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English You know pivot I will have our sales month and products in our report field. And we have some multiple items in their selected January February and March but we don't know which months are selected. If we look at it from this view he uses multiple items but it could be any item from January to December . Now this was a real problem in earlier versions of Excel but in Excel 2010 it's a new feature. It's called slices slices a large part and this shows you what has been selected in your filters. Oh you can call them Bijl filters. Now let's insert a slicer. We have to click inside our pivot table and go into the pivot tables to start the options and we click on inserts Lysa and you search Lysa and we get to the inserts Lass's the dollar box. Now here we have all the field leaks. So whatever is in here is also included in the slices and we can select any one of them. Now we can select the ones that are already active here or the ones that are not like the ones that are active last month and products and then we can also select the cells region and the financial year . And finally we'll select one that's not part of our pivot table and that is sales person and price. Okay. And then we have our five different slices so it's arrange these two slices. Now what we'll just grab them and put them anywhere in them with your mouse. Okay. And the products we can bring down here what we can do is just from the bottom we can bring it all the way up and like these. OK. So now we can see that this is months in they have three months selected. As we said before and also in our slice of seldomer we can see which months are selected. So now we get a Wii that's not available in the report field. So he gets rid of the multiple items problem and we can see we have Jan March they are highlighted in blue and whatever is not highlighted that means it's not selected. What we can do is from the top right hand corner we can clear the fields up and the pivot table updates automatically and as well as the pool filter. And now we can choose I slice to that's not part of the pivot table if you will. And then we can choose Homer Simpson and that gets updated automatically choose each one of them. Now in here he means that in the south region that they're available in America. And because they already are here Europe Asia and Africa there are no valleys. We can check Americas and it's clear the field is from here and go back now we can select multiple items by holding the control key for example for one Americas which is America is under control. We choose Europe and choose Asia and we get our pivot table updated accordingly. And it's clear that if one did choose six months then how on generate the cake and then go all the way down to G. And that highlights there automatically as well. Slices are a great feature they need in Excel and then and they give us some video feel to us that we never had before.