Starting Your Own Business

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Starting Your Own Business

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Introduction to Module 3 and explanation to why you should start your own business.

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Hey Guys welcome to module 3. Starting your own business. The purpose of this module is to give you everything you need to learn before starting a business. In order to succeed in building a business you have to develop a mindset a powerful mindset that will help you do your business well. After taking this module you'll have a completely different view on what is called doing business. You'll learn the most useful tool that every entrepreneur should learn to maximize their success. That's the power of leverage. I'll teach you how to leverage other people and let them work hard for your own profits. OK let's get started. First of all let's see what you'll get if you start a business as well. See the reason why you should consider starting your own business. The first thing when you start a business you'll have freedom you can do whatever you want. You'll always be flexible in your life. You don't have to do a nine to five job and you'll not have to work for everyone else. You'll be your own boss. That's awesome right. This is also the reason that many people want to start their own business. The second reason that you should consider starting a business is when you own a business you'll have significant tax benefits. You know in most countries the corporate tax rate is often lower than personal tax rates. That's a great fact you can take advantage of. You can turn your personal income into a business income as an entrepreneur. You should think of making an income from your business instead of earning from your personal job. That's because the personal tax rate is usually higher than your business tax rate. You can legally and effectively protect your income as well as reduce your taxes. In addition some expenses are tax deductible. If those expenses come from your business so lower taxes mean higher income you'll make more profits if you can reduce your taxes. All right. The topic on taxes is beyond the scope of this course and every country has a different tax law and regulation. So you need to find someone who has expertise in this area to help you reduce your personal taxes and this course we're only talking about entrepreneurship and starting a business. The final thing that you should take into consideration is that you can use your business to promote yourself. A business will help you a lot in building and enhancing your relationships. For example when you're talking to someone and you tell them that you have a business they'll look at you differently. They'll think that you'll be profitable or beneficial to them. That's great. You can easily partner with them and leverage them. Having a business can help you find more profitable partners who will accelerate your success as well as help you make money. So as an entrepreneur you should consider starting a business.