actually got to go Thomas and not Carnegie again. And then this tiny number there's no way you can do that. The only way it could do is to get them to actually cure the problem without giving Actually the chance of a kiss. It's only a Santa Fe person. And there's a 25 percent of chance that they won't accept Amazon as a lot of sticks and number and tracking numbers so if you've ever deployed them any other number than what they really are. They get that money from your pocket. But as I said the chances of a 75 percent of winning and at 25 percent of them now are losing a you are money. But it all depends on who is looking at your know and also about the value of diked up the value of the item is too expensive that most likely they will pick from you on and on. You know people just their debit card and the case will end in by yes. Yes. So if it if it's less expensive you then most likely as they said some deferred 5 percent chance you're winning on 34 percent of the charges that they're winning. But if Amazon has used a different carrier rather than their world for example. You go to the tracking of NBC said DHL RSS or Royal Mail. And this gives the. Then what do you do. You go to your pay pal and then you click on the action racist's annoyed to take your action whether you click that and then and then you give them haters a tracking number then you give them the actual tracking number say maybe they're in that drop them drop down menu or how arrhythmic glittering Malani to district number. Then they are able to track that item and the 100 percent you really get your money back. They want to debit any money from your account your sources so you won't lose any mind. And so that's what I'm saying. And it does not always recommend not to sell at the expense you pronate know if you're dropship. But if you wish to list any expensive product maybe you have you seen a big discount here and then you want no product that item is a bit desperate and a cease fire on their part. Yeah. You want to list that. I mean your stock is sold to the only thing you to do this. What's that I got sold. Make sure you order that item to your house. Don't order that customer here. You ordered that item to your house. Then you forward that item to a customer in a Royal Mail Special Delivery or mail it believe it or any other standard a North Korea side with which people will accept. So you use them you use them to deliver like them to a customer. So in that case you would really lose any money you know if you wish to listing it. But I strongly recommend don't list any expensive item because the average selling I'm not the average amount of people purchase it from your store will be better even at 20 to 80 pounds you know. So I would say don't go beyond 200 in any price. So I always say no but keep selling place you know lower than £200. And if there's any charge back then and then make sure you submit. No you were lucky that Amazon link bloddy any other non-color courier service talking number.